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10 Actors Who Didn’t Take Full Advantage Of Their Superhero Role

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What actors from popular superhero movies made the list? 10 Actors Who Didn’t Take Full Advantage Of Their Superhero Role! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6


Actors have a tremendous role to play in Superhero films. They have a loyal fan following and are extremely critical. Most of the time fans are more critical than they should be. They should in these moments sit back and just enjoy the film. But, in a lot of cases they are absolutely right. Some of these actors either didn’t prepare right or the stars didn’t align. No matter because that is such that is life. Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date. Let’s get started. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was by far the worse job playing the character. The ticks and weird movements just didn’t play over well. Oh Ryan Reynolds, you are brilliant as Deadpool and is why the Green Lantern didn’t work for you. You were just too much for that Superhero to handle. We forgive you. Shaquille O’Neal made super hero history as one of the top rate despised superheros ever. Seth Rogan is hysterical in the roles he plays and characters he voices, but none of that translated well when he played the Green Hornet. So hard to pick just one terrible superhero from the Joel Schumacher Batman series, so we picked them all. Edward Norton as the incredible Hulk was an incredible waste of time with every misstep in the Hulk’s traits and quirks. Ben Affleck as Batman is a vast improvement from his role as Daredevil. Halle Berry is a brilliant actress who landed an Oscar the same year she received a Razzie. Henry Cavill is perfect eye candy as Superman but when it comes to emotions there is not much else there. Last and certainly least, is the entire cast from Dragonball: Evolution. Another devastating blow to the comic book generation because this film stopped production on the franchise growing. Thank you for taking a look. Until next time. Make sure to smash that subscribe button. LEave us a comment below on what you think.

Script by: Marco Valdez
Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Martin Baena



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  1. Broken TV Games says

    THE FLASH!!!!!

    1. Jasoncoolser1030 Cruz says

      is gay

    2. Carson McCord says

      Jasoncoolser1030 Cruz is gay

    3. declan chorle says

      Jasoncoolser1030 Cruz at least he’s straighter than the pole your mum dances on

  2. Maegan Rolle says

    Early ?

    1. Jasoncoolser1030 Cruz says

      Maegan Rolle Sureeeeeeeee..

  3. Take Two says

    Screen Rant need a rant about Thier channel

    1. senioritaporpredor says

      lel, sound a smidge triggered

    2. iiMysticalUnicornii says

      TakeTwo103 their*

  4. Twilight Theorist says

    batman v superman was great though

    1. Bt99 says

      Well I think that Batman v Superman is the kind of the film were you go Meh because of the action scenes were amazing but the plot sucked, I do agree it was a great film but not an amazing one but that’s my option.

    2. #JustinJR says

      Bt99 Personally, BvS was a great movie. However, I think that they rushes it. I think it qouldve been better if they hadn’t add so many characters: wonder woman, batman, doomsday. BvS should’ve been the third or fourth installment of the man of steel franchise (origin, lex luthor, bvs)

    3. #JustinJR says

      also, lex luthor was TERRIBLE in BvS. Ben Affleck would’ve been a better luthor.

    4. Leo Ravina says

      Bvs was super awesome

  5. Maverick Pizarro says

    “Superhero Role” Starts of with a villain. :v

    1. Kyle Umali says

      Maverick Pizarro maybe superhero MOVIE role, they just didnt put that in for some reason

  6. Datafiend says

    I actually like Jessie as Lex and I actually really liked BvS Extended cut but hell what do I know.

    1. クアン ミリ– ナ says

      Datafiend I agree.

    2. Finalman26 THA BULLZ says

      ironicelm..boohoo bvsS was to dark and serious and to adult for me..Iron u seem like the little guy who likes naruto better than game of thrones..

    3. Victor Kempe Tylbrant says

      Datafiend bvs was Good expept For jessie as lex luthor

  7. Drifting Coffee says

    Henry cavill????? How he was great

    1. Drifting Coffee says

      Tessa Thombleson shots fired?

    2. Tessa Thombleson says

      Drifting Coffee he should not be sayen that cause it ain’t true

  8. Rocco Damiano says

    Henry Cavill is a great Superman. Anyone who disagrees with that is a selfish dumbass.

    1. Rocco Damiano says

      Zee Children I still think he’s a good Clark.

    2. zCrunch says

      Rocco Damiano Well the comic Clark is a bit more nerdy than the Clark we see in movie not saying he’s was bad in saying they chose a different approach to Clark

    3. zCrunch says

      Rocco Damiano sorry for my bad English

    4. Rocco Damiano says

      Zee Children no need to apologize. You are correct about Clark being a bit more nerdy in the comics.

    5. SWLinPHX says

      The problem is they feel every superhero movie has to be dark, brooking and serous that they can’t seem to work in a “nerdy” character similar to Reeve’s Clark Kent. Not enough subtle humor.

  9. Mike Testani says

    Maybe Jesse eisenberg could play thr joker in a Batman movie

    1. Julius Belmont says

      Maybe riddler.

    2. Scott Johnson says

      He would be better then Jim Carry.

  10. Joshua M says

    wasnt Goku white? i mean i watched the cartoon. and he wasnt drawn Asian like some of the other characters. he was depicted very Caucasian. it’s not even unbelievable since he’s an alien…

    1. David Parkes says

      Canadianpunk says No he was Asian, he along with every other human were only whitened because it would’ve been deemed offensive if they were too uhh yellow or whatever.

    2. ezramarubayashi100 says

      I always believed he was caucasian. I know the cartoon is japanese, but the character doesn’t look asian.

  11. Captain Turd Cookie's says

    Stop pulling up the martha scene, it goes deeper than you think

    1. ReelO says

      Captain Turd Cookie’s I hope you’re saying this ironicly

    2. Shade Trinity says

      ReelO that scene was to make superman feel more humane

    3. EL OH EL says

      Bullshit. Why can’t Superman just say “mom” or “mother” instead of “MARTHAAAA?” He knows what those words are. Does he know what Bruce’s mom’s name is for no reason? If they wanted Superman to be more human (which isn’t what the writer is trying to convey), then they should’ve had Supes say “mom” because that word is much warmer and no one calls their mom by their real names. The writer is trying to let Batman realize that Superman actually had a mother and that Superman isn’t just some heartless alien. Which is why he should’ve said “mom” or “mother.”

  12. splits seconds says

    Henry cavil is a great Superman.

    1. Analucia Palaciosmaldonado says

      splits seconds and a great eye wear model

  13. ricky k kshetri says

    henry cavil is a perfect man of steel……

    1. ReelO says

      shivraj karki kshetri No,he is most definetly not

  14. Chris Angela says

    Henry cavill is the perfect superman, I’m a marvel comics fan but I love superman!?

  15. Tbbw_87 says

    Henry Cavill is flipping amazing as an actor and Superman, and he’s hot af

  16. Noah King says

    virtual It looks for me like truly brillianv work!annually

  17. Maria Chat says

    Henry Cavill is the perfect Superman!!!

  18. welanu says

    Dragon Ball: Evolution is an Abomination!!!

  19. Rico Mosquera says

    Screen Rant hates Henry Cavil’s Superman

  20. cameron doward says

    Tom welling for superman

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