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10 Comedy Movies That Are Actually Smarter Than You Realized!

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What is the secret hidden in Neighbors 2 with Chloe Grace-Moretz that we never realized? 10 Comedy Movies That Are Actually Smarter Than You Realized! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Some comedy movies are just plain dumb fun, and that’s okay! It can be nice to just relax and watch a film without having to think too much about the filmmaker’s larger implications. But sometimes, a film comes along that actually satisfies both types of viewers: those who want to watch a lowest-common-denominator laugh fest, and those who are looking for thoughtful social commentary. In this video, we’ll be looking at some of those rare films that are actually much smarter than people give them credit for. Whether it’s Zac Efron and Seth Rogen up against a group of sorority sisters, the foul-mouthed kids in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park, or Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum kicking butt in 21 Jump Street, all of these films feature plenty of slapstick fun and genuine humour – but they also have something meaningful to say about societal issues.

Some of these films comment on race and class, like Tropic Thunder and Sacha Baron Cohen’s legendarily controversial Borat. Some of these focus on feminism, like Mean Girls and even Neighbors 2. Ben Stiller graces our list more than one time and we’ll also look at a few films featuring Saturday Night Live alumni! You may not agree that all of these films are truly intelligent, but hopefully we make a reasonable case! So sit back and enjoy and be sure to like the video and subscribe to Screen Rant on YouTube if you want to see more awesome videos like this one!

Script by: Benjamin Harris

Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Andy Davenport


Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle | 0:49
McGruber | 1:52
This is the End | 2:59
Zoolander | 4:02
South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut | 5:15
21 Jump Street | 6:27
Tropic Thunder | 7:31
Borat | 8:38
Mean Girls | 9:37
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising | 10:40

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  1. Last Kings says

    Parry Hotter

    1. Dragoninthewest says

      Last Kings “…the Choosen Boy or something like that” -Drunken Prof. Horace Slughorn

  2. LP Wr0te says

    who needs notifications when you’re refreshing your sub box for hours upon end?

    1. Mike Testani says

      LP Wr0te I know that feeling

  3. NET Alliance says

    why does screenrant love Chloee on their thumbnails?

    1. Hakan Karaağaç says

      After the new carrie movie she is doing great so far

    2. Dalton Deverell says

      because shes legal

    3. timecrashzero says

      Because she lifts.

  4. Photo Editor says

    because tHaTs AlL i CaN ThInK Of

    1. Katie Powell says

      Mittens Sutcliff that’s what I thought. Saw the lightning. I never got into Harry Potter. Still mad at the writers of the flash anyways

  5. A Hamster Needs 8000 Subscribers says

    *#Who**’s watching this without socks?*

    1. Dalton Deverell says

      its ya boi

    2. Rezowana Islam says

      who’s watch this without underwear

    3. Jorge Torres says

      whoms’t watch this no underwares

    4. vargo hoat says

      im p sure ive never had socks on watching youtube, and thats like 10 years or so, stop judging me

  6. Nigel Matchie says

    I wonder if Screen Rant knows they can use different thumbnails

    1. Justin Time says

      Nigel Matchie true

    2. C Trip says

      Nigel Matchie NO THEY CAN’T!!!

  7. King Wildfang Productions says

    10 Action Movies that Are Smarter than You Think
    Transformers 4 Age of Extinction, Transformers, Transformers 2, Transformers 5, NOT Dark of the Moon


      King Wildfang Productions you clearly haven’t seen Chris Stuckmann’s Hilariocity review. It’s a lot dumber when you analyze it


      King Wildfang Productions unless you’re just being sarcastic

  8. Sarah Smith says


  9. Conor Plays says

    When you like your own comment because u know nobody is going to like it ?

    1. xTitanGaming907x says

      Adam Spreitzer when you just hating comments

  10. Carlos Medina says

    Eww feminism

    1. Vivilon Rane says

      ewww misogny

    2. AM Klein says

      3rd wave feminism=misandry

  11. Owen Campion says

    Can’t make a list like this without Napoleon Dynamite

    1. Starry Night says

      I was just thinking that :DDD

  12. Ryleeman54number2 says

    Neighbors 1 is better than Neighbors 2

    1. monokhem says

      Dudes act like assholes they are the villains and get their lives ruined in the end. Chicks act like bigger assholes, they are the heroes, and get everything they want in the end.

    2. Ryleeman54number2 says

      monokhem I also believe Neighbors 2 falls flat on humour

    3. Dan Ortiz says

      and Jonah Hills dressed as a girl, got me distracted all the movie. =P

  13. Doonie602 says

    Smh the movie Idiocracy not being on this list.

    1. faceSpace says

      Documentaries not allowed here 😉

  14. Dominic Abbs says

    i have not seen any of those movies on this list

    1. kevin u says

      You’re not missing much

  15. Chimmy89 says

    I loved Tropic Thunder and Robert Downey Jr. He’s literally the only one that can do black face and make it hilarious. ONLY ONE.

    1. AM Klein says

      Well… him and Ted Danson.

    2. GalleryOFSuicide says

      Most comedians and even every day people can make it hilarious.. That argument is a slippery slope though. It can;t be ok here and not ok there.

  16. Zak Haasbroek says

    I found neighbours 2 a little Cringy for my taste.

  17. William Slattery says

    MacGruber was awesome.

  18. Patrick Lawrence says

    Page river field so go require outside marketing immediately.

  19. Connor Fagan says

    harry potter

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