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10 Bad Casting Decisions That Made Movies Better

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At first people thought these were terrible casting decisions, but they were so wrong! 10 Bad Casting Decisions That Made Movies Better! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Sometimes we are baffled when the cast is released for movies. People are even outraged. Here is a list we have compiled for you.
Anyone who knows of Bridget Jones was mind boggled when Renee Zelweger was cast to play a British woman.
Fans were outraged when they figured out Pride & Prejudice would be remade and Keira Knightley would be starring in it.
Comic book fan boys couldn’t believe Michael Keaton was going to play the Caped Crusader in 1989. They even sent letters to the studio complaining.
Charlize Theron in Monster is said to be one of the greatest performances of all-time on film. She wowed audiences being hardly recognizable on screen.
Jonah Hill landed his first dramatic role in Moneyball with Brad Pitt and was nominated for Best-Supporting Actor.
Albert Brooks took a break from comedy to portray a gangster in the neo-noir film Drive starring Ryan Gosling.
When Daniel Craig was reported to be the new face of 007, fans were highly skeptical. He was blonde, short, and had the face of a professional boxer. Not how one generally perceives her Majesty’s favorite spy.
Anne Hathaway was not seen as being attractive enough to portray Selena Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises and fans were highly skeptical of how she would portray the infamous character.
Fans of The Hunger Games did not want Jennifer Lawrence to play their beloved Katniss Everdeen saying her cheeks were too chubby and her blonde hair wasn’t fitting.
Heath Ledger was widely scoffed at when he was cast as The Joker for The Dark Knight because he wasn’t seen as being edgy enough.
Although we may be upset at who was cast for certain movies, a lot of times it works out in the long run. We have been blown away with performances that we originally thought would stink.


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  1. music maestro says

    notice me senpai

    1. NyGeL says

      here “Like”. you are one like closer to senpai

  2. Ann Dameron says


  3. Tasia Cowart says

    Oh okay I’m early.. I should say something funny

    Banana ?

    1. Boss says

      points for effort

    2. Murray says

      Or cucumber ??

    3. Jo Miles says

      Tasia Cowart i

    4. Michael Simmons says

      Tasia Cowart I liked because I’m making banana pudding.

  4. Unchained With The Captain says

    Anne Hathaway was a serviceable Catwoman, but not great. Michelle Pfieffer and Julie Newmar were much better at it.

    1. Unchained With The Captain says

      That goes without saying. That movie is terrible.

    2. Steve S says


    3. Shaun James says

      I personally disliked Pfeiffer’s Catwoman.

  5. KXJI says

    Ghost busters

    1. Pseudo Anonim says

      This is a list about bad casting decisions that made the movie better NOT bad casting decisions that made the movie garbage 🙂

    2. sweeneysparrow98 says

      He’s referring to the emojis

  6. Shubham Namdev says

    Heath ledger is a legendary Pokémon

    1. Gwynblaidd says

      Shubham Namdev Ledgendary*

  7. Lucy Davey says

    anne hathaway was a really bad catwoman tbh. she didnt act it very well

    1. keaun afnaime says

      Lucy Davey did u see the movie?

    2. Lucy Davey says

      keaun afnaime yeah

    3. Ashley David says

      +Lucy Davey Anne Hathaway was . . . bad (as the Catwoman ) ??! No way . She is the best one , yet . I (still ) , like Michelle Pfeiffer (wrong spelling , huh ??! ) , anyways , I like her as well . Hally Berry was . . . .

      okay , too . (But , her movie is bad , though ) .

  8. Pmartz3 says

    Ben Affleck as Batman

    1. Michael Simmons says

      Pmartz3 He will no longer be Batman. After Justice League that’s it for him.

    2. Counterspell says

      its a rumor you gullible sheep

    3. Edgar Louis Beley says

      He didn’t made the movie better

  9. Omeri Fgan says

    04:50 My answer is Mad Max: Fury Road

    1. Arjun Purohit says

      Omeri Fgan Hell Yeah !

  10. Luciano Pereira says

    i’m here for the Joker

    1. weasle min says

      Luciano Pereira aren’t we all

    2. batata6537 says

      Luciano Pereira ya aren’t we all I love the joker and did you see the suicide squad

    3. Wyman Kemble says

      i loved batman movie with the joker and still a fan of it

  11. Venkatesh Srinivasan says

    Best catwoman? WTF?

  12. Quinn Edits says


  13. James Mercer says

    Ledger’s Joker is the best performance ever captured on film.

    1. The steampunk 1348 says

      he was the perfect villain

  14. Brian Rasor says

    Really Anne Hathaway is the best Catwoman on film, Michelle Pfeiffer has been the best Catwoman on the big screen.


      Brian Rasor Absolutely! This narrator must be really young or just plain clueless to make that statement. Michelle Pfeiffer IS the definitive big screen’s Catwoman.

    2. Thomas Jiang says

      +PHOENIX MINISTRY Not for comic book readers. Pfeiffer’s Catwoman is nothing like the comic book version. In that regard, she’s only a small step above Halle Berry’s Catwoman.

  15. Shark Bait says

    I cant believe that people would say that type of stuff about Heath Ledger!!!!!???????? He is my FAVORITE actor 2 play The Joker

    1. Fantastic Beasts says

      This was before people actually saw his performance. I think we all agree he is universally liked as The Joker.

  16. Alejandra Celedón says

    Pride and Predujice is a book, Joe Wright wasn’t trying to adapt a miniseries, but a classic novel, that was a confusing way of explaining the Keira Knightley part

    1. MsTiK says

      I came looking for a comment about that… Do they even know it is a book?

  17. Dave, For your entertainment says

    Which movie is this?

  18. Sam Kresil says

    I still wont be keen for Michael keaton as Batman much

  19. azzam regar says

    rip Heath ledger

  20. Smi-Le nguyen says

    Maybe do a celebs that look like they could be family but are related in no way.

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