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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Phase 1

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With The Avengers Phase 3 building up with Civil War, Spiderman Hoemcoming, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Marvel has come a long way since Phase 1. Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Marvel's Cinematic Universe Phase 1! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Fans of comic book movies have been living in a golden age for two decades now. Following the dark ages of the 1990s (a decade that brought us abominations like Steel and Batman and Robin), the genre slowly began to turn things around.

For over twenty years now comic book fans have been living in the golden age of superhero movies. This comes after the dreaded ages of the 1990s with Batman and Robin and Steel. But now things have turned around. Blade and X-Men once again showed the world that superhero films didn’t have to suck. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogies showed us that superhero films could be amazing. Then came the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which raised the bar even further and all but forced every other studio in the industry to build a shared universe of its own.

Since 2008, the MCU had grown by leaps and bounds to include 15 films, six shows (with three more on the way), short films, and comic tie-ins.

Now it’s time to go back to the beginning and re-visit the phase that started it all. How much was Robert Downey Jr. paid for his first outing as Tony Stark? Who was originally cast as Black Widow but had to cede the role to Scarlett Johansson? Which Avenger turned down his part several times before finally signing on?

Find out all this and more when we count down 15 Things You Didn’t Know About The MCU Phase 1.

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  1. CjSpidermanGamer says

    you forgot number 11 I’m the best Marvel Hero

    1. Victor Creed says

      CjSpidermanGamer As the best villian I will give you that one.

  2. Maddy Skellington says

    Tom Hiddleston originally wanted to play thor

    1. ghost245353 says

      He was casted as Thor

    2. Brandon Grazioso says

      So did Chrism Hemsworth’s brothers, they were both in the top five spot to play him, but then they went with Chris who wasn’t even on that list

    3. Mark Creagh says

      Maddy Skellington b

    4. Olivia Rossini says

      Sebastian Stan auditioned to play Captain America

    5. Ken Bone says

      Maddy Skellington Stan Lee wanted to play Odin

  3. Mustafa Waseem says

    7:30 seriously lord of the rings

    1. Antony Pitt says

      Mustafa Waseem they also kept getting the movie titles wrong with some
      Of the scenes

    2. BTH 9011 says

      Mustafa Waseem “my precious”

    3. Phil Hibbs says

      Mustafa Waseem yeah, that wasn’t Sauron.

  4. Mike Testani says

    Mcu and Dcu working on 1 movie, like that will ever happen

    1. ZAYWHAT says

      Yah they wouldn’t even agree who would win much less who would be in it

    2. Sasquatch Show says

      Mike Testani wait they could but they could have fans vote

    3. Tony S says

      Mike Testani it’s DCeu

  5. tomino223 says

    There’s going to be an iron man 4 soon, and how do I know this, one of my friends were riding a bike ? down cheddar gorge and run into Robert Downey jr. hand Robert gave him a salute

    1. Mike Oxlong says

      tøminø223 autism?

    2. Queen Of the Damned says

      Mike Oxlong lol

  6. Joshua Humes says

    the MCU has nailed casting for basically every character especially Cap, Ironman, and Thor

    1. Lawrence Stevens says

      Joshua Humes and Spider-Man and doctor strange

    2. Joshua Humes says

      You mean the new Spiderman I take it? But yeah those 2 too, hell throw in black panther and the winter soldier too

    3. ar1400308 says

      I can’t imagine anyone but RDJ as Iron Man and Chris Evans as Cap

  7. Davi Sampaio says

    lost respect for calling dc a bad copycat…

    1. Qrow Branwen says

      +SKINHUNTER psst it’s referring to Cinematic Universe

  8. AvengersAssemble9123 says

    This channel is mostly about superheroes/marvel??

    1. Soll Jiji says


    2. Dominic Abbs says

      and disney

    3. Dicky Collins says

      Its why I subbed.

  9. Akaakaaka ak says


    1. Allan Jr. Florin says

      Akaakaaka ak T=Tessera, H=?, A=Aether, N=Necklace, O=Orb, S=Scepter

    2. Akaakaaka ak says

      +Allan Jr. Florin.. what does that have to do with anything?

    3. Allan Jr. Florin says

      Name of Thanos, All of the Infinity Stones

    4. Akaakaaka ak says

      +Allan Jr. Florin yeah, I get that, but what does that have to do with anything?

  10. Jack Ripper says

    It hurts when I hear that Evans has a 9 movie contract……
    Infinity War

    1. youthful Alpaca says

      Jack Ripper rip cap

    2. Jack Ripper says

      +youthful Alpaca you had to say it man

  11. Qrow Branwen says

    the way he says Thanos hurts me

    1. SuperSuperman1976 says

      Qrow Branwen I was about to comment the samething.

    2. Stephen Jardin says

      u people are idiots for making this a big deal

    3. Litten Fire says

      No Stephen Jardin, nothing about this has to do with intelligence and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to hear correct pronunciation

  12. rodneyda96 says

    DC is owned by Warner Bros., so Disney acquiring the company would be very, very unlikely.

    1. Dicky Collins says

      They could aquire warner Bros. Like that would happen.

    2. rodneyda96 says

      Dicky Collins Warner Bros. is too big of a company to be acquired by Disney.

    3. Robin796 says

      rodneyda96 Disney owns the world

    4. rodneyda96 says

      Charles Blount That’s way too big. Imagine walking around town and seeing everything related to Disney.

  13. GTTeancum says

    I like Terrence Howard well enough as an actor, but Don Cheadle was a good change. A GREAT change.

  14. Ashley David says

    Why do you pronounce ” Thanos ” as ” Th- ae- nos ” ?!?!? …

    Why did you say that name … …

    like that ?!?!?

    1. surfitlive says

      At least he did not call him *”Thermos”*

    2. Michael Phelps says

      surfitlive ???

  15. iamapplepro says

    the description spelled homecoming wrongly

  16. Justen Kelley says

    You should consider this channel bullshit marvel facts and bad pronunciation! !!!!!

  17. ElvenDiscoBall says

    Everytime someone says ‘things you didnt know about MCU’:

    Me: Oh try me I dare you 🙂

  18. Brandon Solis says

    At the end of Infinity war part 2, the Guardian’s of the galaxy should be seen eating space Shworma.

  19. John Gorman says

    Why can’t Americans say Craig properly ?

  20. Bradley Mcdonald says

    It’s pronounced Daniel CrAig not Creg. Cr-ay-g

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