14 Simple Ways to Stop Eating Lots of Sugar


Consuming too many added sugar is one of a misfortune things we can do to your body. It can have many disastrous effects on your health.

It has been shown to minister to obesity, form 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and tooth spoil (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

While sugarine is naturally found in dishes like fruits and vegetables, this form has small outcome on your blood sugar, given fiber and other components delayed a absorption.

Fruits and vegetables also enclose lots of healthy vitamins and minerals.

The risk is from combined sugars in processed foods.

The normal American now consumes around 17 teaspoons (68 grams) of combined sugarine per day (6).

This is approach some-more than a top daily extent that experts recommend, that is 6 teaspoons (25 grams) for women and 9 teaspoons (37 grams) for organisation (7).

This essay lists 14 elementary ways to stop eating so many sugar.

1. Cut Back on Sugar-Filled Drinks

Some renouned drinks enclose a store of combined sugar.

Sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks and fruit drinks minister an strange 44% of a combined sugarine in a American diet (8).

So-called “healthy” drinks, such as smoothies and fruit juices, can still enclose eye-watering amounts of it.

For example, 15.2 ounces (450 ml) of 100% apple extract contains some-more than 12 teaspoons (49 grams) (9).

Your physique does not commend calories from drinks in a same approach it does from food. Drinks don’t make we feel as full, so people who devour lots of calories from drinks do not eat rebate to recompense (10).

Studies have consistently shown that shortening your intake of sweetened drinks can assistance with weight detriment (11, 12, 13).

Here are some better, lower-sugar splash options:

  • Water: It’s giveaway and has 0 calories.
  • Sparkling H2O with a fist of uninformed lemon or lime: Homemade soda.
  • Water with packet and cucumber: Amazingly lovely in comfortable weather.
  • Herbal or fruit teas: Drink them prohibited or cold with ice.
  • Tea and coffee: Stick to unsweetened tea or black or prosaic white coffee.

Cutting behind on sweetened drinks can massively revoke your sugarine intake and assistance we lose weight.

Summary: Avoiding sweetened drinks, such as sodas, ardour drinks and some fruit drinks, will drastically revoke your sugarine intake and could assistance we mislay weight.

2. Avoid Sugar-Loaded Desserts

Most desserts don’t yield many in a approach of nutritive value, solely maybe some calcium.

They are installed with sugar, that causes blood sugarine spikes and can leave we feeling tired, inspired and longing some-more sugar.

Grain and dairy-based desserts, such as cakes, pies, doughnuts and ice cream, comment for over 18% of a intake of combined sugarine in a American diet (14).

If we unequivocally feel a need for something sweet, try these alternatives:

  • Fresh fruit: Naturally honeyed and full of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • Greek yogurt with cinnamon or fruit: Rich in calcium, protein and vitamin B12.
  • Baked fruit with cream: Try pears, apple or plums.
  • Dark chocolate: In general, a aloft a cocoa content, a revoke a sugar.
  • A handful of dates: They’re naturally honeyed and intensely nutritious.

Swapping sugar-heavy desserts for uninformed or baked fruit can not customarily revoke your sugarine intake, though it can also boost a fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your diet.

Summary: Desserts such as ice cream, cakes and cookies are installed with sugarine and yield small nutrition. Switch to uninformed or baked fruit to revoke your sugarine intake and boost your fiber, vitamin and vegetable intake.

3. Avoid Sauces With Lots of Sugar

Sauces such as ketchup, grill salsa and honeyed chili salsa are hackneyed in many kitchens. However, many people aren’t wakeful of their intolerable sugarine content.

A singular tablespoon (15-gram) portion of ketchup competence enclose 1 teaspoon (4 grams) (15).

Although, some varieties have no combined sugar. Always review a tag to be certain we are selecting a lowest-sugar option.

Here are some other options to season your food:

  • Fresh or dusty spices and spices: Contain no sugarine or calories and can have combined health benefits.
  • Fresh chili: Give your food a sugar-free kick.
  • Yellow mustard: Tasty and contains probably no sugarine or calories.
  • Vinegar: Sugar and calorie-free, with a zing identical to that of ketchup. Some balsamic vinegars and creams competence enclose sugar.
  • Harissa paste: Can be bought or done and is a good deputy for honeyed chili sauce.
  • Pesto: Fresh and nutty, good on sandwiches or eggs.
  • Mayonnaise: Although it’s sugar-free, it’s high in fat, so be discreet if you’re perplexing to mislay weight.

As a healthy choice to store-bought ketchup, try creation your possess with this easy recipe.

Summary: Common list salsas can enclose a intolerable volume of sugar. Always review a tag to make certain we select sugar-free options or use spices and spices to season your food.

4. Eat Full-Fat Foods

Low-fat options of your favorite dishes — peanut butter, yogurt, salad salsa — are everywhere.

If you’ve been told that fat is bad, it competence feel healthy to strech for these alternatives, rather than a full-fat versions, when you’re perplexing to mislay weight.

However, a unsettling law is that they customarily enclose some-more sugarine and infrequently some-more calories than their full-fat counterparts.

A 4-ounce (113-gram) portion of low-fat vanilla yogurt contains 4 teaspoons (16 grams) of sugarine and 96 calories.

The same volume of full-fat plain yogurt contains customarily over a teaspoon (5 grams) of naturally occurring divert sugarine and customarily 69 calories (16, 17).

Another instance is an 8-ounce (237-ml) coffee done with whole divert and no combined sugar, that contains half a teaspoon (2 grams) of naturally occurring divert sugarine and 18 calories (18).

In contrast, a same volume of a low-fat mocha splash contains 6.5 teaspoons (26 grams) of combined sugarine and 160 calories (19).

High sugarine intake has also been shown to means weight gain, that negates a reason we competence have selected a low-fat food in a initial place (20, 21).

When you’re perplexing to cut your sugarine intake, it’s mostly improved to select a full-fat chronicle instead.

Summary: Low-fat dishes mostly enclose some-more sugarine and calories than full-fat versions. It is mostly improved to select full-fat versions when you’re perplexing to revoke your sugarine intake.

5. Eat Whole Foods

Whole dishes have not been processed or refined. They are also giveaway of additives and other synthetic substances.

At a other finish are ultra-processed foods. These are prepared dishes that enclose salt, sugarine and fats, though also substances not customarily used in home cooking.

These substances can be synthetic flavors, colors, emulsifiers or other additives. Examples of ultra-processed dishes are soothing drinks, desserts, cereals, pizzas and pies.

Ultra-processed dishes differ from customary processed foods, that customarily customarily have minimal mixture added, all of that we competence find in a customary kitchen.

Examples of customary processed dishes are elementary bread and cheese (22).

90% of a combined sugars in a normal American’s diet come from ultra-processed foods, given customarily 8.7% come from dishes prepared from blemish during home regulating whole dishes (22).

And it isn’t customarily junk food that contains high amounts of it.

Seemingly healthy options like canned pasta salsa can also enclose shocking amounts. One portion (128 grams) can enclose scarcely 3 teaspoons (11 grams) (23).

Try to prepare from blemish when probable so we can equivocate combined sugars. You don’t have to prepare elaborate meals. Simple tricks like marinating beef and fish in herbs, spices and olive oil will give we tasty results.

Summary: Whole dishes are giveaway of combined sugarine and other additives ordinarily found in processed foods. Eating some-more whole dishes and cooking from blemish will revoke your sugarine intake.

6. Check for Sugar in Canned Foods

Canned foods can be a useful and inexpensive further to your diet, though they can also enclose a lot of combined sugar.

Fruits and vegetables enclose naturally occurring sugars. However, they’re not an emanate given they do not impact your blood sugarine in a same approach that combined sugarine does.

Avoid canned dishes that are finished in syrup or have sugarine in a mixture list. Fruit is honeyed enough, so go for versions that are labeled with “in possess juice” or “no combined sugar.”

If we buy canned fruits or vegetables that do have combined sugar, we can mislay some of it by rinsing them in H2O before we eat them.

Summary: Canned foods, including canned fruits and vegetables, competence enclose combined sugar. Always review labels to safeguard we select versions though it.

7. Be Careful With So-Called “Healthy” Processed Snack Foods

Most people know that candy and cookies enclose a lot of sugar, so they competence demeanour for “healthy” break alternatives.

Surprisingly, snacks like granola bars, protein bars and dusty fruit can enclose as much, if not more, sugarine than their diseased rivals, such as chocolate bars.

Some granola bars can enclose as many as 8 teaspoons (32 grams) (24).

Dried fruit is full of fiber, nutrients and antioxidants. However, it is also full of healthy sugar, so it should be eaten in moderation.

Some dusty fruit also contains high quantities of combined sugar. To equivocate this, demeanour for mixture labels that contend “100% fruit.”

Or try these healthy break ideas instead:

  • A handful of nuts: Packed with good calories, protein and healthy fats.
  • Trail mix: Make certain it’s customarily nuts and dusty fruit, though combined sugar.
  • Homemade granola bars though combined sugar: Try this recipe.
  • No-added-sugar jerky: Full of protein and low in calories.
  • Hard-boiled egg: This superfood is high in protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Fresh fruit: Contains healthy sugarine to prove those sugarine cravings.

Don’t be fooled by a “healthy” selling messages on some snacks. Be prepared and take low-sugar snacks with we when you’re on a go.

Summary: So-called healthy snacks, such as granola and protein bars, can enclose lots of combined sugar. Be prepared and take low-sugar snacks like nuts and uninformed fruit with we when you’re out and about.

8. Avoid Sugar-Filled Breakfast Foods

Breakfast cereals are among a misfortune when it comes to combined sugar. One report found that some of a many renouned ones contained over half of their weight in combined sugar.

One cereal in a news contained over 12 teaspoons (50 grams) per serving, that done it 88% sugarine by weight.

What’s more, a news found that granola, that is customarily marketed as “healthy,” has some-more sugarine than any other form of cereal, on average.

Popular breakfast foods, such as pancakes, waffles, muffins and jams, are also installed with combined sugar.

Switch to these low-sugar breakfast options instead:

  • Hot oatmeal: Add some chopped fruit if we like it sweet.
  • Greek yogurt: Add fruit and nuts for additional good calories.
  • Eggs: Boiled, poached, scrambled or as an omelet.
  • Avocado: Packed full of nourishment and healthy fats for energy.

Choosing a low-sugar choice with high protein and fiber during breakfast will assistance we feel full until lunchtime, preventing nonessential snacking.

Summary: Breakfast cereals are among a misfortune culprits for combined sugar, along with pancakes, waffles and jams. Switch to low-sugar options such as eggs, oatmeal or plain yogurt.

9. Read Labels

Unfortunately, eating rebate sugarine isn’t as easy as customarily avoiding honeyed foods. You’ve already seen that it can censor in unlikely foods, including some breakfast cereals, granola bars and dusty fruit.

However, some delicious foods, such as bread, can also enclose a lot of combined sugar. Two slices can enclose 1.5 teaspoons (6 grams) (25).

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to brand combined sugars on a food label. Current food labels don’t compute between healthy sugars, such as those in divert or fruits, and combined sugars.

To see if a food has sugars added, we will need to check a mixture list. It is also critical to note a sequence in that sugarine appears on a list, given mixture are listed in sequence of a top commission first.

Food companies also use some-more than 50 other names for combined sugar, that creates it some-more formidable to spot. Here are some of a many common:

  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Cane sugarine or juice
  • Maltose
  • Dextrose
  • Invert sugar
  • Rice syrup
  • Molasses
  • Caramel

Thankfully, identifying sugarine in finished food in a US customarily got many easier.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has altered their manners so that companies have to uncover a volume of combined sugarine in their products on a mixture tag in grams, along with a commission of a daily value (26).

Companies have until 2018 to change their labels to comply.

Summary: Always review food labels to check for sugarine by a many names. The closer to a commencement it is on a mixture list, a larger commission of sugarine a product contains.

10. Eat More Protein and Fat

A high sugarine intake is related to augmenting ardour and weight gain.

Conversely, a diet low in combined sugarine though high in protein and fat has a conflicting effect, shortening craving and food intake.

Added sugarine in a diet, quite fructose, increases appetite. The signals that customarily let your mind know that we are full do not work properly, that can lead to overdrinking and weight benefit (27, 28).

On a other hand, protein has been proven to revoke ardour and hunger. If we feel full, afterwards we are rebate expected to crave a discerning craving repair that sugarine provides (29).

Protein has also been shown to directly revoke food cravings. One investigate showed that augmenting protein in a diet by 25% reduced cravings by 60% (30).

Fat is really high in energy. It contains 9 calories per gram, compared to 4 calories per gram in protein or carbs.

A high fat intake is also compared with reduced appetite. According to a fat calm of a food, fat receptors in a mouth and tummy change a approach it’s digested. This causes a rebate in ardour and subsequently, calorie intake (31).

To quell sugarine cravings, batch adult on protein and fat-rich whole foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, full-fat dairy products, avocados and nuts.

Summary: A high sugarine intake is related to augmenting ardour and weight gain. Eating some-more protein and fat has been shown to have a conflicting effect, shortening ardour and cravings.

11. Consider Natural Sweeteners

For some people, sugarine can be as addictive as drugs or alcohol. In fact, studies have shown that it can impact a mind in a approach identical to that of some drugs (32, 33).

Addiction to sugarine produces cravings and a “tolerance” level, definition some-more and some-more of it contingency be consumed to prove those cravings (34).

It is also probable to humour from sugarine withdrawal.

Studies have found that rats gifted signs of stress and basin after a high sugarine diet was stopped (35, 36).

This shows that giving adult sugarine can be really formidable for some people. If we are struggling, there are a few naturally honeyed alternatives that are indeed good for you.

  • Stevia: Extracted from a leaves of a plant called Stevia rebaudiana, it has probably no calories and has been shown to assistance revoke blood vigour and blood sugarine in people with diabetes (37, 38).
  • Erythritol: Found naturally in fruit, it customarily contains 6% of a calories of sugar, though it’s many sweeter, so customarily a small is needed. It also doesn’t means blood sugarine spikes (39).
  • Xylitol: A sweetener found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t enclose fructose, so it won’t means blood sugarine spikes (40).

Once we cut your sugarine intake, you’ll adjust to enjoying dishes that are rebate sweet.

Summary: Sugar can be addictive for some people. If we find giving adult sugarine to be quite difficult, healthy sweeteners such as stevia, erythritol and xylitol can help.

12. Don’t Keep Sugar in a House

If we keep high-sugar dishes in a house, we are some-more expected to eat them.

It takes a lot of willpower to stop yourself if we customarily have to go as distant as a cupboard or fridge to get a sugarine hit.

Although cravings for snacks and honeyed dishes can start during any time of a day or night, they competence be worse in a evenings.

Evidence shows that your circadian rhythm, or inner clock, increases craving and cravings for honeyed and starchy dishes in a evenings (41).

It is critical to cruise how you’re going to confuse yourself when we feel a need to eat something sweet.

Studies have shown that distraction, such as doing puzzles, can be really effective during shortening cravings (42).

If that doesn’t work, afterwards try to keep some healthy, low-sugar snacks in a residence to taste on instead.

Summary: If we have sugar-filled snacks in a house, we are some-more expected to strech for them when cravings strike. Consider regulating daze techniques if we feel cravings and keep low-sugar break options handy.

13. Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

If you’ve ever been selling when you’re hungry, we know what can happen.

Not customarily do we buy some-more food, though we also tend to put rebate healthy options in your selling cart.

Shopping while inspired has been shown not customarily to boost a volume of food purchased, though also to impact a form of dishes we buy (43).

In a tranquil study, 68 participants fasted for 5 hours. Half a participants were afterwards authorised to eat as many wheat crackers as they favourite customarily before going shopping, while a other half went selling on an dull stomach.

They found that a inspired organisation purchased some-more high-calorie products, compared to those who were rebate inspired (44).

In another study, 82 grocery shoppers were celebrated to see if a time of day they went selling had any outcome on their purchases.

The investigate found that those who shopped between 4–7 pm, around dinnertime, when they were expected to be hungry, bought some-more high-calorie products than those who shopped between 1–4 pm, shortly after lunch (44).

Summary: Research has shown that if grocery shoppers are hungry, they tend to buy some-more high-calorie foods. Try to eat a dish or healthy break before we go shopping.

14. Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep habits are impossibly critical for your health. Poor nap has been related to depression, bad thoroughness and reduced defence duty (45, 46, 47).

The couple between miss of nap and plumpness is good known. But recently, researchers detected that miss of nap also affects a forms of food we eat (48, 49).

One investigate looked into this materialisation in 23 healthy adults. Their smarts were scanned regulating organic captivating inflection imaging (fMRI), initial after a full night’s nap and afterwards following a excited night.

The researchers found that duty of a frontal lobe, a partial of a mind that controls preference making, was marred after a excited night.

Furthermore, a area of a mind that responds to rewards and controls proclivity and enterprise was stimulated.

These changes meant that participants adored high-calorie, honeyed and tainted dishes when they were nap deprived (50).

Another investigate found that people who went to bed late and did not get a full night’s nap consumed some-more calories, junk food and soda and fewer fruits and vegetables, compared to those who went to bed progressing and got a full night’s nap (51).

So going to bed early and sleeping good competence assistance we revoke your sugarine intake.

Summary: A miss of nap causes people to preference high-calorie, honeyed and tainted dishes over healthy dishes like fruits and vegetables. Get a good night’s nap to assistance we eat rebate sugar.

The Bottom Line

The normal American consumes some-more than twice a endorsed limit volume of combined sugarine per day.

Excess sugarine in a diet can be impossibly damaging and has been related to many ongoing diseases, including cancer, form 2 diabetes, heart illness and obesity.

It is critical to equivocate apparent sources of sugarine in your diet, such as desserts and sodas, though also to be wakeful of a dark sugarine in some common processed foods, including sauces, low-fat dishes and supposed “healthy” snacks.

Choose a diet formed on whole foods, rather than rarely processed alternatives, to be entirely in control of your sugarine intake and not devour additional volume of it.