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10 Criminals Who Got Away Because They Had A Good Lawyer

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10 Criminals Who Got Away Because They Had a Good Lawyer
Most Wanted Criminals That Are Still Out There: https://goo.gl/DQ7mOc

Deadliest Assassins in the World:

Most Famous Gangsters of All Time:

Hey Aluxers, a while back we did a video on the richest lawyers and that video sparked our curiosity. We looked around for people who were widely regarded as criminals but got away because they had a good lawyer.

So we dug around and put together this top 10. This video is meant to shine a light on the fact that while good people use their fortunes to better themselves and those around them, bad people use them to escape the law.

In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
Who is the best lawyer in the world?
Who are some criminals that got away because they had a good lawyer?
Who was OJ Simpson's lawyer?
Who is the best celebrity lawyer?
Did Kim Kardashian's Father Helped O J Simpson?
How to get away with murder?
What makes a good lawyer?
How much is an expensive lawyer?

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  1. Impxt -SremmLifeCrew says


    1. Alux.com says

      First Comment!

  2. shubham aggarwal says


    1. Alux.com says

      Second Comment!

    2. shubham aggarwal says

      Alux.com you are the best …..plz make video on india

    3. Gloire Mudipanu says

      Alux.com richest photographers next please

  3. Vishal Malhotra says

    Third ! ?

    1. Alux.com says

      3rd today! Nice to see you back in the top 3 Vishal!

    2. Gloire Mudipanu says

      Alux.com richest photographerz next please

  4. Alux.com says

    Hey Aluxers, please remember that not only good people can be rich and the bad ones will use their acquired wealth to walk away untouched! Do you know anyone in your country that got away with a crime?

    1. Piyush Shukla says

      Alux.com add salman khan from India multiple cases but never landed in jail

    2. Chidi Okoro says

      Alux.com do Aliko Dangote

    3. Yadu Giri says

      Alux.com many in india

    4. Priyanshi Gandhi says

      Alux.com Please do facts about Mumbai

    5. iiinsvn3x Monsta says

      Alux.com please do New York

  5. Vikas Wankhade says

    where is Salman Khan


      Vikas Wankhade he got away from this list too his lawyer is that good

    2. Vikas Wankhade says

      I think he should have been no. 1 on list

    3. Jacob Marshall says

      Vikas Wankhade what did he get away with? Allegedly

  6. lakhan911 says

    who is this? am I on the right channel or did alux get hacked?

  7. lakhan911 says

    I don’t know if my comment is going to be read but… I don’t like this voice, no offense

  8. Yashraj Chauhan says

    this channel deserves way more subscriber

    1. Alux.com says

      YES! Totally agree Yashang.

    2. Jack K says

      The thing that bothers me about the channel is that most of these things are common knowledge

  9. Bibin Chacko says

    Previous voice of the female was more powerful

  10. Pranaya Mishra says

    where is Salman Khan?? You guys only cover Americans. If you continue to do so. I will unsubscribe and tell other Indians to unsubscribe as well. I need a explanation for this.

    1. Qasim Al-Riyami says

      Pranaya Mishra lmao

    2. Qasim Al-Riyami says

      Pranaya Mishra lmao

    3. Pradhumn Kanase says

      Pranaya Mishra fck off

    4. Rikin Kadakia says

      find go unsubscribe! Alux doing a great job, you can leave. BYE!

  11. JARVHD says

    he left his shotgun in the restaurant. why was it there in the first place?

  12. SuperBizalz says

    1,000,000 innocents that got put in jail because they had a shitty lawyer.

  13. SuperBizalz says

    10 criminals that got away? Wall Street only has 10 people?

  14. imbusyrightnow says

    Why did the voice change we want Alexis back

  15. Apres Midi says

    You forgot Hillary Clinton to put on this list!

  16. Jacob Marshall says

    This new voice doesn’t cut it for me! Feels foreign, unless the previous was fired then there no reason for this British lady

  17. Zero One % says

    o.j. got away with it because he didn’t do it.

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