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10 Popular Actors Who Were Hired For Very Little Acting

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How small of a role was Groot actually for Vin Diesel? 10 Popular Actors Who Were Hired For Very Little Acting! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

There have been popular actors who get hired for very little acting. Sometimes they end up leaving us very satisfied they appeared.
Glenn Close shows up in Hook for a brief moment in a beard and has the name Gutless.
Cate Blanchett shows up for a brief moment in Hot Fuzz playing estranged girlfriend to Pegg.
Samuel L. Jackson makes his first appearance as Nick Fury post-credits in Iron Man.
Bill Murray made a brief appearance in Zombieland appearing to be a zombie and shoes some California hospitality to the other characters.
Kurt Russell voiced the character Elvis in Forrest Gump when the two first meet.
Hugh Jackman appears at the end of X-Men: First Class saying just one line but is sure to get some laughs.
Sigourney Weaver is the voice who welcomes visitors at The Marine Life Institute in Finding Dory. She has other experience narrating documentaries so the writers thought she would be a good fit.
Daniel Craig appears as a stormtrooper for a brief moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Kristen Bell, the voice of Princess Anna in Frozen was given the opportunity to voice one of the sloth’s from the DMV in Zootopia.
Once Vin Diesel saw the concept art and got the okay from his daughter, he was ready to play Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Even though they may have small roles and are uncredited at times. It is still cool to see famous actors take on cameos or take on small roles.


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    Lion king. Probably wrong

    1. Zachary Scadura says

      wrong its tiger king cuz of the wrong emote

  3. Hassan Abdulla says

    The emoji answer Lion king? I dunno cause there is a tiger

    1. KatYes says

      I came to the comments for this.

    2. David Atkinson says

      me too.

    3. Andy Hernandez says

      There actually is a lion and they are just dumbos.

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    Lion king

    1. Timothy Reviews says

      Sultan Almarzooqi It was a little to easy

    2. Sultan Almarzooqi says

      Yeah Ik

    3. Harley says

      Sultan Almarzooqi i guessed Tiger King

  5. sam goode says

    um actually, Groot said 4 WORDS (I,AM,GROOT&WE)

    1. ALEC LAURINO says

      sam goode WE AM GROOT

    2. MrDelelasek MrD says

      You now What groot means in dutch?

    3. Groot says

      MrDelelasek MrD I am Groot?

    4. Brad Needs A Friend says

      MrDelelasek MrD but Rocket Raccoon is small

    5. Your Choice Theme Songs says

      sam goode he also said are

  6. GodzillaFan02 says

    The guy who played Groot actually played his part in several languages, meaning he had to learn for his part. He did almost all languages the movie released in

    1. Jasmine Vlog says

      GodzillaFan02 1

  7. DeDy says

    That’s a tiger? this is a lion?

  8. Pedro e o lobo says

    Why do they show Elsa when saying Kristen Bell voiced Anna?
    You’re sending mixed messages there Screen Rant

  9. nightmacer x says

    my mom always told me life was like a box of chocolates. it’s doesn’t last as long for fat people, oh wait wrong words.

  10. Granger Disney says

    *talks about Kristen Bell as Anna*
    *shows footage of Elsa*

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  12. _ ShockJin says

    Says Kristen Bell voicing Anna, shows Elsa instead lmao

  13. Alice Thompson says

    groot actually says 4 words… he said we are groot at the end of the movie…

  14. KH28 Tychoo says

    Lion King. But groot was a big role with his sacrifice

  15. khuukhnee tergel says

    there is a move you missed that movie is kung fu panda 3 jackie chan is the voice of monkey and says on a few words.

  16. yt sbo says


    1. yt sbo says


  17. Kyle eddington says

    lion king

  18. Laura Rosen says

    Lion king

  19. Melian Likes says

    What about in Mulan? Jackie Chan was there.

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