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? LIVE: SuperChat YouTube Consulting with Derral Eves

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Join Derral for the first ever Live SuperChat YouTube Consulting.

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  1. DRAWcreate says


    1. Derral Eves says

      +DRAWcreate I will do a makeup video on people that I missed

    2. DRAWcreate says

      Derral Eves Thank you…I really want to improve and I respect your professional insights and perspectives. Peace.

    3. aniket paul says

      i subcribed u
      nice channel

    4. DRAWcreate says

      aniket paul thanks man…there will be some Dragon Ball characters up soon!

    5. aniket paul says

      ???? Thanks
      It’s my favourite


    Your intro its so strange.I expect something bad to happen:)))

  3. MackBullDogMack says

    I have a question. Say, for example, you get 100 copyright CLAIMS. Will anything happen to your channel? PLEASE ANSWER

    1. MackBullDogMack says

      Ok I just want to livestream NASCAR races which give me copyright claims so good to know that won’t harm my channel….. thanks for the info 🙂

    2. EpicGamingHD says

      Mackbulldogmack yeah death

    3. Crazy Mango says

      Mackbulldogmack nothing
      Don’t worry

    4. iPauGaming says

      my question is why the heck do you got 100copyright, you should change some of those if you want your channel to live, if people keep claiming soon unfriendly ones will strike you.

  4. Pretty Scary says

    Can you only get the chat on mobiles? I’m on the laptop and can’t see the chat?

    1. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

      Pretty Scary this is a recording of the live stream.

    2. Pretty Scary says

      Ah really? It said on my screen that he is live now? That will explain why I can;t see the chat! Thank you 🙂

  5. Uhohhotdog Gaming says

    Great video. One day I’ll catch you when it’s live.

  6. Minas GamingYT says

    hey derral is there a way to report someone if he used your thumnail insinde the video if there is can you tell me or make a video about it ?

  7. STITCHLESS TV how to sew your own style tutorials says

    This is such a good idea. I would love to participate next time. Tree

  8. Chris DIYer says

    Great show…watched it live. Learned a lot, thanks Derrral!

  9. The Plow Guys says

    1:50 Tim Horton’s rules!!!!

  10. Your Driver Mike says

    Loved the stream great help!

  11. SKizzleAXE says

    Would love you to do this every week or maybe even twice a week

    1. SKizzleAXE says

      And I’d love to be a mod for ya!

  12. Hey look it's ThePianoGirl says

    Hi Derral, last night my superchat on this stream got skipped. I’m sure you didn’t do it on purpose but I was pretty disappointed. Maybe you can just say hey and reply to this comment instead? 🙂 Anyways, I really do enjoy your content and find it super helpful so thank you

  13. Jeffito's Movie Blog says

    Wish I could have seen this live, but enjoyed watching the replay. Thanks for all you do, Derral.

  14. Evelyn Preston says

    Im 9 and like your videos Deral im learning lots of things

  15. TimeLess Studios says

    Hey, guys my name is Maison my channel is about random things i am just trying to find seten genre so i am so happy sub anyone that comments on this as long as you sub me!!!

    1. Nikola.Ilić5 says

      Time Key Keep it going, I subed, check my channel if u want 🙂

  16. YoUrOwN bOy says

    sub me and get 5 subbs for free

  17. AwesomeSauce says

    Woaa Darrel you’re a Star Wars geek, nice 🙂 Then i have a couple videos for you 😉 Man i was shooting a commercial and missed the stream.

  18. Micah Buzan says

    Really enjoy these consulting videos.

  19. Orly C says

    I want to add superchat, never even heard of this. Derryl would love if you would review my channel? I only have 2200 in 2 years . but worked my boogie off for all 2200 ?

  20. Wiggels 92 says

    this guy is fake he do not know anything about youtube and he definitely does not work with them that is bullshit it is all just to get views

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