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10 Signs You’re a Basic Bitch in 2016

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Yeah…..you basic.

Add your own in the comments below.

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  1. Frode Angell Løtvedt says

    If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then vegans die first.

    1. mark bent says


      Take the first step in ending human terrorism against nature. Kill
      yourself. You’re not a “healthy cell.” You’ve destroyed the natural
      landscape to build an artificial structure to live in. You pay for the
      destruction of the natural landscape to have things such as food, gasoline,
      electricity etc. delivered to you. You use paved roads which destroyed the
      natural landscape. In destroying the natural landscape and encouraging the
      destruction of the natural landscape you’ve killed animal populations and
      plant life, and inhibited their growth. You’re an absolute monster! Your
      pollution of the environment with food grown on farms, delivered on paved
      roads with trucks produced with materials extracted from the earth, which
      are sitting in packages on store shelves, which you’re able to get to
      through a road system which you perpetuate the necessity for is horrifying!
      Kill yourself, monster! You’re a thousand fold worse than Hitler!

    2. Ezy Teri Reddy says

      Wind pollinated plants would continue to survive after the extinction of
      the bee. Grass, for example.

    3. A123 B456 says

      This relies on the bullshit premise that bees are the only, or most
      effective, pollinators.

  2. JustSome MovieGuy says

    1.Saying Islam is a religion of peace

    1. Maritina Chris says

      JustSome MovieGuy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    2. Maggie Tululula says

      Well it actually is. You would know that if you didn’t get your info from
      Fox News

    3. justanerd says

      JustSome MovieGuy Seems like someone can’t handle opinions…

    4. Nathan Stroud says


    5. eye lah says

      thats what your white parents who probably LOVE trump told you right ?

  3. Peyton Newman says

    692 Basic bitches watched this video

    1. Wonho's Ramyun says

      not really, i disliked it because he is a fucking idiot, attentionwhore and

  4. Nopehahalolwut says

    What movie was that from?

    1. somfplease says

      +ThinkingPrimate -> I was first. change your profile pic.

    2. JZStudiosonline says

      Isn’t the internet an amazing way to connect with people?

    3. Nopehahalolwut says

      Not really, I miss talking to people instead… the older you get, the
      harder it is to connect. Unless you have money and connections that require
      face to face communications.

    4. JZStudiosonline says

      Well, no one said the Internet was going to be a good way to evolve
      mankind… probably.

    5. GaiL ord says

      college humour skit, not a movie 🙂

  5. TukenNuken says

    Green smoothies are unhealthy…? I never drink them but seriously, is
    there any actually healthy foods left in existence?

    1. Tyler Roberts says

      I’ve heard that strengthens your digestive system. You should try it.

    2. Tyler Roberts says

      I’ve heard that bleach strengthens your digestive system. You should try it.

    3. TukenNuken says

      +Terry Rodbourn If I am what’s considered hippie these days then we’re
      deeply fucked lol

    4. Marie Top says

      Homemade ones are pretty great, but I doubt the processed ones are
      exceptionally healthy like they claim to be.

    5. Jimmy Pegg says

      TukenNuken apparently not because just when you think you’re doing
      something right they release a contradictory study

  6. TheAndredal says

    Is it just me, but did you find it a tad hypocritical of Paul to call out
    people drinking those green smoothies while not doing the same with the
    “diet pills” from Alex Jones?

    1. Kahler Nygard says

      +irishguy13 wtf do you think veal is ? Babies …..

    2. mark bent says


      If you’d buy anything labeled “diet” from anyone you’re a moron. A diet is
      a lifestyle, not something you add to your daily consumption. There’s no
      such thing as a “diet food” or a “diet pill.” People that consume “diet
      pills” and things like “diet soda” are absolutely moronic and they’re doing
      more harm to their body than good.

    3. Deter Pinklage says


    4. Julietta Von Reubenstein says

      If u eat diet pills on the reg, you are….A BASIC BLOKE!

  7. Jay Thompson says


    1. Basic Vegan Bitch says

      it’s from that popular buzzfeed video about basic bitches

    2. Jay Thompson says

      +lucas13flu I did. and got a new keyboard too. 🙂

    3. lucas13flu says

      +Jay Thompson hahah nice!

  8. Teutone says

    To be honest, Burning Man looks like a ton of fun. Drugs, half naked
    chicks. Let’s go!

    1. smallfry says

      ^^ winning

    2. Teutone says

      +Dude You sound like someone who’s been on a bad trip and woke up with body
      paint and a buttplug. Doing it wrong, man.

    3. Dude says

      +Teutone lol

    4. Basic Vegan Bitch says

      IM DOWN

  9. Mili Ferreyro says

    I haven’t done any of that, i’m surprised

    1. Mili Ferreyro says

      +SpartiuS94 That doesn’t make any sense

    2. V2 Delight says

      Mili Ferreyro I know right? This is the first time I even hear about a
      green smoothie. xD

  10. EngageTheRebels says

    Savage! LMAO! I’m guilty of a couple of these to be fair.

    1. it's time to stop. k? says

      dude she was honest cut her some slack wtf

  11. George Washington says

    Yo, I make a smoothie every morning. I put spinach and kale in it + fruits,
    seeds, etc & when it’s done? IT’S COLOR ISN’T FUCKING GREEN. That drink
    she had looked like it was NUKED.

    1. ladyspider11 says


    2. Nizzle FoShizzle says

      You basic, just a different color of basic.

    3. Nizzle FoShizzle says

      +George Washington You pegged me. Salads are for knob goblins.

    4. Jennings Ingram says

      Salads are terrible, smoothies can be a way to get around tasting leafy
      stuff. Disguise the greens so you don’t have to taste them. Also, good to
      know I’m not basic

  12. teeonezee says

    0:20 “… with your basic boyfriend.” LMAOOOO so raw

    1. Stevie Stagemaker says

      Seas upon seas of pre-MGTOW bros who will arrive at it via Consequentialism
      rather than pragmatic historial research and environmental observations…

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