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10 Shocking Movie Theories That Actually Turned Out to Be True

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With Disney Cars 3 out in theatres, what movie theory from the animated movie actually came true?? 10 Shocking Movie Theories That Actually Turned Out to Be True! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Pop culture fans love to come up with theories regarding their favourite movies. Whether it be theories about movies they've already seen, or theories about what might happen in an existing franchise going forward, there's no stopping the mind of a fan from working overtime. 99% of the time, those theories come to nothing more than that. However, every now and then – much to the delight and excitement of the fans who conceived the theories – they turn out to be more than just theories; they turn out to be true. In this video, we'll take a look at just a few examples of when that happened. Here are ten shocking movie theories that actually turned out to be true!

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  1. Gemma Stockley says

    Do you ever see a comment and think ‘I wish I wrote that’

    1. MC productions says

      Gemma Stockley s4s

    2. 122 super saying rose goku black says

      I wish i wrote that

    3. XxSplitFacexX says

      I do. Instead of commenting it again I just like their comment like i did with yours hah

    4. Dixie the Mermaid says


    5. Vault -Tec says

      Gemma Stockley, I wish I wrote this! LMAO!

  2. LP Wr0te says

    who needs notifications when your bored and refreshing sub box for hours upon end?

    1. yadadaiii101 says

      LP Wr0te ffcceed???????????⚘?????????????????????????????

    2. bulldogce says


    3. MC productions says

      LP Wr0te s4s?

    4. Elena Meredith says

      LP Wr0te I

  3. isaac Thao says

    Who would want to see the cars movies again anyways?

    1. Xploding-turtle says

      isaac Thao me

    2. KimShea22 says


    3. Michelle Quinn says

      Just watched it yesterday 😉

    4. Connor Laverty says

      isaac Thao curchow

  4. 48boss gaming says

    I think the best stan Lee cameo was at the end of captain America civil war when he said I have a delivery for Tony stank.

    1. ImmortalBadgerz z says

      48boss gaming Tony Stank?

    2. maddenmark says

      tony stank

    3. maddenmark says

      ImmortalBadgerz z i wish i could like this comment a million times

  5. Mafia Zoura says

    It’s pretty cool how fans can come up with these theories and actually be right.

    1. Joe Kaput says

      for all we know, those “fans” are actually employees or the writers or directors posting these theories without revealing who they are.

    2. Jonathan Campbell says

      I think some of these theories were seen by the creators, and they decided to incorporate them into the lore. like, I’m sure the kid in iron man 2 was not meant to be Peter Parker until fans began to say he was

  6. Ballistixs Unleashed says

    The books say that harry is a horcrux so it’s not a theory

    1. i am trash says

      Ballistixs Unleashed ikr

    2. Emdee says

      For that, I think it meant that it was theorized before the reveal

  7. Salvador Ibarra says

    I thought the cars from Cars were enhanced bugs from A bug’s life. Thanks Film Theorist.

    1. Can we break It says

      Nathan Jarrett that’s never shown

    2. Pheenixorphan X says

      Can we break It You’re right. Even though the characters are cars, you never see their insides. NEVER

    3. Nuclearius Brasil says

      Pheenixorphan X and the little cars that are the equivalent of bugs have bug wings, organic wings (chitin right?), if they were real cars, how they would have organic parts?

  8. Charles Jones says

    “Harry Potter is a Horcrux” isn’t exactly a myth. They straight up state that this is the case.

    1. Glue Sniffer says

      Scott Frandsen Horcruxes weren’t even a thing until the Sixth book, and by then we already pretty much knew Harry was a horcrux.

    2. buzzboy2000 says

      Can we break It Before the book confirmed it…

  9. xFortea says

    That Harry Potter was a horocrux wasn’t a theory… it was said in the books and the movies.

    1. Sam Bainbridge says

      yeah but it was still confirmed before the movies even mentioned horcruxes, so not exactly a movie-theory

    2. Rogue Pylon says

      xFortea it wasn’t confirmed HOW until The Deathly Hallows.

    3. Miles Miles says

      Rogue Pylon gate

  10. Key'Shawn Watkins says

    Well, that kind of fucked up the Cars franchise for me. I was hoping that the cars in the Cars Universe were biologically alive and that they have organic body parts inside them as well as mechanical parts, not man made machines that came to live and killed humanity. -_-

    1. Raam Naveen says


    2. MagicChicken Animations says

      The best part about pats theory is that it connects other Pixar movies….. so I still believe that his theory is the right one

    3. MagicChicken Animations says

      Besides…. cows couldn’t own tractors…. and how could they have tongues and eyes (that BTW blink) if they were robot eye sensor things they wouldn’t need to blink

  11. RACSO XVII says

    Tarzan being Elsa’s and Anna’s little brother destroys the whole Tarzan movie for me.

    1. RedDragonForce2 says

      RACSO XVII agreed. Unless the boat went missing for months, going off course and sailed HUNDREDS of miles south, there’s no way Tarzan is related to Elsa and Anna. I actually sooner buy the theory of Rapunzel and Elsa being siblings rather than Anna and Elsa.
      Of course, Trident COULD have been in a tormenting mood that year. ??

    2. Alden Sayers says


  12. Tristan van Dijk says

    The “Harry Potter is a Horcrux” Theory is actually explained in the movie and was no surprise to me at all

    Like if you agree

    1. dani k says

      Rogue Pylon but Katniss turns into the Mockingjay and Tris becomes Dauntless even tho she lived in Abnegation her whole life…

    2. Tristan van Dijk says

      Rogue Pylon yeah you’re right, I didn’t think about that

    3. Tristan van Dijk says

      dani k I’ve never seen those… Sorry

  13. Twisty the Clown says

    But the whole Frozen/Tarzan conspiracy shouldn’t be true considering Tarzan’s and Elsa’s parents look nothing alike.

    1. Jazmine Lamont says

      Jarjis Kazmi sure, but not from a dark brunette to a redhead

    2. Jarjis Kazmi says

      Then yh this explanation wouldn’t fit

    3. KimShea22 says

      they do

    4. Mirinko Marik says

      Shroom1Up and who said that

  14. The Bionic Titan says

    Harry being a hurcrux isn’t a fan theory, it is mentioned multiple times in the books

    1. King Arthur says

      The Bionic Titan It was a theory before it was revealed in the books

    2. Rogue Pylon says

      The Bionic Titan in the last book. The theory existed before that.

  15. Agent X says

    But wait….frozen and tarazan take place in different time periods

    1. Paul Gelpke says

      Agent X it was a double barrel shotgun so ai least 1940’s

    2. Paul Gelpke says

      Small Teddy it’s 11 centurie

    3. Hi There says

      Too bad the only story Disney actually has credit for is Frozen and that Edgar Rice Burroughs, Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm; the authors of the originals from all of the books “Tarzan”, “The Little Mermaid” and “Rapunzel”, all made their stories at least 50 years apart from each other and the entire theory of the Disneyverse is irrelevent

    4. i Am Spider Man says

      Paul Gelpke no its the eighteenth century

  16. Sam Bainbridge says

    Imagine a living snowman in tarzan……. not ok

    1. ScarAnrew says

      I just imagend tarzan with icepowers ggg

  17. Ana Rubino says

    there’s one issue about Tarzan being Elsa and Anna brother. HOW THEIR PARENTS WENT FROM NORWAY TO GERMANY AND END UP ON AFRICA? And the director said that he wished it to be like that. also, they’re on different eras

    1. yanivyack says

      Ana Rubino so long story short, we all(including the director) agree this theory doesn’t hold water?

    2. Ana Rubino says

      yanivyack yup.

    3. SmilingPileOfPoop says

      Ana Rubino why couldn’t he have been conceived after they arrived on the island?

    4. SmilingPileOfPoop says

      oh wait never mind

    5. Ana Rubino says

      SmilingPileOfPoop so… for anyone who’s forgot to read the original Tarzan books, his true name is John Clayton the third, he was born in a ship, his parents were British nobles that were traveling to India (if I recall correctly) and during the trip back there was a mutiny and the ship burned. Tarzan’s parents were only lucky to get away from the shipwreck before it was too late

  18. Red Mimic says

    I wonder what Mater’s owner was like then. ??

    1. Emmanuel Haro says

      Larry the Cable Guy

  19. James Bednarz says

    Why was the Genie thing ever a theory. I thought this was understood from the start…..

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