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10 Highest Paid Jobs You Can Do From Home

Alux News Top 10-15

Hey Aluxers, here are the 10 Highest Paid Jobs You Can Do From Home
Learn more: https://goo.gl/iOaie8

We know some of you were asking how can you increase your income so we decided to put together a video showcasing a few options you might not have considered before.

These are 10 jobs you can do while in your pajamas, so you not go through them? Who knows, maybe one of them is a perfect fit for you!

In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
What jobs you can do from home?
What are some well paying jobs you can do from home?
How to make money working from home?
What jobs you can do while in your pajamas?
What are some serious jobs you can do from home?
What are the best work from home jobs?
What are the top 10 work from home jobs out there?

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  1. Alux.com says

    Hey Aluxers, you’ve been asking for ways to increase your income, so we did this video on jobs you can pick up on the side and who knows, might even become your full time job after some time! Do you work from home? What do you do?

    1. tange2000 says

      Sandra Walters got 58cent in two hours

    2. rusty al mercado says

      Alux.com for me its more fun in the office if its near where you rest after working hours

    3. rusty al mercado says

      Alux.com can I know what is physician and a radiologist

    4. Ahmed 1996 says

      an idea richest priests like the pape or cardinal .

    5. Ahmed 1996 says

      some ideas richest teachers . pilots . researchers or scientists

  2. JARVHD says

    you should of done youtuber

    1. Toshik Langade says

      you shouldv’e done grammar

    2. JARVHD says

      Toshik Langade no need to be pedantic.

    3. Abdulaziz Gharbawi says


    4. Michael Gregory says

      +Abdulaziz Gharbawi exactly. I don’t know why people like getting this way ???

    5. Kiharu Webb says

      +Abdulaziz Gharbawi umm obviously you don’t know English you can say “should of” or “should have” , “should’ve” can also be used but it is rather informal

  3. rocker 77 says

    i’m a pro gambler and I make 10k monthly

    1. rocker 77 says

      Sniperscorch betfair

    2. prakash pandya says


    3. 1 9 8 4 says

      i call bs, show proof

    4. Nduengo says

      hard to believe

    5. tange2000 says

      rocker 77 what’s the online screen name then

  4. Victor Licht says

    may i ask were do you get the info about the money they earn??

    1. Michael Reyes says

      This site will show you how to earn over 150 dollars/day online: HootCash. com

      It is super easy to do and is beginner friendly.

    2. tange2000 says

      Michael Reyes Ya after two hours got 58cent

    3. tange2000 says

      Victor Licht glasswindoe.com

  5. Legend says

    I Do Internet Marketer and Make over $500 a day !

    Also you forgot the people who are into stocks

    1. Steven Bracken says

      Yeah, sure you do…

    2. rivor2 says

      Legend, how do you do it?

    3. tange2000 says

      Legend I’m going doing this in college

    4. Legend says

      Good luck to all of you! Internet Marketing is something you learn yourself, it cannot be taught. Though Programming languages and other computer related knowledge will help you but the ultimate knowledge is the one who develop yourself.

      Make sure whatever you LOVE what you are doing. If you don’t love it that means you will get bored and your focus cannot be 100% on it.

    5. tange2000 says

      Legend you can learn it in college

  6. Giannis Engineer says

    what about prostitutes ? they can work in their homes , too ….. 😛

    1. France Williams says

      If you want to make easy money online then visit this great website here: JoxMoney. com

    2. Zane Mitchell says

      Here’s how I’m boosting my income online: *Bludos. com* I’m making anywhere from 300-350 dollars a day. You guys need to give this a try. “A true dreamer is one who knows how to navigate in the dark”.”

    3. Leona Blackwell says

      +Øl Christian Yeah you should know lol

  7. GeneralGold says

    I do internet retail for now, i only make a few hundred a month since i have low capital to work with so i have to turn away work but i’m building my capital plus this is a side thing so it’s fine

    1. justsomecanadian says

      Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I will look further into this. Do you have any helpful links, videos etc. that you found useful in your journey that you could share with me?

    2. GeneralGold says

      justsomecanadian not really, tbh videos all over youtube are good, the ones that don’t push there own paid “methods” (do not ever buy someones drop shipping guide) but videos only give you basic information and won’t go in depth, no one will give you all the information to be a successful drop shipper on a silver platter because it’s no in there interests to help. You have to help yourself, experiment, try out things, and do research yourself to become successful drop shipper

    3. justsomecanadian says

      Thanks for the honest advice. Have you considered the stock market or FX to increase your capital for your business? I’m a trader, it’s a steep learning curve…but if someone invests the time to learn it can be worthwhile.

    4. nesso bafageeh says

      justsomecanadian i want to start in the fx, I’m actually a finance student, but fx isn’t really an acceptable way of work in my country(Saudi Arabia), any advice you have for me?

    5. justsomecanadian says

      Read read read. The more you learn the more you will earn. Measure position size, before you enter a trade. Calculate potential profit and loss, before you execute any transaction.

  8. Litho Gonzalez says

    Ha! Im a graphic designer and as a freelancer you can get paid a lot more. Try 60 to 80 dollars an hr. These people get it wrong on some of their videos for sure.

    1. Itz Akron says

      Litho Gonzalez can u message me details ob how to freelance?

    2. Litho Gonzalez says

      Itz Akron The best way is to definitely have a good portfolio. Anytime you get a chance advertise yourself and some of you’re work if you happen to have it on hand stored in you’re phone or something. I worked with different companies and or word of mouth to expose my work. Having a great attitude to get you in helps big time and then let you’re work speak for itself. Ask if they have a character or favorite something for you to draw aswell. That sells often with me.

    3. Ruth M. says

      Litho Gonzalez did you go to school or are you self taught? What programs did you start with when you got into graphic design?

    4. Litho Gonzalez says

      Ruth M. I taught myself and did some schooling for more knowledge and paperwork for resume purposes. So mant talented ppl out there that just don’t have the credentials to speak for them. Overall just have a great portfolio to show weather its some art on you’re phone or a book you carry with you. That way you can show off works you’ve done on hand at any moment.

    5. Litho Gonzalez says

      Ruth M. I started with maya btw

  9. Ensar says

    Number 1: entrepreneur
    median salary: $1.000.000

    1. kkknotcool says

      Ankur C
      If you need to know that, then you cannot be an entrepreneur.

    2. NidalTv says

      Ensar how to become one?

    3. Ensar says

      NiDaLaDiN Get a million dollar dream and a business idea

    4. NidalTv says

      Ensar well I’m from Algeria north of Africa idk

    5. Spetsnaz Titan92 says

      That’s not a job idiot

  10. Flip Tube says

    Another one – make youtube videos and become a millionaire from home – pewtiepie !

    1. Jennifer Yang says

      make youtube videos about at home jobs

    2. masogaming says

      he doesnt work from home

    3. France Williams says

      If you want to make easy money online then visit this great website here: JoxMoney. com

  11. john says

    none of these look easy for me

  12. Savage K says

    Can’t believe you left out stock trading

    1. AddiktedX says

      Why you doing this hahaha he’s right tho they are talking about JOB with “security” thats give you income in exchange for time.
      You guys are talking about 9 to 5 escape plan, nobody win stock everytimes or become millionaire but yeah you can definitively make money if you understand the system and btw you dont loose money unless you sell your stock so you choose you either lose 1000$ or you wait weeks,months until it goes up again.

    2. tange2000 says

      Savage K high risk job section

    3. Sum Sum says

      + Savage K
      What’s your way of approaching the markets? Do you do price action or are you using indicators? Are you a trend follower?

    4. Savage K says

      Sum Sum chart analysis and I try to recognize candle stick patterns to give me some sort of indication. To be a successful trader, you have to utilize everything you just listed. You need indicators to make it a bit more easier to find good entry points. Price action is also good and trading against a trend is bad. If there’s an upwards trend why would u go against the market? There’s more to it but I don’t want to type a whole novel lol

  13. christoc99 says

    I want to be a billionaire so fucking bad.

    1. TacoVersity says

      christoc99 lol

    2. christoc99 says

      +TacoVersity But is true!! : ( nobody takes me seriously anynore…i am an old fart….i still fremember when I was young and a virgin.

    3. Husain says

      christoc99 first aim to become a millionaire.

    4. christoc99 says

      why not a trillionaire?

    5. Beth -182 says

      christoc99 I can’t tell if that was meant as the line from the song.

  14. 移民ファルコン says


    Could I get on one of website for these jobs so I could contact with them ?

    Especially Graphic designer .


    1. Ernesto Francesa says

      移民ファルコン I’m graphic designer

    2. NidalTv says

      移民ファルコン how much time does it take to become a graphic designer???

    3. Ernesto Francesa says

      NiDaLaDiN about 3 and half years but in many cases more than 4 years

    4. NidalTv says

      Ernesto Francesa wow !!!

    5. Bam Alam says

      That’s not that long if you put all your energy into it; time flies.

  15. Asyraf Cboy says

    whatever, but i still love my own job where i only sell product once, and make money evertime they used. so once i have a strong monthly income, i don’t need to sell it again. what’s that job? selling simcard. well in my country Malaysia there are 2 simcard which offers me income around 10% up to 26% tone excel and onexox. so what i need to do just introduced it and when people like it they buy and register that simcard under my id and each time they reload maybd 1 month they usually spend around $50 so 10% of it is mine and that would be $5. if i have 100 user under my id, i have around $ 500 if they spend $50 per month on phone bills and internet. some of them spend $100 and also $300 sometimes especially those who used it for businsss purpose. and i earned sometimes $800 up to $1100 monthly depending upon my customer monthyly payment. so add if all up and take 10% from it and that’s my income. i don’t need to meet them again cause they can buy prepaid card anywhere they want so that makes my job easier. just shake my legs hehe.

    1. Banana Pooplord says

      Asyraf Cboy how can i start?? I live in malaysia too

    2. Asyraf Cboy says

      +Banana Pooplord ohw malaysia? which states? if you really interested i can introducd you that business’s concept. fist you must own one of the simcard. You can text me for more information and i’m gladly to help if you want to know.

    3. Asyraf Cboy says

      +Banana Pooplord email me your whatsapp number for more detail of that business. i call it as telecommunication business or business networking. here’s my email xgunxcboy@gmail.com

    4. Banana Pooplord says

      Asyraf Cboy i live in penang,and i just emailed you

    5. Banana Pooplord says

      Asyraf Cboy hi im so sorry but,i just notice the email tht you send to me on Wednesday,and i just want to make sure that you’ve received my reply there ???

  16. Ali Azar Chandio says

    I think u guys have just missed Youtuber

    1. Will Kehler says

      donny they don’t want competition

  17. John King says

    …by the time you can do those jobs at home you’re more than likely already settled in your career and wouldn’t want to work at home since your wife/husband/kids are gonna annoy you

    1. tange2000 says

      John King office

  18. Flaming Bean says

    Anyone else thought YouTube would be in the list?

    1. tange2000 says

      Flaming Bean no cause it’s so obvious if didn’t think of that by ourselves where screwed plus you could do YouTube videos daily an make fifty quid a month if lucky

  19. Alain Bruno says

    It’s depressing to work from home. It’s better to work with people.

    1. jay says

      That’s so true. I work from home and I am super bored!!

    2. silvia tiana says

      It’s not easy working with people. I work in retail and it sucks. Customers are so rude.

  20. Agniva ghosh says

    how about a youtube gamer

    1. Alux.com says

      Dare to guess what the “AVERAGE” youtube gamer earns per year? 🙂
      All the earnings mentioned are Average salary. Unless you’re in the top 1% YouTube gamers, you don’t earn much!

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