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10 Characters That Disney Took TOO FAR In A Kids Movie

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What happened to Rapunzel in Tangled that Disney fans didn't see coming? 10 Disney Characters Who Took It Too Far In A Kids Movie! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

 Disney films are always full of princesses, happily ever afters, songs, castles, and of course villains. Our heroes need challenges and sometimes there is no greater challenge than facing a good old fashioned bad guy. Disney’s creativity isn’t limited to just the good guys either, they have spared no expense on creating some legendary baddies. Some of them are so good, they still give us and our families nightmares.
Syndrome of The Incredibles is an example of pure hatred and resentment, and what he does to superheroes is completely brutal. Cruella De Vil is evil personified, especially because she wants to hurt animals and puppies, who does that?
Fantasia is full of beautiful music and animation but would you believe us if we told you there is a nightmare inducing sequence? The Night on Bald Mountain sequence features a demon named Chernabog who is so terrifying, even to this day. Governor Ratcliffe of Pocahontas is just an atrocious character. Auto is just a very creepy robotic pawn of humans in Wall-E. Prince Hans in Frozen is a huge jerk sure, but he’s not scary. He’s a pretty mediocre villain. The most evil might have to go to Judge Claude Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. But a notable mention will go to Mother Gothel, who stops at absolutely nothing to stay young and beautiful. All of these villains are equally creepy and we wish they weren’t burned in our brains or in the minds of the younger generations, but they do serve to teach us valuable life lessons as well right?

Script by: Cynthia Reynoso
Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

Edited by: Edgar Ortiz


AUTO | 5:24
HOPPER | 7:41

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    1. CMC 123 says

      And then wanted to EAT HER HEART AND LUNGS.

    2. Katie McQ says

      She kept my brother up at night and make him cry when he was little because he was so scared of that creepy old hag. She definitely should have made the list, considering that none of the other characters came even close to that.

    3. MineSpawn//The Moonlit Warrior says

      Yeah… Screen Rant forgot her, just like he told us to forget the rest of these villains.

  14. DIYsected says

    I wish they said scar from the lion king

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    2. Rose Maria says

      DIYsected Horned King from The Black Cauldron

  15. Silly Apples says

    I’m surprised so little people know this. The reason Hans is the bad guy is because Elsa was originally gonna be the bad guy, but let it go seemed like it wasn’t a song that suited a bad guy, so they made Hans the bad guy.

    1. Acreel says

      She still is pretty much the bad guy. Just a villain with deeper intentions, a villain who actually wants good but shows and expresses it wrongly therefore making poor hurtful decisions.

    2. Toxic Lightning says

      Silly Apples Let it go had nothing to do with it they wanted Elsa to be the one to save Anna rather than kill her she actually had a “bad guy song”

  16. MiraJane D says

    Really? Prince Hans? He is the lamest villain ever made by Disney!

    1. Eclectic says

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      MiraJane D I would not say the lamest but he was not the scariest.

    4. Rose Maria says

      MiraJane D should of done The Black Cauldron, Horned King. Now he’s brutal

  17. Yvette Dunham says

    I was always scared of mother gothel

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    2. BTS TRASH says

      Mhm! :3

    3. Moriah Bierbrauer says

      Yvette Dunham Mother Gothel gave me nightmares, and ever since watching Tangled, I can’t sleep in a room with open windows or doors. Talk about scarring children for life!

    4. Yvette Dunham says

      Moriah Bierbrauer I know right terrifying

  18. AyaSohmaSama says

    Um… What about Scar, he killed his own brother and attempted to kill his nephew.

    1. Pheenixorphan X says

      AyaSohmaSama And maybe wanted to do something weird to poor Nala! That lion is cray cray!!

    2. TheConfusing Riddle says

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    Frollo really needs a cereal…

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    1. Danny Andrews says

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  20. Nathan Roy says

    I think the most disturbing Judge Frollo scene for me as a kid is when he’s supervising a torturer at his work and tells him to wait between lashes, so the victim can recover enough to feel the full pain of each blow. The actual whipping is off-screen, but… dang: full-on medieval torture in a Disney movie!

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