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10 Best Countries To Grow Old In

Alux News Top 10-15

10 Best Countries To Grow Old In – Alux.com Original Video
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Everyone grows old, and if you were wondering which are best countries in the world to grow old in, you have an answer.

If you didn’t know this, not all of the world’s countries take care of its seniors as good as the next 10 on our list.
There are some factors such as the life expectancy, water’s quality, security, education, employment, pollution, or health status to take into consideration when a country is analysed.

So no more talking, and let’s see some facts! These are the world’s best places to grow old in!

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  1. RoyalDroy_ says

    First! Wohooo!

    1. Alux.com says

      Good Job !

    2. umesh sanjana says

      Alux.com I’ve been watching your videos daily and I do feel this channel is one of the best to gain some utterly amazing general knowledge but still so less subscribers 🙁 anyways you’ll get a like from me on all your videos ? thumbs up . Really enjoy watching all the videos this channel uploads ?

    3. Youssef Ben othman channel says

      Alux.com i, m swedish so please do things you don’t know about sweden

  2. British Spooderman says

    Can you do “10 of the most expensive cars that crashed”

  3. ajibola alibaloye says

    Girl:Its 2 tight
    Boy:Dont worry,Ill do it slowly,
    Gal:Push it in,
    Boy:Ah..I cant,
    Gal:Its painful,
    Boy:Forget it.

    Well buy new WEDDING RING!

  4. Tamizhan Raja says

    Lovely one ?

    1. Fernando Grefil says

      Tamizhan Raja ta)

  5. Psych Word says

    I’m moving to Sweden now

    1. 677htg hgbn says

      Psych Word sand

  6. Larry Calloway says

    Thanks for sharing ?

  7. Buster Pranks says

    I want a video on 10 best countries to suicide.

    1. Hassan Muhammed says


    2. Yash Gaekwad says

      ohh i guess u typed wrong it will be where muslims live…every place or area just suicide coz they suck pakistan losersss…..beggers

  8. Jv Savage says

    Honestly I did not think the U.S. would make the list.

    1. Asmaa Amara says

      It depends where in the U.S

  9. JARVHD says

    Canada, norway

  10. Victor Licht says

    jesus why are danmark never on this list`s we have the best healt care in the world and free education and way more

    1. Victor Licht says

      so fucking dum


      Why would they put the rape capital of the world on this list?

  11. Sunny Poonia says

    I would chose Germany and Sweden to grow old in

  12. SuperSaiyan3985 says

    I’d love to age in Switzerland, Norway, or Germany.

  13. FreeTube says

    Surprised to see USA on the list.

    1. Darryl Jackson says

      you must be rich lol

  14. Kebab Removal Unit says

    Sweden is an islamic shithole.

    1. Kebab Removal Unit says

      +L-Gix Loving the facts u present!!

    2. Kebab Removal Unit says

      +Raf. J U sure proved me wrong ???????

  15. Matheo Andrade rubio says

    WTF the US is better to retire than in Japan? ???

  16. Sergio Arroyo says

    Yes, very good list. Everyone should go and retire to these places. Just ignore The Philippines. Go on, nothing to see there 😉

  17. OhmySweetlittleBlackheart says

    USA shouldn’t be on the list, sry that’s why you got your dislike from me, but that country is shitty in many ways

    1. Tiny The Gsd says

      Opinionated much? ?

  18. krunal gosai says

    I think you should show best countries for jobs and startups !!!

    I love your videos tnx keep it up

    1. Alux.com says

      We’re thinking of doing best countries to start a business. Still, we have loads of awesome topics to come before it 🙂

  19. usama ahmad says

    do a video on which countries want to change their nationallity

  20. Ralph Barredo says

    Either in Switzerland or Japan

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