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10 Things You NEED To Know About The Future Of The MCU

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How many more Marvel Spiderman movies will there be after Spiderman Homecoming? 10 Things You NEED To Know About The Future Of The MCU! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Oh Marvel, how we love you and your amazing characters and your amazing films that families and friends of all ages can enjoy. Marvel Studios has created films that are pure fun, with some sassy dialogue, great characters, and an engaging plot. But what’s most exciting for us is the fact that we can see our favorite comic book characters of our childhood come to life.
With these comic book films becoming more popular and the franchise growing, we can’t help but wonder…what’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We know that their plan now includes releasing three films per year, which started this year with Guardians of the Galaxy.
With so many TV shows and films, have you ever wondered if they will cross over at some point? We’d love to see Jessica Jones and Luke Cage cross paths with the Avengers.
Have you thought what about what happens to our favorite actors who have become iconic for their superhero roles? Can you even picture anyone else as Iron Man or Captain America?
Did you know that Marvel, like DC, is planning to release their first female driven super hero film? And we know that Deadpool was a successful R-rated film, but Marvel isn’t planning on going that route, especially now that they work with Disney. But there are big changes coming, especially after the end of phase 3. There are a few things that we can rejoice in, and that’s the addition of big name actors, and the possibility of all the Marvel characters returning to Marvel Studios so they can be used in films. Spider-Man is also set to appear in multiple films, does this mean we can expect more team-ups like Iron man and Spider-Man? We hope so. Check out our video to find out more about the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe.



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  1. PowahSlap Entertainmint says


    1. Michael _ says

      PowahSlap Entertainmint at the box office too

    2. Drago says

      PowahSlap Entertainmint Again WHY DO I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE?

    3. Little logic says

      Drago cause your stalking her/him

    4. APEX LEGEND says

      PowahSlap Entertainmint spideys way better than bats

  2. Alex Chow says

    Deadpool is better than batman

    1. Rediet Affan says

      klldssoong @ –

    2. Loop Nova says

      Thats like about as obvious as saying we need air to live

    3. Alex Chow says

      Loop Nova Thank You

    4. Aissa David says

      Alex Chow true.

  3. Graham Forst says

    The way he pronounces Kevin Feige

    1. Sheryl Richards says

      Cmon we all knew captain america 3 was really avengers 3.

    2. Gavyn Allen says

      Sheryl Richards They should’ve just called it Civil War. Not Captain America Civil War

    3. TheArtacunoXtreme says

      Sheryl Richards No. The main story revolved around Cap and Bucky, mainly Bucky, who is a Captain America character.

    4. Shawn Smith says

      I cringe every single time he says it!

  4. juan muffin says

    I was positive Daredevil would be in civil war

    1. Isaac Ruderman says

      That would have been amazing

    2. Scoobert Doobert says

      juan muffin id DIE if hed cameo’d as buckys lawyer (cuz, yknow, politics and victim blaming are still A Thing)

    3. Sexy Savage says

      he weak af lmao. he get tired pretty easily when fighting normal thugs. and his weapons isn’t powerful. one shot from widow gauntlet and he’s down

    4. Sam Audrey says

      Sexy Savage

      He’s on Captain America’s level

  5. um AppaL says

    Kevin Fig lol

    1. Jack Mills says

      not a mistake either they’ve done multiple times.

    2. um AppaL says

      Jack Mills Kevin Feige is the lord almighty savior and he will not be disrespected!

    3. Jorge Moreno says

      um AppaL its kevin fieg

    4. Ant Lemon says

      Jorge Moreno It is Kevin Fiege

    5. RickyBBlessed says

      um AppaL Feeeg

  6. Drmott Android Gaming says

    Srry hawkeye your still not getting ur own movie

    1. Isabella Clark says

      I agree Aize, I would definitely see that movie. It could also be marvel’s excuse to make an r rated film

    2. Frozed says

      All the feels :”(

    3. Lashawn Gatling says

      Drmott Android Gaming yes he is phase 3

  7. Adrian EN says

    I would rather have the characters disappear than recasting them

    1. Zac Foelster says

      They should dissapear or pass the mantle. Iron man could be replaced by falcon/bucky, Ironman could be replaced by riri williams or if marvel get the fantastic 4 rights back he could be replaced by dr doom, hawkeye could be replaced by kate bishop, spiderman could be replaced by miles morales, thor could be replaced by jane foster, hulk could just be recasted tbh (or replaced by amadeus cho). not all these characters should be replaced, some should be recasted/killed off. The only one I really want (which probably won’t happen) is doctor doom taking the mantle of iron man.

    2. Litten Fire says

      I heard that’s going to happen, that it’s expected that in Avengers Infinity War that a lot of characters will be killed off

    3. Luke Evans says

      Adrian EN can’t they just renew the contract too to do more movies

    4. Nike Is Awesome says

      or killed off

  8. Random Guy says

    Can i get likes for no random reason

    1. Random Guy says


    2. CalmSilverSky says

      Random Guy W

  9. bing bong says

    omg “kevin feeg”

    1. Andrew Corns says

      bing bong : every time he says it I take a shot of vodka

  10. TheAbuserr says

    RDJ will always be Iron Man

    1. Word Play says

      Nah RDJ *is* Iron Man

    2. Fiery Warrior says

      Nope Hugh jackman is not wolverine anymore

    3. Dabalo, Just a Lemon With Lemon needs says

      Fiery Warrior no Hugh Jackman is the wolverine whether he still plays the character or not

    4. Aissa David says

      Batman will always be Batman too.

  11. Long Claw says

    phase 2 ended with ant-man??

    1. Kayden Club 3.0 says

      Long Claw it was good though

    2. Ryan Seacrest says

      Age Of Ultron was sealed deal of phase 2 (Ant-Man is Opitcial) because We Get to meet him again in civil war with Spider man and black panther

    3. Ant Lemon says

      Ryan Seacrest What?

    4. Legendary Kyle says

      Aye what website is the timeline forgot

  12. Victor Creed says

    Fox needs to make a Sony deal.

    1. Geoff Brandt says

      Victor Creed That would be way harder because they have made so many xmen movies with a lot of success. Sony made 2 horrible spiderman movies

    2. Victor Creed says

      Geoff Brandt They just need to do some character exchanges or something it should be that bad it help both franchises make more money.

  13. Coleman Slade says

    Spider-Man homecoming is GOING to break box-office records for sure

    1. Pre Retcon Beyonder says

      Coleman Slade imao not happening

    2. El Doktor Montii says

      DC fanboy here lol

    3. DAVE Mc Grave says


    4. TheSniperInTheSky says

      Unless they make a D.C V.S Marvel movie. The box office will litlery explode

  14. Random Guy says

    Deadpool and deathstroke are a lot a like, besides deadpool being a mutant, but their names are wade wilson (deadpool) and slade Wilson (deathstroke)

    1. Pre Retcon Beyonder says

      Harry Jones well deadpool was created thanks to deathstroke

    2. Random Guy says

      Pre Retcon Beyonder exept thats just the comic book writers fault not the modern workers

    3. Random Guy says

      Pre Retcon Beyonder its apart of them and they cant change it now

  15. Tony Tran says

    i’m gay

    that means happy

    1. Kayden Club 3.0 says

      Tony Tran then I’m not gay

    2. Sexy Savage says

      i’m gay

      that means i like guys(nohomo)

  16. Pattie Stewards says

    The way he said Kevin Feige was so cringeworthy

    1. Extreme mofified Wrestling says

      Yes that Emoji like your profile pic and name

  17. Kelsey M. says

    “If you had to choose one favorite Marvel film, which would it be and why?”
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier because have you freaking seen it?!
    “We’re betting it’s the film that started the MCU, 2008’s Iron Man.”
    No it isn’t.
    “Well if it’s not you’re favorite it’s at least in your top five.”
    No it’s not.

    1. Youtube Whore says

      Kelsey M. I

    2. Hewadd14 says

      Kelsey M. Spider-Man: Homecoming

    3. soondragon76 says

      I can’t even remember Iron Man…and I’m pretty sure I watched it at least twice…

  18. cillcamst2 says

    I want a she hulk movie.

  19. masterhawk88 says

    Black widow does not need a solo film. She is NOT I repeat NOT a main character. She is always and has always been a support character. I’d dig a she hulk movie though.

    1. Vincent Degiosio says

      I never really liked SheHulk

    2. Rapterminator says

      But… female 007… geender ecuality

    3. Neo B. Jover says

      What if… Chameleon was the villain. I mean think about it..

  20. Jack Ripper says

    The guy mentions award winning actors such as Keaton and Larson but forgets Cate Blanchett who’s playing Hela

    1. JJGamingHD says

      Jack Ripper Blame Kevin Feeg. God damn Feeg back at it again

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