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10 Actors Who Are Mad With Their Own Movies (And Why!)

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What animated movie is Chloe Grace-Moretz mad about? find out why along with other popular actors! 10 Actors Who Are Mad With Their Movies (And Why)! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Some films are marred by bad press, controversy, or terrible reviews. But the worst bad endorsement has to be when the big name stars of the film don’t even like the movie themselves! Some films have been hurt by their stars speaking out against them, while others have enjoyed continued success despite bad reviews from the actors. There are plenty of reasons why actors may grow to hate their own films. Maybe the script was just bad from the get-go, maybe they put their faith in a director that ultimately had no clear vision, or maybe the film was edited to be something else than what the actor had envisioned. Sometimes the character can become so big that it eclipses the career of the actor that plays them; like Edward in Twilight, Harry Potter in the multi-film blockbuster franchise, or superheroes like Superman. But this can also happen with less ambitious projects, like Knocked Up, The Happening, or most recently, the controversial animated film Red Shoes & the Seven Dwarfs, which drew controversy for its body-shaming ad campaign.

These are the types of roles we’re going to be taking a look at in this video. We’ll be breaking down 10 actors who ended up hating their movies and telling you what they didn’t like about them! If you enjoy the video, be sure to like the video, leave us a comment to let us know what you think, and subscribe to Screen Rant so you never miss an upload!


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  1. my name is blurry face rick says

    pee pee suck 2

    1. Mrbunnykinz12 says

      j e f f y

    2. Ari The Dog says

      OMFG YESSS!!! AN SML FAN!!!!

    3. RAYMND says

      : attack of the j-fy

  2. Yuri Katzuki says

    Hey there random scroller, have a good day and smile like there’s no tomorrow! 😀

    1. Jordan S says

      You too

    2. Olivia Foster says

      Yuri Katzuki yuri Plisetsky is better lmao

    3. akugbe aigbe says

      Yuri Katzuki. u too dear

    4. Yuri Katzuki says

      akugbe aigbe thank you!

    5. Yuri Katzuki says

      Olivia Foster TRIGGERED XD

  3. Alcoholrick says

    the movie is squirt earth

    1. SinisterAK says

      Starring Keanu Reeves ?

    2. lazy gamer says


    3. Alcoholrick says

      lazy gamer bat nipples make the earth squirt

    4. charles thurston says

      water world

  4. Dixie Normas says

    Moretz wasn’t under fire for her role, the movie was under fire for their marketing campaign. They used the slogan, “What if Snow White was no longer beautiful and the 7 dwarfs not so short?”

    And of course lots of fat girls got mad.

    1. Adnan M says


    2. Purple Turtle says

      Charlie Barnes, just because some feminists are fat, it doesn’t mean that feminism has owt to do with it still. Guys can be fat too… they’re probably as likely to get offended.

  5. Quintus Aurelius Symmachus says

    puh-lease. Water World.

    1. Odd Person says

      Quintus Aurelius Symmachus
      Wet Planet

    2. semiautomaticphan says

      Quintus Aurelius Symmachus squirt earth

    3. Angie Sapphie says

      phils eyelash tear sphere

    4. Nick M-S says

      Soooooo it’s not Planet Spunk?

    5. Alcoholrick says

      phils eyelash yup its squirt earth, glad to see a fellow movie buff

  6. Liendert says

    water world starring kevin costner. love that guy

    1. Le Kanraposte says

      And even if that movie… sank… I really, genuinely loved it.

  7. Love Henegan says

    i think in catwoman, they depended waaay too much on halle berry’s sex appeal. and should have* spent more time paying attention to the character and story plot

    1. Eaglese Anderson says

      Love Henegan But being flirty is catwoman charcter

    2. Vickie Bauer says

      But it’s not her only characteristic.

  8. Shawn Crawford says

    I liked the Clooney Bateman it’s hated on even though I loved it as a kid .

    1. Shaunja Mayfield says

      Shawn Crawford ikr it is great me snd my cousin are 19 and 20 years old now and we still love it lol

    2. TaxemicHail says

      Shaunja Mayfield it’s a movie so bad it’s actually good

  9. Rafael Smith says


    1. MeanDark2 says

      Refael Smith english is not my native language and i still can understand what he says, so not that hard to understand him.

    2. Jerica Wilson says

      Rafael Smith
      Nope…I understood him fine. He was talking pretty normal.

  10. Kenobi43 hj says

    to start off daniel radcliffe criticised himself not the film

    1. Londilouhou *•* says


  11. Amber Smiths says


    1. nightdragon201 says

      Pattube Plays #whocares

    2. AlphanGamer says

      nightdragon201 #stfu

    3. Rhiannon Mee says

      Amber Smiths yup

  12. All Alone says

    You guys promote Moretz like she’s a good actor…

    1. Magnum Opus says

      i like her, very good actor.

    2. Innurendo says

      I liked her in Let Me In, but all this shaming and “feminism”-bullshit turned her into another mouth breather…

      Pretty face tho 😉

  13. Criss Crow says

    I thought The Happening was actually a really good movie . . .

    1. Sara Sanders says

      I liked it too!

    2. kailee lenae says

      Criss Crow I enjoyed it.

    3. grimiskitty says

      Thank you when it was on the list I was all like ‘but I liked it….’ Then I thought that maybe I was the only one but I’m glad I’m not 😀

  14. TheGamerInDisguise says

    What about Ryan Reynolds when he played Green Lantern and Deadpool from X-Men Origins?

    1. Sam Worrall says

      the only reason to like that movie is the concept of green lantern, which isn’t original to the movie, everything else felt sub par.

  15. Kitty Spalla says

    I actually enjoyed “Batman and Robin,” “Catwoman,” and the prequel series of Star Wars.

    1. EarlGaming says

      Kitty Spalla ikr!!!

    2. Kawaiiope Jayne says

      THANK YOU! Batman and Robin was my favorite movie for years!

  16. YTEdy says

    I thought Halle Berry was good in Catwoman. Not good enough to save the movie, but she wasn’t the problem. The script was garbage.

    1. catz Keet says

      a crowbar yep, that is entirely the problem with that movie and the attitude that created it, summed up in a sentence

    2. BK And ST says

      YTEdy I 100% agree. When they said she won the award for bad acting it kinda pissed me off

    3. YTEdy says

      @BK and ST

      It was kinda cool that she accepted the Razzie though. I respect that.

  17. Blackemperess says

    Pattinson’s hatred for the Twilight franchise amuses me to no end.

    1. Marshall Lee says

      the whole cast hates it, it’s hilarious

    2. Big BTS Shipper says

      Marshall Lee yeah

  18. Jazzy Bunnycatunicorn says

    Ha- ha-ha-ha Harry P-P-P Potter isn’t a f-f-f-film I-I-T’S REAL

    1. Grace Weasley says

      Jazzy Bunnycatunicorn TROLL IN THE COMMENT SECTION

    2. Jazzy Bunnycatunicorn says


    3. Agent Delta says

      Jazzy Bunnycatunicorn shhhh the ministry will silence you

    4. Chloe Potter says

      Statute of secrecy much?

  19. Alex King says

    I want that last movie! :'(
    She is cute chubby or not! <3

    1. smgunit 02 says

      Alex King wrong

    2. ian birchfield says

      i know, right? chubby snow white is adorable

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