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10 Amazing Inventions By Kids You Didn’t Know About

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Top 10 Best & Most Amazing Inventions By Kids You Didn't Know About
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Hey Aluxers, do you ever wonder which of todays most popular items were invented by kids?
If so, you're in the right place because in this video we'll be looking at 10 amazing inventions by kids.

We'll try to answer the following questions:
Which are some things invented by kids?
Who invented the popsicle?
Who invented the snowmobile?
Who invented waterskiing?
Most popular app for kids?
Who invented Earmufs?
Who invented the Trampoline?
Who invented the kidcare riding car?
Who invented the braille code?
Who invented the tv?
Who invented the cancer test?

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  1. Alux.com says

    Hey Aluxers, Kids invented some of the coolest things in the world right now! Did you ever “invent” anything as a kid?

    1. Antonio Embuldeniya says

      Alux.com I’ve been inventing all sorts of neat gadgets as a kid. Used to take apart electronics and make something else. Hopefully I’ll create an iron man suit now in my 20’s 🙂

    2. Russel Hartwig says

      I invented a people-in-building-counter that used the same technology as a laser trip wire. Instead of one wire that would make a chime when you entered a store, it would use two. It could count the amount of people who entered the room and how many people left. It did some basic math to calculate how many people entered and how many people left. I needed two lasers so that I could tell the difference between someone leaving and someone coming in. If the inner wire was tripped first, then someone was leaving. If the outer wire was tripped first then someone was coming into the room. Nothing came of it, besides the prototype. I don’t know where it is now sadly, but it was fun to create!

    3. Piyush Bawane says

      Alux.com facts about india

  2. Kenny says

    Hi mates

    1. Alux.com says

      We love the avatar Kenny! Also.. this is first comment, Congrats!

    2. barnalots says


  3. david tillett says

    here first

    1. Alux.com says

      Second, but close!

  4. Suhaib Ahmad says

    please make another politic video

    1. Alux.com says

      Those take so long to put together and make sure we don’t miss anything, we’ve got a few planned but in the meantime we need to keep the channel alive!

    2. Suhaib Ahmad says

      Can’t wait

    3. tejan singh says

      +Alux.com pls make a top 10 hackers video

  5. Albert Martinaj says

    One of the bests channels in Youtube

  6. Matheo Andrade rubio says

    hello alux do you remember me?

  7. The_ Trini says

    I hav alot of inventions that I made but can’t seem to get help on growing my ideas

  8. MZK says

    Hey Alux.com Make a video of top 10 hackers

  9. lakhan911 says

    omg love your videos!

  10. SuperSaiyan3985 says

    I knew about the popsicle, and the kid from #1 looks like someone at my school LOL

  11. XxXLandon11 Smith says

    I cried when you said braille because I’m blind

    1. BEST TOP10 GR says

      XxXLandon11 Smith how did you comment?

    2. Hemant Somnathe says

      The hump on the F and the J key on the keyboard help them locate

    3. BEST TOP10 GR says

      Hemant Somnathe oops

  12. rahul sindhav says

    please make video on INDIA…. big fan of yours

  13. Piyush Bawane says

    facts about india plz

  14. Piyush Bawane says


  15. A wolf says

    Why so many Indians in this channel

  16. Arjun Javagal says

    I knew about the Braille blind coding system

  17. ForeverGamerGirl94 says

    It’s a fact that kids are more inspirational than adults. They are better at inventing new things and stories and etc.

  18. MegaChijioke says

    The last one seems familiar.

  19. MooseTraxYT says

    4Chan was created by Christopher Poole at the age of fifteen. Now he works at Google.

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