10 Lottery Winners Who Lost It All


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10 People Who Won The Lottery And Lost It All or 10 Lottery Winner Who Lost It All!
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As part of our 3 videos on how to deal with winning the lottery, this time we're giving you examples of what not to do. These people managed to blew through their entire winnings in just a short time span and ended up broke or even worse.. dead.

No matter what you call them:
Luckiest lottery winners, unluckiest lottery winners, stupid lottery winner.. all the people in this video went broke in one form or the other.

Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how would you deal with getting your hands on such a big amount of money and learn from their mistakes.

These are 10 dumbest lottery winners in the world!

In this video we'll be answering the following questions:
What are some stupid lottery winner?
Who are some lottery winners who lost it all?
Who are some lottery winners who went broke?
How did Michael Carroll go broke?
What to do if you win the lotto?
What not to do if you win the lotto

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    • We got the request in the past so we wanted to cover it! This was the last one of the series 🙂 Tomorrow we got something else for you guys!

  1. Number 10 – those kinds of women are the worst kind of women, ever, gold diggers, bitches whores strippers and prostitutes boil my bloods from how smart they THINK they are.

  2. By not showing your face on TV. Not telling people maybe family. just ask for their bank details and send money to them and the remainder use wisely. If I won, I’m a chartered accountant so I better use it wisely or it will be shameful to me, family and friends and the accounting body

  3. I really feel sad for those 2 guys that were killed by their new found wealth. They didn’t even get to enjoy a bottle of coke from that the money.

  4. I have a question for you.How big are the taxes in the States?If I heard correctly,they don’t take even half ov what they win.

  5. This is just the water down version, if you google these people and read the whole story on them, thier even more stupid and sad.