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1000 Degree EXPLOSION Experiment *GONE WRONG*


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  1. Nasir Mohamed says

    I feel bad for his neighbours……

    1. Jose Dominguez says


    2. Jose Dominguez says


    3. Ricky Chanthavong says

      Rangordnaren ik broken windows and stuff

    4. Tim Thoelen says

      Nasir Mohamed Gundodan!

  2. Quickters says

    Who saw that deodorant fly up to space??

    1. Sean Clemance says

      Billie-Jo Linwood Mike what??

    2. Legend Dude says

      Hung Nguyen I saw that deodorant fly up to the space

    3. finley Butler says

      Hung Nguyen me

    4. Ender Call says

      Quickters deodorant space program

  3. Locky Gamer says

    W2S your brother looks like Morgz a youruber

    1. Locky Gamer says

      I mean youtuber

    2. Kodaand Koby says

      Chakkrapap Wongpaibool true

    3. Armando Garcia says

      Chakkrapap Wongpaibool 😀

  4. K_Puvi says

    “Don’t try this at home”

    K then I’ll try it at my park


      K_Puvi l

    2. Jordy Jtx says

      even better!

    3. Boom Slime says

      What about in Donald trumps face

    4. EntertainMentTV 1234 says


    5. K_Puvi says

      Boom Slime ahhhahha??????

  5. TheSpeedySam10 says

    That deodorant when higher than harambe’s soul

    1. AxFaGo - says

      Goats Are Life. Go see my channel she talks about football and subscribe
      you her pleasure

    2. FaZe Quaza says

      TheSpeedySam10 check out my channel

    3. TheSpeedySam10 says


    4. cucuuf dyhxgxxgxxy says

      FaZe Quaza no

    5. NoVa TV says

      Nobody cares bout ur stupid channels………

      Also be sure to check out mine lol just kidding it was a prank ok

  6. Aviation Unlimited says

    What gone wrong? I don’t find anything gone wrong, or did I miss something?

    1. CaptainBajaj says

      X-PlaneAviation the explotions gone wrong and goes to the neighbour house

      sorry for bad grammar becoz im indonesian

    2. Emir Muhammad Syafiq says

      CaptainBajaj ketemu org indo disini ??

    3. The cool guy says

      X-PlaneAviation it did exactly what he wanted so I second this

    4. CaptainBajaj says

      yee elu..

  7. Pandroix says

    why did you throw that yeezy there??

    1. dara walsh says

      click on my face and subscribe to me plz I beg u

    2. Arthal says

      +dara walsh go away and rot in hell

    3. ಠ_ಠ says

      +The Boom tv lmao child asking for subs

    4. Diamondboy_10 _ says


  8. TZfootballerz says

    To anyone who reads this, I wish you a late merry Christmas and a happy New

    1. Derek sam says

      TZfootballerz thanks you too

    2. Gabo ElBakan says

      hablo en español pero me gusta verte eres buen youtuber

    3. EbenezerGamerTV/ETV says

      TZfootballerz same to you

    4. Mike says

      Sub me and i will sub back with 10 accounts!

    5. EbenezerGamerTV/ETV says

      Mike subbed

  9. alex Sawula says

    You know there’s something called FIFA 17 out on Xbox and PlayStation

    1. Dawid Witoszek says

      alex Sawula I got FIFA 17

    2. you tab! says

      Dawid Witoszek good for you !!!

    3. Messi Elbron says

      alex Sawula of

    4. Leah Holgate says

      alex Sawul

  10. Top Stuff says

    do you know what fifa 17 is?

    1. Areynz says

      yes, it’s really bad

    2. josip prkic says

      Top Stuff jajajaua

    3. Echo DRTM says

      Top Stuff DO U KNOW RYAN SWAZE

  11. Dean Callan says

    harry pls do fifa 17 for onces

    1. Huck j says

      Dean Callan ikr

    2. Olivier Lambot says

      Dean Callan c l

    3. High - Agario says

      Dean Callan hell nooo

  12. Enima Videos says

    Hey random person scrolling through the comments!
    I hope you have a happy new year!?
    From a smaller YouTuber who’s dream is to hit 3k subs <3

    1. GamingElephantTom says


    2. ThePEKKAArtist says

      Enima Videos you made it! very well done!

  13. FaZe Wolf says

    Who is watching in 2017

    1. RainzScopes V2 says

      FaZe Wolf you are a little girl who thinks that she is in faze grow up kid
      you will never make the team

    2. pokemon go ash 80 says

      FaZe Wolf me

    3. The Pug Faced Warrior says

      FaZe Wolf yo,this video is so LIT. ; ) hahahhahhaha such a great joke right

    4. JLJB ShotZ says

      FaZe Wolf ur mum

    5. zain plays gaming says

      me FaZE Wolf

  14. Neo Mysterio says

    Harry Im Muslim And I Know Your Tweet Wasnt Serious,Pin This I Know You
    Were Reffering to onsions video 1000 degree Knife vs bible

    1. Arda says

      《 Aminize 》 Stfu im a Muslim erhamdurulah

    2. 《 Aminize 》 says

      Never said you weren’t lmao

    3. 《 Aminize 》 says

      You Spelt AlhamduAllah wrong

    4. Arda says

      srr bro

  15. Mohammad Alfwaier says

    For a second I thought you were burning the Quran because you tweet “what
    happend ifhi

    1. Anas Hayder says

      Mohammad Alfwaier are you a Muslim

    2. DeathSkull says

      Anas Hayder Yes and? I’m muslim too

    3. Anas Hayder says

      DeathSkull I’m a muslim

    4. HAR THE CAR says

      me to bruh!!!@1212!@@!! wats wrong with me

    5. KIngMgnon305 says

      Anas Hayder me too

  16. Anonymous says

    Islamophobic Prick.

    1. zxidy says

      Anonymous bro, if he is or he isn’t, don’t swear or cause harm to him,
      people have been mocking Islam since it was revealed, let him be because
      swearing prat tacking back makes you just the same as him it doesn’t matter
      if your talking about what he believes in, it’s the principle, leave him to
      Allah and don’t say anything, that’s not the Islamic way. The prophet
      Muhammed (SAW) never spoke back and was never rude, you’ve never been
      tested like he got tested and he never complained or never hurt anyone
      back, so what gives you the right bro, just a silly tweet, but the prophet
      Muhammed (SAW) was beaten up almost to death many many times, follow the
      best example, unfortunately hardly any Muslims follow his ways anymore,
      were meant to follow him because he is the best example of a Muslim, I’m
      sure you know this already, may Allah guide you bro

    2. Our lord and savior says

      What did he even say?

    3. Miller Memestar says

      Aren’t you the Islamophobic one for comparing what he did to Islam? Nobody
      said anything but you.

  17. Footballbeast says

    You were one of my favorite Youtubers but now you’re making fun of the
    Quran and don’t even play FIFA anymore

    1. SSAGGT says

      Vikrant Jaiswal look at his latest tweet he says what will happend if i cut
      the quran in half

    2. Areynz says

      fml, he was referring to someone else’s video fucking retards

    3. Bobby Whyte says


  18. Zac P says

    why does it say 18+ if his brother is in it lol

    1. MoToRiC HD says

      Frances Henderson-Thynne He is you stupid

    2. The Protato says

      for the views

    3. Bertug Guzey says

      Yes same

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