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10 Scenes In Popular Movies That Actors CAN’T Explain

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What was the deal with that "Martha" scene between Batman and Superman in Dawn of Justice? 10 Scenes In Popular Movies That Actors CAN'T Explain! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

We’re all here because we love films, and we love unpicking them. Sometimes, though, we watch a film that just doesn’t make sense and things just get confusing. Sometimes it’s not just the audience who don’t get it either, it’s the people involved. Tim Roth didn’t understand the ending to The Planet of the Apes film which starred him as General Thade.

More often than not, the scenes that have left us scratching our heads have been the endings. Film-making is full of confusing plots and ambiguous endings, and quite a few of them have made this list. The endings to Birdman, Planet of the Apes, Inception, and 2001: A Space Odyssey all confused movie-goers, making us question what we know about the rest of the story, and reality as a whole. What happened to Riggan and Sam at the end of Birdman? Was Cobb still dreaming at the end of Inception? And what does the Star Child mean at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Outside of film endings we look at how time travel makes things more confusing as we explore the Time Turner in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Frank in Donnie Darko. We also wonder about how Daniel was able to win the tournament in The Karate Kid when he used illegal moves, explore the photograph of Jack from 1921 in The Shining, and take on the ultimate unexplainable moment in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; Martha.

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  1. Timothy Reviews says

    Michael B Jordan thinking that Fan4stic is movie

  2. Luis Hernandez says

    Where’s my Notification Squad???? ????????

    1. Cap Anileven says

      Clash with Frost What a reasonable comment

    2. Luis Hernandez says

      Clash with Frost Such language you got right there

    3. Clash with Frost says

      Im here all day fellas

  3. A Hungry African Child says

    I hope Jake Paul gets some slippery soap in prison. ?

    1. a says

      Fagcynical oh no, how so?

    2. Recht_voor_zijn_raap says

      Dylan Anthony Who?!

    3. Fagcynical says

      a Lit some furniture outside someone’s pool, yelling at night. Nothing crazy, but he is still supposed to go to jail.

    4. Fagcynical says

      a And he invited like hundreds of people to his house. And they caused a lot of ruckus too.

  4. Chromindor says


    1. Batman says


  5. Dante Smith says


    1. Batman says

      Dante Smith SHUT IT

    2. Gillian Meek says

      Dante Smith WHY DID U SAY THAT NAME?

    3. Gillian Meek says

      Dante Smith btw love the new deadpool comic mocking this hilarious

  6. Fergal Ruane says

    My dog didn’t die,My grandparents aren’t sick,It’s not my birthday Can I have a like for being honest?

    1. Luke Lay says

      no stop asking for likes

    2. BioHazard 114 says


  7. RandomKidddo says

    “It’s the compassion for a man who lost his mother. When you understand the wound, you can work better with people.” -Diane Lane/ Martha Kent

    There an explanation from one the actors.

  8. Luke Lay says

    the Batman vs Superman scene ment that Batman released that Superman had a human mother so do your research

    1. eclpeze says

      All the thugs Batman killed also had mothers

    2. redskinfan says

      Luke Lay But who would say it like that? you wouldn’t say save Martha , you would say Save my mother or save Martha Kent. Just saying Martha though is weird. It’s like whoever wrote that never had a real conversation with a real human being before.

  9. Melchzedek Peter says

    Am Mary Poppins Ya All

  10. Melchzedek Peter says

    10 Scenes In Popular Movies That Screen Rant Can’t Explain

  11. Black Squadron says

    spidey’s dance is the cringiest did you forget that deadpool lost his mouth that is cringe

  12. Pyromancing Plasmid says

    The Martha scene is if not the most, one of the most misunderstood scenes ever.

    1. Robson Parker says

      Bradley Lea at least someone understands

    2. Toke Holsting says

      It’s cringe

  13. cillcamst2 says

    In Harry Potter book griffin is saved before it is killed and Harry and friends just assumed he was killed.

  14. Cillian Brouder says

    What would have happened if Batman thought Superman was saying “save _Marshal_ “?

    1. youtube watcher says

      Cillian Brouder superman kabab

  15. Sully Uddin says

    Batman v Superman a “popular movie”? Now I know y’all are trippin’!

  16. Toke Holsting says

    What the hell is BvS doing on a list of popular movies

    1. youtube watcher says

      Toke Holsting popular means, known by many which it is, now if this was a list about good films then it wouldn’t be on this list.

    2. Dominic Abbs says

      the dark knight is a more Popular movie than Batman vs Superman

  17. Chuckle Balls says

    But in Harry Potter they didn’t change anything.

    It’s a causal loop.

  18. Ŵèřęŵøłf • says

    everytime I get called to the principals office I yell “SAVE MARTHA!!!”..that’s my excuse to everything…
    The principal realizes that I have a mother and forgives me…
    everyone should try this..it works.

  19. Kesler says

    The save Martha moment is the moment that batman realized even though superman wasn’t of this earth he was still human. With what could have been his last breath all he cared about was his mother. And that’s what changed batmans view of him. He understood that trauma.

    1. The Streak says

      Finally more people understand.

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