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10 Universities Where Super Rich Kids Go

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Top 10 Universities for Super Rich Kids
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Hey Aluxers, ever wondered where do the world's richest go to study or what are the main universities for the super-rich? If yes, you're in the right place.

We looked around for the top universities where the rich send their offsprings in order for a better shot at success. We found that many of the alumni of the universities mentioned in this video turned out billionaire or at least millionaires, so pay attention, one of these universities might be your key to success!

In this Alux.com original video we'll be answering the following questions:
Which are the best universities to get rich?
Which universities will make you rich?
Where do the rich go to study?
What do the rich study?
What is the best degree to get rich?
Which are the universities where super rich kids go?
What are the richest universities?
Where do the rich kids of instagram study?

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  1. Sunny Poonia says

    I didn’t expect university of Mumbai to be one of this

    1. Surendrabikram Thapa says

      Sunny Poonia they have 12 Billionaires!??

    2. Omar Vlogs says

      I also.I heared about that foolish university

    3. raquesh de Wind says

      Sunny Poonia can i know why ?? You didn’t expect that ??

    4. Sunny Poonia says

      raquesh de Wind yeah I didn’t expected university of Mumbai to be one of this…but it is true bcoz many celebrities had gone to university of Mumbai but that doesn’t not mean it’s great university with best education or academic co curriculum…

    5. scar tissue says

      cause´ is for rich not for genius .

  2. coolkid says

    Or schools for people that make the GPA and ACT. Because I got accepted to Stanford and Colombia and I’m not ‘rich’

    1. Hezip says

      Dunno where you’re from but from here you get a loan for college that you start paying off once you’re fully emplyed, and its taken straight out of your salary so you ”don’t really notice it”, its also taken out in very small ammounts, although if you choose to pay at such a slow pace it could take 20+ years to pay off the whole loan.

    2. DontLiveInDogma says

      Nice 🙂

    3. DontLiveInDogma says

      its just not me to take loans of any sort. therefore i’m chipping away on my dream everyday.

    4. The Captains Swan says

      That’s the country, not the university! -_-

  3. Kevin Gonzalez says

    just date or marry someone from those universities and you rich too without enrolling in them.

    1. Silvia Ilikeike says

      Good plan ???

    2. lamingtongirl123 says

      Kevin Gonzalez then your kids will be easily admitted

    3. xana hyun says

      Kevin Gonzalez a hahaha, it’s not that easy

  4. starvinder69 says

    My mom became a multi millionaire with only a high school diploma. I have a honors degree and yet to make my first million dollar. Education clearly doesn’t guarantee you a successful/rich life. Work smart and follow your passion.

    1. xVenge4nce says

      may i ask you how you get into network marketing and what you have to do for your partners?

    2. THEDRAGON 26 says

      +xVenge4nce you takin to me ?

    3. TypicalNora says

      What does your mom work as??

    4. dosdadio siapa says

      yes. correct! why? I finished college and work in the government earning enough salary. Eat 3 X a day. I can support one child to have college education but I cannot even afford a decent second hand car. I know one who did not go to college but took up farming 5 hectares of rice field and he was able to bought or loan a truck and he is supporting his children to earn college degrees.

    5. sikander dugal says


  5. Joel Davis says

    Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop

    1. Alux.com says

      Hop Hop Hop Hop Hop

    2. patrick bateman says

      rich and compelling, just like this video

    3. iamAX 830 says


  6. Twinkycat's kitten games says

    I subscribed alux.

    1. Alux.com says

      Well, then, happy to have you Twinkycat 🙂

  7. sazim patel says

    My cousin goes to American university Dubai , and once he took me there , I saw 20 rolls Royce just chilling there

    1. FamGt says


    2. sazim patel says


    3. FamGt says


    4. ibrahim saeed says

      What do they do???

    5. Sheikh YOLO says

      ibrahim saeed Most likely study if they are in university ????. I would guess they are most likely local emirati’s who’s parents are billionaires.

  8. Tala Duweik says

    I cringed so hard when she said burj al arab

    1. Dominating Jogger says

      What is cringe?

    2. Abdullrahman Jameel says

      Tala Duweik i choked from cringe lol

    3. Moniyat says

      cringe is like embarrassment

    4. Kalid Ali says

      Tala Duweik lol fr

  9. Jido_ 69 says

    0:48 Dubai is a city in the UAE, and not a country

    1. Toasted Cereal says

      Jido_ 69 island bruh

    2. Ameen Marzooqi says

      jido_69 no it’s not an island

    3. herodotus hero says

      Ameen Mazuqqi no it is island, i been there it has water

    4. Ameen Marzooqi says


    5. Ramy Mohy says

      its not even a city its an emirate

  10. Pooja Varma says

    university of Mumbai are u kidding me.. I studied there and it nothing like that ..

    1. Sandesh Khade says

      Pooja Varma which college you were in coz universities have core colleges and adopted ones I was in an adopted and life is hell there but if you are in a core college in South Mumbai you’ll see the the reason why it’s in the list

    2. Pooja Varma says

      Sandesh Khade hi sandesh if your talking bout st Xavier’s and others … they are good but not to be included in this list.. I hope u agree to it.. considering the fact that 90 percent of the Rich kids don’t prefer studying in India… they prefer studying abroad …

    3. Claire Benitez says

      Hi how do potential students get in? do they offer generous scholarships?

    4. Bhishma Mago says

      The University of Mumbai costs next to nothing to attend.

  11. arnold kokonya says

    WTF??? Why are they even schools? They are as good as five star hotels. 60 Grand a year? TF?

    1. imamthej 12 says

      thats how much some of the uni here in nyc are too

    2. FreakFilms says

      exactly, 60k a year.. thats nearly as much as my first car’s price that i got when i was 16

    3. Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia says

      damn us’ unis are overpriced

    4. Alyssa B says

      Well you bought one car, thats like buying that same car 4 years in a row- without counting all the additional expenses that come with college. And 60k really is overpriced for a college education, considering you can study in many european countries for free or pay as little as 1k a year.

    5. FreakFilms says

      Alyssa B well then, idk why but wtf is it so low? Lmao

  12. Jaleed Sultan says

    Make a list of top 10 best investments please!

    1. DK Dhungana says

      Jaleed Sultan

    2. Jaleed Sultan says

      Haha, any top university is great investment and education is the best investment you can make for yourself and family. But it should be a priority, not a business opportunity.

    3. rusty al mercado says

      Jaleed Sultan is there an age limit to study in any of foreign country ? thanks

    4. Jaleed Sultan says

      +rusty al mercado It varies from university to university and the level of education you want to pursue.

    5. rusty al mercado says

      Jaleed Sultan thanks a lot

  13. Lely Madonna says

    I wouldnt even go to school of I was that rich

    1. BRBallin1 says

      And that lack of ambition is exactly why you aren’t rich in the first place.

    2. Emerson Jones says

      haha you got that right

    3. billy ploeg says

      yeah ikr. all these rich fucks prolly just pay off all their professors anyway.

    4. Lorie says

      Stunt 101 I would

  14. Georgi Georgiev says

    since when is Dubai a country

    1. Akinbobo Buhari says

      Georgi Georgiev I thought it was only me

    2. Alex Gamboa says

      Georgi Georgiev I hate this channel lol ik righy

    3. Elie Aoun says

      Georgi Georgiev it’s the United Arab Emirates

    4. Leonel Joao says

      was looking for this comment as soon as i heard it. like what now im having doubts regarding the info provided in this video.

  15. JULIUS K says

    Where merits do not matter if you’re someone from poor family. This is very disturbing and sad for poor parents and their kids.

    1. FreakFilms says

      JULIUS K thats society for u, but tbh when youre rich af, u wouldnt want to hang out with the lower classes

    2. Asim Warraich says

      Merits do matter, video isn’t very informative. If you are smart enough then you ll get in.

    3. JULIUS K says

      +Asim Warraich Merits matter then why my kid with 4.93 GPA didn’t get a chance in colleges like Stanford. Cause I can’t donate or make $500k a year???

    4. Alicia P says

      “Merits” do matter, but include far more things than a GPA. Schools look for those who stand out from other applicants. This includes things such as unique interests and many extracurriculars and achievements under their belt. Things that also count are interviews, SAT and other standardized test scores, the essay that is submitted, etc. Donations almost always give those who do not excel in the following criteria I just listed a “free pass.”

    5. e.p the begining says

      not sure about USA but here in the UK it is pretty much 80% academics and 20% connection. therefore if you are smart enough, being of a poor background or ethnic minority is an advantage as they pride themselves on equal opportunities.

  16. Warden Of Scøpez says

    lol University of London? I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m a billionaire, but all my siblings went there

    1. Serethine Daselle says

      Me and my brother was studying at Oxford University. Our annual income is only $35,000. You doesn’t have to be super rich… btw.. have you tried loans?

    2. Warden Of Scøpez says

      Serethine Daselle nah, we have enough

  17. Harith rashid says

    You earned another subscriber alux

    1. Alux.com says

      Nice! Welcome to the family Harith 🙂

  18. Navnidhi Sharma says

    Can you please tell about the 10 most expensive cities in the world please ? I love your videos..

    1. Alux.com says

      We do have planned to make 10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In, To Visit… 🙂

    2. Navnidhi Sharma says

      Alux.com thanks 🙂

    3. Justin Wong says

      Navnidhi Sharma Zurich and Hong Kong are rlly expensive

    4. Justin Wong says

      Alux.com add Zurich and Hong Kong

  19. Sharjeel A. says

    This entire video is super cringey.

    1. Sharjeel A. says

      +LegendaryGamingChannel cheers!

    2. LegendaryGamingChannel says

      Sharjeel A. why is it cringey?

    3. ilus siil says

      LegendaryGamingChannel people under the age of 11 usually aren’t able to feel cringe lol, just pay attention to her repeating the word rich… also your name is horrid

    4. LegendaryGamingChannel says

      siili beibe drink bleach you inbreed fucking monkey fucking jew

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