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10 Actors Who Said NO To Movies You Wanted To See!

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Could Hugh Jackman and Ryan Gosling have been in a Deadpool and Wolverine movie together? 10 Actors Who Said NO To Movies You Wanted To See! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

There are a lot of aspects that go into getting a movie made. A movie studio needs to front the front, a screenwriter needs to pen the script, and an actor needs to agree to a role. In many cases, there are actors and performers ready for a sequel or a return to a popular character. By saying no, a whole movie can die or result in some type of lame sequel that doesn’t quite feel the same. This is the case for ten extremely popular actors and some great potential movies.

Dwayne Johnson is gearing up to play the role Black Adam in DC Comics Shazam movie, but he could have been part of the Justice League and got his own film starring as the Green Lantern. Will Smith has played some crazy roles in films like Men in Black and Wild, Wild, West, but he once got offered to play Superman in the reboot known as Superman Returns. Elf is one of Will Ferrell’s biggest hits, but he turned down millions and millions to return for a sequel. In X-2, Nightcrawler was a memorable character, but the actor said no to sequels and it was several years before we saw the mutant character in an X-Men movie again. The Ghostbusters franchise derailed for several years thanks to Bill Murray who bashed the script for the third film and refused to be a part of it. Other actors that turned down huge roles includes Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Michael Keaton, and Jim Carrey.


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  1. Kelly Nshima says

    notification squaaaaad where you at

    1. Blue Heathen says

      Kelly Nshima here

  2. Min Roh says

    Well… it would make sense if will smith becomes superman… if the universe it is set in is earth 2

    1. Marley Stevenson says

      Min Roh I’d love to see an earth 2 D.C. Film. But will smith is to well know. We would need a no named actor.

    2. tennisdude52278 says

      Min Roh I would like to see Tom Welling as Superman on one of the alternate Earths on The Flash.

    3. Zaire MSP says

      Min Roh it would be cool to SE flash awkwardly run into earth 2 in justice league

  3. vince mcmahon says

    i wish they cast the rock in the expendables 4 as the main villain and he doesn’t turn down to it


      the deadpool ?
      absolutely… that would be great…

  4. sapnu puas says

    Give this comment a like my pet stone just died
    1 like = 1 prayer

    1. sapnu puas says

      Datsabucket das right

    2. Steven Goudswaard says

      sapnu puas i bet youre a 9gagger

    3. michael Farrar says

      sapnu puas ium a yysnwwmgaywnnwmsus hmm s m sjwfoe66e

  5. Chef says

    Lil pump said no to Harvard

    1. Uncle Bernard says

      i would’ve said no too if i was him.
      he already making money, what he goin to school for?

    2. McHardNipples says

      Chef Luke Lil pump is a dumbass

    3. Chef says

      McHardNipples no

  6. SENPAI says

    If hugh jackman didnt turn down the deadpool movie, we could have seen wolverine in his classic costume

    1. EscpdFrmPsykward says

      Or at the very least we would have seen Deadpool wearing the classic Wolverine costume just to mock Jackman. That would have been awesome too.

    2. bob vella says

      idk, i think it’s a good thing dead pool didn’t have to share the spotlight, makes the success of the film much more meaningful especially since the projected wasn’t believed in and had its budget slashed so much. they would’ve just credited its success to hugh jackman’s wolverine and keep up a boring trend on relying on one character’s star power.

    3. Christian Westenberger says

      bob vella but I think a good one would be If he said yes if we are enemys, then It would work but if they would fight together it won’t work

  7. Luke Ferraro says

    Y’all didn’t even bring up how terrible the female version of ghostbusters was.

    1. GRIZZDOGG01 says

      Everyone already knows that. It’s like telling someone sugar is sweet.

    2. Tiffany Blair says

      I personally loved the new Ghostbusters, however I never saw the originals so I had a different POV.

    3. Luke Ferraro says

      Tiffany Blair smh

  8. ISwedeishCarl says

    “Could Hugh Jackman and Ryan Gosling have been in a Deadpool and Wolverine movie together?”

    Why would they? Last I checked Gosling wasn’t Deadpool ya inbred cucklords

    1. Dax Wijnberg says

      ISwedeishCarl they never said Ryan Gosling

  9. Uncle Bernard says

    keanu reeves? you mean chuck spadina?

    1. LegendWait4it says

      Wait WHAAAAAT?!?! 😮

  10. Uncle Bernard says

    i didn’t know cameron diaz’s debut was the mask

    1. a Washington says

      Uncle Bernard yes. she also was only 18 at the time

  11. The Mysterious Red Warrior: Blood says

    2:17 for some reason the sound of Batfleck vs Will smith sound awesome to me

    1. SHAHZAAD ALVI says

      deadshot vs batman sounds awesome too

    2. MegaGermanShepherds says

      Deadshot shall get his revenge on Batman! WAHAHAHA!

  12. Ginge 74 says

    Dwayne Johnson said no to a movie?!?! I seriously doubt that, he’s the new Nicholas Cage, he says yes to everything.

    1. JR Texx says

      Wouldn’t you say no to Green Lantern after the one we got ?

    2. Anthony Dixon says

      Ginge 74 wow

  13. Filipe Vasconcellos says

    will smith can take on batman as deadshot

    1. Chase Copeland says

      Filipe Vasconcellos deadshot*

    2. Anthony Dixon says

      Filipe Vasconcellos he did

  14. Oscar Lupiac says

    all I want is hancock 2

    1. a Washington says

      Oscar Lupiac YES!!!!

  15. Stephen Walters says

    I do not blame hugh jackman at all he gets ripped for those movies and he is old

  16. Germanic 8 Ball says

    The emojis in the beginning, it that Evil Dead

  17. Rhodri Owen says

    Wait a minute… Terry crews was in bridesmaid… POWEEEEEEEEEEEEER

  18. Chimy Changus says

    It was ?

  19. Yasmyne McDonald says

    Hugh Jackman may not have been physically in the movie, but he did get an uncredited appearance in the movie as simply being the face deadpool use this as his other mask and constantly being Referenced.

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