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15 Most Expensive Man-Made Attractions In The World

Alux News Top 10-15

Top Most Expensive Man-Made Attractions in the World Original Video Ranked by Alux.com
Full article: http://www.alux.com/expensive-man-made-attractions/

Every wondered which are the most expensive tourist attractions in the world that man himself has created? Well, you're in the right place as we'll be ranking the top 15 and top 10 most expensive man-made attractions.

As a tourist, you might want to pick the following destinations because billions of dollars were invested in order to make the following attractions a reality.

In this video we aim to answer the following questions:
What is the most expensive man made attraction?
What is the most expensive building in the world?
Which is the most expensive Disneyland in the world?
How much does it cost to build a Disneyland?
How much did it cost to built the Palm Island in Dubai?
What is the costliest attraction for tourists in the world?

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  1. ajibola alibaloye says

    China has largest population neither because the men are extra horny nor the women are extra fertile, but because their Condoms are ‘Made in China’.

    1. Dark Lightning says

      this comment is too deep.

    2. Rajender Thakur says

      ajibola alibaloye ????

    3. Gaming Dude says

      this is really deep man hahha

  2. Alux.com says

    Hey Aluxers, did you get to visit any of these? How was it?

    1. Thileepan Thavakumaran says

      Visited 3/15; 20% checked.

    2. sri ram says

      taj mahal

    3. Pavan Kosuru says

      Visited Resort World Singapore and Marina  Bay Sands Singapore

    4. Marek Koky says

      Alux.com. You miss the Great Wall of USA build by President-elected Trump

    5. Ahmed 1996 says

      please write the ten parts in the description below the video thnks

  3. Geeky Geek says

    The voice of the other Alux lady is way more good!

    1. Alibh Deori says


  4. Krish Jain says

    I guess The Taj Mahal is the most expensive one as it cost 30000 hands too?

    1. Behram Buttar says

      And built by a muslim

    2. Krish Jain says

      +Behram Buttar racist much

    3. i am Indian says

      Krish Jain its not true

    4. Sagir Ahmed says

      rumour. Only one man’s hands were sacrificed so that he’d not be able to build next Taj Mahal. And for your information, Taj Mahal wasn’t built in 2000-2016. It was built near 1600. Many people died building other amazing architectures like Great wall of China.

    5. Aelwyn Loo says

      Sagir Ahmed after the taj mahal was built all the people who built the structure lost their hands cuz the owner didn’t want another taj mahal to be built and wanted it to be special

  5. Suleiman Qureshi says

    I bet 99% of ur viewers don’t even have $100 in their pocket, let alone a billion dollors.

    1. Usman Khan says

      Suleiman Qureshi lol yeah agree bro

  6. Shifa Mema says

    +Alux.com where is burj Khalifa and burj al Arab pls reply

    1. Sreerag Sanilkumar says

      Dubai, UAE

    2. Sreerag Sanilkumar says

      +Agent47Gaming Ohhh…didn’t realise that..

  7. usama ahmad says

    taj mahl was created by muslims

    1. Pardeep Singh says

      ok guys come on quit acting like childeren, did sikhs save hindus from muslims, yes but those hindus also learned to defend themselves, many muslims and hindus wrote in the guru granth sahib ji so guys at the end of the day we should act like a family and respect eachother for our diffrences

    2. onepiece _12 says

      Owh please don’t said that you should be ashamed of yourself because your make your religion name seem rude exactly I don’t care about what you said may god bless you ,Not to be mean but what are you goal for this comment to make other religion bad ? What did if the religion you have been said that and make the religion name bad ,at end it is the real?how do you seek forgiveness? See our religion never teach us to make other religion bad or anything it is like you don’t want anybody be a beliver you don’t want anybody to belive there’s a god how sad it’s that ?

    3. Saleh Mazin says

      Fucking Shias stop the hate you just want Sunnis and Indians to hate each other

    4. deviantnish says

      Hey Usama Ahmad. Before Mughals came, there were many beautiful structures built by Hindus. Mughals destroyed them. There is proof. So many ruins dating back centuries, long before the Mughal dynasty. *Don’t be proud of what’s built by the Mughals as it came at the cost of many lives. *

    5. Ayush Chaturvedi says

      muslims and mohammed buth sucks

  8. A HAQUE says

    yes you forgot about Pyramids of Egypt

  9. Deep Brown Cooper says

    Tajmahal is on 2nd bcoz Sahjahan did not paid d architecture for it ? Include his salary plus other labours It will cost 1000bn pound atleast.

  10. el rumi says

    Asia won again. This continent truly rich

  11. Abhradeep Sinha says

    This video is awesome!

    1. Alux.com says

      +Abhradeep Sinha thanks for being an Aluxer!

  12. megh vyas says

    taj mahal

  13. KULDEEP SINGH says

    I love your channel and voice too

  14. Mohammad Alhawai says

    The burj khalifa

  15. you are great sir may god give you long life says

    Taj mahal is very beautiful i like it

  16. lunt banzi says


  17. Bhesaniya Rajdeep says

    oh Disney lands. most of disney lands made into this land.

  18. Nandish Pathak says

    what about international space statin..? -_-

  19. Mr. Modi says

    Make video on Corruption
    I think India will be on top ?

  20. shaimaa mansi says

    Number 14 last picture looks like one of the malls in Qatar .3.

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