10+ Of The Funniest Reactions To Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Statue (Add Yours)


Cristiano Ronaldo is a world’s many famous athlete, and one of a handsomest as well. A bronze bust of him denounced in his internal Portugal on Mar 29th, however, is severely creeping people out. Thankfully, a Internet fast came to a rescue, and memes of a bust started descending from a sky like rain.

Ronaldo is noticed as a favourite in his hometown of Funchal, located on a Madeira Islands of Portugal. The city motionless to respect him by renaming their internal airfield a Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport, though a bust of him they denounced during a rebranding rite was really reduction than honorable. The extraordinary statue is causing online reactions from fear to hilarity, and a memes it has desirous are expected to endure a bequest of Ronnie himself.

It’s been pronounced that Ronaldo was dubbed ‘cry baby’ by his childhood playmates due to his romantic responses to failure. We can usually suppose how he’s feeling now.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s hometown only renamed their airfield after him, and motionless to applaud it with him

The rite was going well, until they denounced this bronze bust of a famous footballer

And afterwards a nightmares began

Prime Minister António Costa stood there smiling like zero was wrong, as a bust stared on from behind

Ronaldo might have been shouting and thanking everyone, though he was many expected great on a inside

The similarity is zero brief of uncanny… If you’re blind

The Internet was discerning to respond, and a mythological sequence of memes unfolded (add yours below!)