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10 Actors Who QUIT Animated Movie Sequels For Crazy Reasons!

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What happened with Disney's Aladdin that made Robin Williams quit? 10 Actors Who QUIT Animated Movie Sequels For Crazy Reasons! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Back before the rise of Pixar and several competing animation studios, voice actors used to be relatively unknown and used for their skills rather than their famous names. This notion has completely changed through the years as huge names of Hollywood often find themselves lending a voice to many roles. If an animated film is a success, you can expect to see a sequel, but some of your favorite voices may sound a little different the second time around. Watch and see 10 animated movies where the voices were replaced for the sequel.

One of the more recent examples comes from the Smurfs franchise. Katy Perry voice Smurfette for two movies, but was replaced by fellow singer Demi Lovato for the fully animated Smurfs: The Lost Village. Sony Pictures Animation went big by hiring Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence for their first animation movie, Open Season. The film has spawned multiple sequels, but both stars were absent from them. Joaquin Phoenix is often sought out for high-profile acting roles and it was a huge thing for Disney to have him in their film Brother Bear. When it was time to make the sequel, almost the whole cast returned except for Phoenix. Jim Varney is a legendary comedic actor know for providing his voice to Slinky Dog in the first two Toy Story films. His passing forced filmmakers to seek a replacement when it came time to film Toy Story 3. One of the most legendary villains in Disney history is Scar. The character made a cameo appearance in Lion King 2, but Jeremy Irons did not provide the voice work this time around. Other replaced actors include Al Pacino, Reese Witherspoon, Miinie Driver, Michael J. Fox, and Robin Williams.


Jeremy Irons | 4:23
AL PACINO | 5:29
Reese Witherspoon | 6:32
Robin Williams | 9:30

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  3. SupaPixelGirl says

    R.I.P. Robin Williams

    1. CaptBackwards says

      SupaPixelGirl did not really explained why they left

    2. Kitty Kat says

      And Jim varney

    3. Creative_ Cam says

      One of my favorite Disney voice actors. I miss him 🙁
      May you rest in peace Mr. Williams

    4. Seminolegamer - Minecraft says

      Kitty Kat I love the Ernest movies. R.I.P Ernist

    5. warren byrne says

      SupaPixelGirl …yes…

  4. Kadz12 says

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  5. Jason Carbajal says

    How did the slinky dog voice actor quit for crazy reasons if he passed away, not quit?

    1. Ji Cottrill says

      He quit on life 😉

    2. Zeevie says

      Ji Cottrill

    3. Dave All says

      Jason Carbajal Good point.

  6. Cody Bryant says

    R.I.P Robin Williams and Jim Varney

    1. Quantaur says

      Ernest went to jail, went to school, was in the army, and saved Christmas. A true hero.

      Also Ernest Saves Christmas features probably the best big screen Santa Claus from Douglas Seale

    2. Cody Bryant says

      Quantaur Ernest scared silly Is a classic

    3. SpaceRace144 says

      I love the boonodocks

  7. Keyon Mckoy says

    rip Robin Williams?

    1. Falah Qaapi says

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    2. Kitty Kat says

      And Jim Varney

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  11. Ross Montgomery says

    Was hoping for more side-by-side comparisons…

    1. Rikki Rik says

      Ross Montgomery Right?

  12. DJSiQRiQ says

    *So what was the CRAZY REASON Katy Perry left?*
    This list is so *CRAZY*

    1. Barry Puccini says

      Those ‘zany’ Hollywood execs and their ‘whacky’ budget constraints eh? Three and a half minutes was enough ‘craziness’ for me

  13. AK47 Abdullah Kashif says

    RIP Robbie Williams the best actor

    1. Kitty Kat says

      And Jim Varney

  14. Luis Hernandez says

    Where’s Eddie Murphy?!?! He got replace in Mulan 2!!!

    1. Pete Rose says

      Luis Hernandez good. Mulan 2 was terrible.

  15. Daniel O'Connell says

    Jim Cummings even sang half of Be Prepared. I forget the reason Irons didn’t sing the whole thing, but it’s tough to pick up even though it happens half way through the song. Cummings is a legend.

    1. patrick dornoff says

      blew his vocal cords at you wont get a sniff without me

  16. ThinkingOfYou75 says

    Why did Katy Perry quit?

    1. Zeevie says

      I think she felt hot and cold in the recording booth.

    2. Richie Manuta says

      Zeevie Hahahaha!!

  17. LaurenTiare says

    Robin Williams will be in our hearts 4ever

    1. Jay says

      Not mine though

  18. Reed Oka-MacLaren says

    Odd how they put QUIT in all caps when a large amount of these people didn’t quit…

  19. Carmine Crincoli says

    Please do another one on this topic because you forgot these entries I think should be on this list!

    – Shia LaBeouf being replaced by Jeremy Shada aka Finn the Human for Surf’s Up 2: Wavemania
    – Eddie Murphy not returning for Mulan II
    – Another original voice actor from The Lion King not returning for The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride and The Lion King 1 1/2
    – other instances I forgot to mention

  20. Dan Bouckaert says

    1:07 wha

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