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10 Sexiest Accents In The World

Alux News Top 10-15

Aluxers Ranked the Top 10 Sexiest Accents in the World Based on what they find attractive!
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Ever wondered which are the sexiest accents in the world? or which accent is the hottest?

We asked our community and they provided some answers! Apparently, these are the top 10 accents people find the hottest!

In this Alux.com original video we'll try to answer the following questions:

Which is the hottest accent in the world?
Which is the sexiest accent in the world?
What accent to women find hot?
What accent to men find attractive?
Is the French accent the sexiest?
Is the British accent the best?
What is the best accent in the world?

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  1. Alux.com says

    Any true Aluxers that found the secret hint? Show yourselves!

    1. Chidi Okoro says

      Silas Martin what nationality are you

    2. Silas Martin says

      Chidi Okoro british

    3. Chidi Okoro says

      Silas Martin hmm I’m from American and I’m Nigerian now what country did
      those get 2 countries get their independence from.

    4. Ava says

      You made a mistake, Chris Hemsworth is really Australian.

  2. Bro Bro says

    Damm I have tried hard as I can to make it first but I failed ????????

    1. Bro Bro says

      I miss jack hey ? reply to me jack if you see this

    2. Bro Bro says

      I am coming to U.A.E next month

    3. JAck Seption says


    4. JAck Seption says


  3. SuperSaiyan3985 says

    LOL Thor’s from Asgard what do you mean Sweden? ?

    1. Ghkjdf Hbjhffh says

      they did not find anything about sweden that they had to put australlian chris the speaks with australlian accent and pewidi pie he speaks with american accent and don’t tell me no he does not cause he does and i know swedish accent and it does not sound like that and they based these list on mostley succefull people from hollywood where they speak american accent

    2. Silas Martin says

      Ghkjdf Hbjhffh what the **** are you trying to say your grammar is so bad

    3. BeautyGirl says

      This is because Thor is from the nordic mythology

    4. VC YT says

      As Thor originates from Norway, then Sweden don’t connect here.

  4. Rich KID says

    befor i even watch the video , there must be these accents in the top 10 : British , russian , australian , frech and spanish .

    1. Rich KID says

      +Alux.com but im russian ??

    2. sibi chakravarthy says

      But Russians themselves are sexy!!

    3. Rich KID says

      +sibi chakravarthy thank you

    4. sibi chakravarthy says

      Rich KID welcome mate!

    5. PCGaming says

      Rich KID there is no British accent.. but Welsh, English and Scottish was in it

  5. Vellan Subrumaniam says

    alux.com is drifting from it’s purpose same as Business Insider did.. hehe
    but i hope the best for you guys alux.com!

    1. Alux.com says

      Not really.. we went from posting once per week to posting daily, which means we need to deliver a variety of topics. All of them will be in the Luxury or Fine Living Lifestyle area! We’re gonna keep things interesting! #Promise

  6. RXKLastZ1 says

    I guess I’m learning the British accent, women here I go!

    1. Matthew Haran says

      clorox bleach , what is that suppose to mean ? ? Try and write in English next time mate.

    2. clorox bleach says

      Matthew Haran sorry i meant more

    3. clorox bleach says

      Matthew Haran umm… my grammar is right tho

    4. clorox bleach says

      Matthew Haran all i needed to do was add the word more in my sentence

  7. Ohmy gosh says

    Alux cut the crap!!!! American accents aren’t sexy not even in the least and quite a few others don’t belong here.

    1. Charlotte D says

      Ohmy gosh Texas accents are though ?

    2. Ohmy gosh says

      +Charlotte D lol in your mind

  8. frosty ! says

    british and Australien accent are the same because i’m from Australia and got so many british freinds arabic have the best accent

    1. Mazda 787B (MR.B) says

      I read that with the voice of warren from FH3

    2. Tomas Jack says

      Arabic you must be joking 😀 , they sound like an India giving a blowout 😀

    3. Lawrence Gartshore says

      They sound nothing alike XD At least when spoken by the Royals – I get the trace in Australian but the same?! No.

    4. Matthew Haran says

      no, they really do not sound the same, you need a hearing aid.

    5. frosty ! says

      Matthew Haran you got hearing aids you prick

  9. Nandan Shetty says

    what about most speaking
    language in the world???

    1. Alux.com says

      +Nandan Shetty Chinese, Indian, English

  10. Automatic Oversteer says

    Of the accent on this list, I can do all of them except for the Welsh accent. By the way, my accent is American.

    1. Mazda 787B (MR.B) says

      (Yet you’re an audi man)

    2. Automatic Oversteer says

      +Mazda 787B And I’m taking this from a guy who drives a Mazda that would get smoked if it went up against my Audi?

    3. Mazda 787B (MR.B) says

      If you’re talking about audi race cars, Touché.

    4. Automatic Oversteer says

      +Mazda 787B Mazdas suck. My Audi will smoke that kamikaze made car.

    5. Haz. Horror says

      Audi Man Btw British accent isn’t what u think lol

  11. ajibola alibaloye says

    Can you create an alux app

    1. Alux.com says

      It’s in the making 🙂 but it’s gonna take a while! We estimate late summer, early autumn.

  12. COCA COLA :D says

    Next; funniest accent in the world
    1st: India !

    1. Beni Hawking says

      I think some of them can

    2. VC YT says

      oh vloddy god, goddness gracious me.

    3. COCA COLA :D says


    4. Nikola Tesla says

      When you make fun of someone’s accent, just remember that they speak more than 1 language.

    5. COCA COLA :D says

      +Nikola Tesla I’m Indian too.
      hindi, english, broken punjabi

  13. Alfie Stanko says

    “British accent” Scotland, England and Wales all made it on the list, those 3 make up Britain, so by British do u mean English accent, im English an its annoying when american say Britain or British referring to England.

    1. charly miller says

      Alfie Stanko FINALLY! It pisses me off every time someone says “British accent”. WE ARE BRITISH IF WE LIVE IN SCOTLAND, WALES, ENGLAND OR NORTHERN IRELAND ?

    2. Owen Pogba says

      Alfie Stanko we still have different accents to Scotland and whales

    3. Adrian X says

      It’s the same with “Spanish Accent”. Sofia Vergara is Colombian, not a Spaniard. :S. Do people really thing all the Spanish speaking people sound the same in english?

  14. Emily Hart says

    Lol American and Welsh… No thanks

    1. PCGaming says

      Emily Hart you’re tell me Tom Jones doesn’t sound sexy? smh..

  15. Toffee Melon says

    I really appriciate that you ranked the British accent at first! Im from London

    1. VC YT says

      me to, but theres about 20 English accents.

  16. Georgina Lewis says

    I’m welsh, Scotish, Italian and Australian.

  17. 砂利フィレンツェ says

    Where’s the french canadian accent ?

  18. ¡Soy de Globo! C.A.Huracán ARG says

    *British??????? and N°1??????????? WTF big dislike*

    1. ¡Soy de Globo! C.A.Huracán ARG says


  19. clíodhna Mcglinchey says

    Number 2 is IRELAND

  20. Joe MacDougall says

    Scottish? I never thought that would be here.

    1. Joe MacDougall says

      Technically Scottish, Welsh and part of the Irish accent is also “British”.

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