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10 Best Shopping Streets In The World

Alux News Top 10-15

Top 10 Best Shopping Streets in the World
Where to travel next: https://goo.gl/eucHEh

If you were curious to know which are the top 10 best shopping streets in the world or where do the rich travel to shop for luxury brands, you're in the right place.

In this Alux.com original video, we're taking a look at some of the most famous shopping streets and cities from all around the world in order to provide you, the Aluxers, with clear go-to shopping destinations.

We'll try to answer the following questions:
Which is the best city for shopping?
Which are the top 10 best shopping streets in the World?
What is the most luxurious store?
Where do rich people shop?
Where do rich people buy their clothes?
Where to shop in Paris?
Best place for shopping in Paris?
Best place for shopping in new York?
Best place for shopping in Australia?
Best place for shopping in Europe?
Best place to shop in London?

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  1. Alux.com says

    Hey Aluxers, how many of these streets have you visited so far?

    1. MrVuittonboy says

      Only 4 places, Ginza, Via Montenapoleone, Causeway bay and Champs elysees. I guess in Paris, you should involve avenue montaigne and rue fabourg st honore.

    2. Ilhan Servia says

      Only one, pitt street mall sydney

    3. Meet Dhanani says

      Alux.com only one causeway bay-hongkong. had great shopping experience with top most luxury brand’s

    4. Esen Tyulegenov says

      Via Montenapoleone and Vienna?

    5. Pedro Johnson Svp says

      Alux.com could you please do a video on the biggest shopping centers in the world too.

      thanks for the great vids.

  2. Elevation says

    “The place where future billionaires come to get inspired” ?

    1. Draxler M 2030 says

      Elevation are u a future billionaire too?

    2. Carter James says

      Elevation lol amateur.

  3. Nicolas Chalons says

    The pronunciation of some streets was horrible :/

    1. Brent V. Pacifico-Irwin says

      +Nicolas Chalons Alux.com uses a computer voice-over program – not human, which explains the very awkward pronunciations.

    2. chris says

      mmm no this voice-over is definitely not a voice-over… sounds too natural

  4. GeneralGold says

    Rodeo, calling it before the ad ends

    1. Makeveli The Don says

      GeneralGold lol guess u fucked up

  5. Futurism says

    Sydney, London & Paris 🙂

    Champs-Elysees was by far my favourite shopping experience!

    1. MsMarie0072 says

      Futurism mine is fifth avenue and Paris

    2. Futurism says

      Which one did you prefer?

    3. xAA7 says

      Champs-Elysees is my favorite as well. Sheer elegance.

  6. James Bone says

    Leaving out Rodeo got you a dislike from me on this one.

    1. Ryan Ahadi says

      Rodeo Drive is not a huge one and is probably not as expensive as the other destinations.

    2. Moises Santos says

      Ryan Ahadi Rodeo Dr is really expensive it cost Chanel $13,000 per Square foot for their store

    3. Dylan says

      Have you even heard of Bijan? Its one of the most expensive stores you can shop at. Also its rent is $19,000 a square foot

    4. its eylem says

      the video wasnt abt the rent but was about the best ones! Rodeo drive is really really pretty but not as huge as Champs Elysee or 5th avenue if u know what i mean.

    5. Bryan White says

      that might be true but I didnt see any Lamborghinis, Ferraris, porshces, rolls royces, or maseratis anywhere in this video, at rodeo theres one atleast every 20 feet, plus it has every highend brand shown plus fendi, rolex, paneria, Porsche design etc. love rodeo

  7. ladyessi says

    Morocco mall is the biggest shopping mall in Africa.

    1. Asmaa Amara says

      And Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world lol

    2. Zerg Cerebrates says

      ladyessi if you noticed this is all about the streets.

    3. Yousra The boss says

      hihi I’m moroccan I’ve been there , and let me tell you , that compared to all of these streets it’s nothing

  8. Troy Gramling says

    What about Rodeo Drive in LA in the USA?

    1. Zerg Cerebrates says

      Troy Gramling Its not among the most expensive to rent when compared to other cities around the world. I live in LA and been to several of the other ones mentioned. Rodeo doesn’t have much choices despite it’s fame

  9. sharma prativa says

    Is Vienna a city or country??

    1. Die Thainudel says

      A city, it’s the capital of Austria

  10. Larry Wesley says

    Sony is a Japanese brand…so yea

  11. Miss Anonymous says

    I have shopped at Westfield London very big and very nice

  12. Arsh Singh says

    where idiots go to feel accepted

  13. hifijohn says

    where is michigan ave in chicago. many great stores there.

  14. Cynthia Luo says

    i love how you used blair waldorf in the thumbnail

    1. Alux.com says


  15. Amazing Stud says

    oxford street london is better than all u mentioned! where is new bond street? never heard of it.

  16. Ema Biel says

    Been to Paris, New York and London. 3/10 ain’t too bad

  17. Siyabonga Mhlanga says

    Make a video of the 10 best credit cards

  18. Paki Pan | To bourdelokanalo says

    you forgot kolonaki street

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