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10 Actors Who NEVER Liked Their Co-Stars In Real Life!

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What went wrong between Cersei Lannister and the rest of the GoT cast? 10 Actors Who Never Liked Their Co-Stars In Real Life! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Your hearts are going to break once you hear about your favorite actors who never actually got along in real life. From the afamed Gilmore girls to Game of Thrones. We got it all. Click that subscribe button and let’s get started. All you Gilmore Girl fans are going to be disappointed to find out your beloved Lorelai and Luke actually didn’t like each other off camera. Ryan Gosling and McAdams fight from the first day on set and end up giving the performance of a century. Will Smith is not as fresh as you may think. He reportedly didn’t care about helping his cast members get paid more, he had Janet Hubert removed for trying. Serena and Blair, from Gossip Girl had to live life for years faking the fact they disliked one another. They did it all for the ratings. DiCaprio apparently, is far too immature for Claire Danes and Danes is too uptight for DiCaprio. R2-D2 and C-3PO, the beloved characters, who appeared in every star wars film, actually don’t have the greatest friendship fans believed them to have. Sophia Bush caught Chad Murray cheating with Paris Hilton and broke things off, but still had to work with him for five years on set of One Tree Hill. Mad Max, turned Hardy crazy on set causing him to ignore cast and crew while he mumbled to himself while staying in character. Hardy and LeBeouf duke it out over some sort of unknown beef between the two. Game of Thrones, Queen of what we love to hate, actually is the sweetest person giving massages between takes. But her ex Flynn does not approve and caused havoc on set to the point they had to keep them separated at all times.

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  1. Tasia Cowart says

    Find the difference


    Like if you found it

    1. conkerlive101 says

      All just looks like cancer to me

    2. Viviforlife says

      Tasia Cowart I found it but no like

    3. EpicGamer - Quality gaming & random things! says

      Tasia Cowart found it

    4. DaDerpyUnicorn says

      found it, no like tho

    5. SmolPotatoKid says


  2. Vault Woman says

    Oh no! R2 and 3PO! D:
    I never imagined.

    1. TheDreamMixer says


    2. Bloodsmen107 says

      “If it isn’t C-3Penisface and R2-Dickhead!” — a quote from Fanboys (2009); I am still a fan of Star Wars!_!

  3. II Z3US II says

    “The North Remembers!.”

    1. Krazy Kokonut says

      GOT finale in 2019? I heard Season 7 is the last one!? Which is the one on at the moment!?

    2. banu dava says

      Think season 8 is the last one

    3. TinKnight says

      Krazy Kokonut Season 8 is the final (season 7 is currently broadcasting).

  4. Giovanni P. says

    They misspelled “game” in the description for game of thrones

    1. Jessica Smith says

      No he didn’t – Gam of Thrones has a big following in the gammon community. New episodes every Christmas day (usually airs during nap time after the great gammon feast, which causes quite the controversy).

  5. adolphin flipper says

    the way he pronounces Cersei

    1. Nicholas Rue says

      Ariana Cersei is not an original name. GRRM lifted it from Greek mythology. It’s pronounced “Ser-See”, not “Ser-Say.”

    2. Clara Monteiro says

      adolphin flipper He pronounced the way it’s pronounced in the show, but with an american accent.

    3. Clara Monteiro says

      Ser-Say sounds like a japanese name.

    4. The Widow's Kiss says

      Tyrion has also called her “cer-say” several times, he changes between the two pronunciations throughout the series lol

    5. Bobby D says

      +Clara Monteiro its more french mediterranean

  6. Rodney Trotter says

    Leboeuf is mental I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Daniel Barajas says

      тнerαѕнѕer you look mental

    2. Rodney Trotter says

      Yeah I know

    3. razmataz13drums says

      haha Daniel probably thinks that you’re Rodney

    4. Ravus Nox Fleuret says

      ello Rodders my ol son.

  7. Bryce Mckinnley says

    That GOT clickbate.

    1. Danny D. says


  8. Parker Tollas says

    I only came for game of thrones

    1. pgater12 says

      B R Your loss pal

    2. B R says

      pgater12 Meh.

    3. B R says

      Nicholas Rue Dosent matter.

    4. Danny D. says


  9. Dio Dolmans says

    I think the devotion Tom Hardy has to his roles is one of the reasons why he is such a great actor.

    1. Suchart Boontid says

      I must be a really great actor as well because I LOVE rolls. Dinner rolls, jam rolls, spring rolls, cinnamon rolls, you name it.

    2. Dio Dolmans says

      damn didn’t see that mistake before, fixed it now

    3. Maria Smith says

      Well, considering who is complaining about him, it just makes me like him more.

    4. Pardon Me says

      Maria Smith Charlize is a good actor. Hardy even praised her, so what do you have against her?

  10. James Field says

    William Shatner and George Takei aren’t too keen on each other

    1. Manuel Sacha says

      I wonder why?

  11. cassandra says

    Surprised Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny isn’t on here…

    1. Sebastien Napoleon says

      she is so great in American Gods Tho

    2. chris walls says

      They’re really pally now though.

    3. Valentina Avvisati says

      cassandra the solved the problem now

    4. Manuel Sacha says

      She’s in American Gods?
      I didn’t notice.

  12. Bradley Fortner says

    You said LaBeouf walked up on Hardy and punched him in the back of the head. That implies he came up on him from behind and sucker punched him. Yes, I believe a punch from a grown man to the back of an unsuspecting, unprotected head can cause someone to go unconscious. No, I do not believe LaBeouf could take Hardy in a real fight.

  13. Squizree says

    Sir-say **cringe**

  14. octasian says

    Sophia Bush dated and married two of her co-stars. Maybe more… haven’t been keeping up.

  15. José Coelho says

    Series finale in 2019? I have heard this correctly?

    1. Jukesh says

      Yes season 8 airs in 2019.

    2. José Coelho says

      You’re wrong. July 2018.

  16. Blue steel says

    the notebook saddest movie ever

  17. sith_ witch_99 says

    Let’s be honest whatever happened to baby Jane should be number 1

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