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15 Questions White People Have For BuzzFeed Racists

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Why should it be acceptable that the last acceptable form of racism is racism against white people?

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  1. Nice Blonde Girl says

    White people spend long hours planting flowers, painting walls, digging
    holes for plants and herbs, cleaning yards, fixing roofs and windows,
    planting gardens etc. In time the entire area looks beautiful. Many black
    people see this beautiful neighborhood and call it ”White Privilege”

    1. Joshua Javier says

      Lobo Lobo true but u have to admit that white people are less likely to be
      profiled than other races.

    2. Miny Muff says

      However, for a group of people leaving slavery, they where not trained to
      be rich. They where slaves, so how will they raise there children? Slavery
      can be seen for generations in how the descendants of both the slaves and
      the master’s acted. White folk have been on top since the fall of Babylon,
      however, it seams middle Easterners are making a comeback, seeing how
      recently Mohammed was the most common name in the UK.

    3. Rodia Shema says

      Nice Blonde Girl lol do you know many black people

    4. Sam Powell says

      LastOfTheMaguas I am white and what you said was plain racist saying whites
      make things happen and blacks are tribal. How dare you say you are
      civilised when you just said an entire race was tribal.

    5. Rodia Shema says

      Sam Powell why generalize people and what’s wrong with tribal

  2. ElCadejo172 says

    Dyes her hair blonde and straightens it? That’s a fucking wig bro. They
    hate themselves.

    1. Tiffany Campbell says

      +Jessica Wall oh now I get it… RME I use the term *American people of
      African descent* for two reasons…. These days when you say the term
      *black* people on the internet, it is assumed *oh American* which is crap
      cz not all black people are Americans.
      Secondly a lot of Black Americans these days get offended when you call
      them *Black* which is also crap… So to avoid shxt like this with you I
      use another term… But since you got triggered by it then idgaf I will
      call black people anything I feel like calling them, with respect to their
      origin… But out of respect if you have a preferred class you want me to
      call you I will

    2. Tiffany Campbell says

      +Jessica Wall oh and you misunderstood the comment I made… Saying black
      women is generalising with what +ElCadejo172​ was saying… Not all black
      women do what he said they did… That is done by some *AA* women…

    3. TheHUNGRYcookie says

      Tiffany Campbell – you are also ignorant because black people are not
      offended by being called black from my experiences Caucasian or “White”
      people have been scared to call black people black since SOME NOT ALL think
      that I will be offended by being called black

    4. Tiffany Campbell says

      +TheHUNGRYcookie no you are being ignorant. If you had read my comment
      clearly I said that not all black people… You said about your
      experiences. No I’m stating from my experience

    5. Joshua Javier says

      ElCadejo172 loo white girl gets a perm, tan, lip inhections and works for a
      bigger booty…..ditto

  3. Cry Evrytim says

    I hate how slavery only seems to be relevant because it happened to black
    people. Even though slavery has been around for centuries and has happened
    to all races, they had to make it a race thing didn’t they?

    1. Rodia Shema says

      Cry Evrytim that’s your opinion that slavery is only relevant because it
      supposedly only happened to black people, the truth is slavery has happened
      to many groups of people however it has also happened to black people and
      it has negatively affected most black peoples according to studies for
      decades so as far as I’m concerned the pain they experienced and still hold
      on too should be meet with empathy

    2. Troy Fowler says

      +Rodia Shema We all feel pain. Every group has been made slaves at one
      point. Every group forced from the land they once held. This isn’t
      something that’s unique. This isn’t something that we should baby them for.
      You said it yourself, it happened to others.

    3. Taejon Brown says

      Cry Evrytim they raped us and hung us on trees thats not how slavery works

    4. Cry Evrytim says

      No, they hung and raped your ancestors. Stop playing the victim to
      something you never experienced.

  4. Snickety Dews says

    If your white you can’t be poor? I live in the poorest county in
    California. Guess what? It’s mostly white and full of Trump supporters.
    Bernie’s an idiot.

    1. Sir Dickerson Schlongdickson III says

      sojourner582002 do you even know,like even remotely know,what the ghetto
      is. DO YOU!!!! If you did that thought wouldn’t even cross your mind scum.

    2. Frog Snack says

      Used to live there, I’m white. You maybe need to grow up and realize that
      you aren’t the only person who’s faced hardship?

    3. The Mechanic Shark Channel says

      Most importantly, the Black population in Eastern Europe before WW2 was
      very close to zero, if not zero. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that ANY
      Black person knows what it’s like to live in the ghetto. If anything, them
      calling their suburbias “ghettos” is cultural appropriation, and insulting
      towards Jews.

  5. Anna Wesson Etters says

    All excellent questions! Why isn’t the Islamic slave trade talked about
    during our public education, alongside when we learn about the African
    slave trade?

    1. peter williamson says

      there are so many historical events it has to be whittled down to the usual
      suspects , ww1, ww2, russian revolution, industrial revolution , etc etc ,
      i think arab slave trade is way down in the curriculum if its there at all

    2. peter williamson says

      the other person has to have a mind first

    3. Interested Bystander says

      On the subject of slavery, would it surprise you to learn that the majority
      of people involved in the slave trade (in the sense of being slavers, slave
      traders or slave owners) throughout history where (gasp! shock! horror!)
      NOT WHITE? Discuss…

    4. Lucius Avenus says

      Jews. Google it. And Jews are white. 😀

    5. Khidr Joseph says

      We learn about slavery because it’s apart of American history. I have no
      problem with kids learning about other slave trades but if they do then
      they should also learn about that country’s history.

  6. stevethefishdotnet says

    Since I don’t live in America, I don’t even know what Buzzfeed is. But I’m
    sure it sucks.

    1. SolarEdits01 says

      +cuddlykittehs Well, technically it wasn’t. It’s what a handful of people
      in Michigan and Wisconsin wanted.

    2. cuddlykittehs says

      +Coveredit01 Repersentives voted against popular, right?

    3. SolarEdits01 says

      +cuddlykittehs It is, but they’re not the people. The millions who voted in
      the states are the people, 500 guys in Washington is not the people.

    4. stevethefishdotnet says

      Well considering how many millions of convicted felons, illegal immigrants,
      dead people, and people named after Disney characters voted for Hillary,
      it’s a miracle that Trump won at all.

    5. SolarEdits01 says

      +stevethefishdotnet Not quite

  7. Libertarian Ish says

    The biggest racist people on the planet are Blacks,Muslims & Jews..Why
    doesn’t the media report that most White kids are assaulted by Blacks &
    Muslims? The Media only reports if the Victimis a Black or a Jew or a

    1. Maya Paredes says

      Something tells me you’re not too familiar with the news

    2. Kass says

      Um your because of your name and photo I can’t take this seriously

    3. Maya Paredes says

      +Davis Suggs Judaism is a religion, not a race. Not all Jewish people
      descend from Israel and not all Israeli’s are Jewish

    4. Davis Suggs says

      Maya Paredes um ur wrong and your opinion is invalid please site your
      sources. My stepfather is Jewish and it is a bloodline for some people not
      all Jewish people are like that. I win.

  8. Illumirage says

    They can’t answer those questions.

    1. Kenstreme says

      Illumirage The ottoman army consisted of slaves
      Slaves so good they werent even considered slaves.

    2. Illumirage says

      +Kenstreme What? Did you just say ‘slaves so good’? There’s a good kind of

    3. Charles Dexter Morgan says

      +Kenstreme Ladies and Gentlemen, the leftist narrative: 2017.

    4. Shawn Am Booce (ChainDriver) says

      +Kenstreme yep i wish i was an ottaman slave.

  9. NemoRosa700 says

    “If you’re white, you don’t know what its like to be poor”
    Tell that to the 18 year old me who used to dig food out of dumpsters:/

    1. Volkblin says


    2. TryHard Productions says

      It was great!

    3. Castiel Winchester says

      lol I was homeless for ten years of my life. Man I’m so glad I had my white

    4. Sekushiwolf says

      They should tell that to my dad’s family who moved here in the 1920s and
      had to scrape together a living.

    5. Norwegian nightmare says

      My ancestors were peasants for so long there is no record of my last name
      anywhere in the world until the 17 hundreds

  10. Craig Ross says

    The public school system and the media and Hollywood have made our younger
    generation coo coo. Large amount of Babyboomers watch 6 hours of
    brainwashing news per day, completely pharma medicated (self righteous
    think they know everything) winos. While the younger generation are all
    jacked up on adderal and watching Modern family episodes, and trying to
    figure out if their trans gender or not . AWESOME! Simultaneously the war
    mongers are trying to start WW3. Naaah theres no divide and conquer
    campaign going on. That’s a wild conspiracy.

    1. Craig Ross says

      +someone667 Your right…but another problem is that some didn’t get lazy.
      Rather instead BOTH parent have to work 9 hour days a lot of the time, at
      these tiring dead end jobs (lots are dead end). If these jobs were not so
      dead end, people wouldn’t be as tired either.

    2. someone667 says

      +Craig Ross The last batch of parents to the 20 somethings of this
      generation did not have a rough time though. This was before the economy
      took a crapper, and while things weren’t perfect, it wasn’t like finding a
      job was hard. Parents (in most cases) who were both working full time jobs
      were doing so for extra money. They chose to leave the kid to his own
      devices and that is a choice that did not need to be made.

      My problem with people using dead end jobs as an example for bad parenting
      is that even today, you can leave a dead end job and get training
      elsewhere. An adult can become an apprentice and still make money while
      learning how to weld for example. These are choices we all make, and if
      one makes the choice to not move higher, then so be it.

      That leads me to my next problem. Why have a kid in the first place? Why
      not use protection? WHY not focus on a career before sleeping around and
      risking your own life and the life of your potential kid? Parents don’t
      need to rush kids, yet it happens anyway.

    3. Craig Ross says

      +someone667 No your right, it was there choice to both work long hour jobs.
      They needed to keep up with the Jones’s. They needed their Eddie Bower SUV
      and 4 thousand square foot house.

    4. someone667 says

      +Craig Ross Joking aside, I feel the root of the problem is an increase in
      selfish individuals who no longer think about the future for them or their
      children. Before the recession, you could easily get a career going if you
      applied yourself. If you were not in a position to take care of a 1-2
      children, then wait before having them.

      Selfish behavior mixed with a lack of self control meant needing two
      parents to work two full time jobs… the bottom line is that if you can’t
      raise a kid then don’t have one.

    5. Kass says

      Don’t judge Modern family no I’m joking but is Adderall an actual problem
      in America it’s been discussed in movies a bit but I thought it was a joke

  11. King Grizzly Beard says

    According to Bernie Sanders, a white person who lives below the poverty
    line isn’t poor because of their skin color; but a black person in the same
    situation is poor. Well if my white skin makes me not poor even though I
    live below the poverty line, then where’s my white skin wealth being held,
    cus I’m ready to make a big withdrawal.

    1. TheRedStateShadow says

      +Kaitlyn Cortisse
      According to the left in the US it is.

    2. Troy Fowler says

      Yes, but we have a higher standard of living then them. That’s not our
      fault, and we shouldn’t be blamed for it. America should not be forced to
      give away wealth to help poorer nations just because they are poorer. There
      are people who truly are below what you’d consider that poverty line in the
      US, and quite a few of them, but they are considered to be in “extreme

    3. A A says

      Bernie Sanders is a big Jew shill


      Just lost all respect for Bernie there

  12. bleach extra flavoured says

    “if you are white yout dont know how it is beeing poor” i get it there are
    more black poor people then withe poor people but it doesn’t mean white
    people are all rich… Look at some of the homeless people or my
    grandfather that had to leave his family at the age of 9 to get some jobs
    while in school to pay his rent and his families food. He wanted to
    graduate and be a philosopher but he had to get a better job so he could
    pay his rent and worked at a bamk and he didnt even liked it!
    I have black friends REALLY well payed and white friends with no money and
    visse vers.

    1. Monster Mandy says

      +blogobre Free Market and trickle down economics are not the same thing.
      Educate yourself?

      IQ stays stagnate without education. You need education for higher paying
      jobs. IQ doesn’t go down or anything it just doesn’t go anywhere. Also, in
      today’s world you need a degree to get higher paying jobs so trade schools
      and college are a must if you want to make more than $30,000 a year at
      best. Looks like you really are a dumbass if you didn’t get that simple

      Btw you personally attacked me as well so take your own advice on therapy.
      I’ll sit here pretty doing my own thing while you worry about that. Not my
      fault you get so easily offended.

      Also, educated people can have different view points as you. Did you think
      of that? I’m very well educated in politics and just because I don’t think
      like you doesn’t mean I’m not open minded. I just don’t agree.

      So agree to disagree. Bye honey.

    2. San Francisco Love says

      bleach extra flavoured …it’s all a lie. A large portion of the US,
      particularly in the Midwest is all trailer park white bread. I grew up
      below the poverty line, no running water, ate at shelters, almost everyone
      in my community was white bread. The difference with white and black is
      that white people see it as the card that they were dealt, along with a
      lack of education. Black people think that the white man did it to them.
      The thing about it all is that I moved, went to school and became
      something. No matter what your situation is in the US, if you are able
      bodied, you have no excuse

    3. bleach extra flavoured says

      by the way i am not american or even english

    4. numskully says

      bleach extra flavoured Obviously.

    5. bleach extra flavoured says


  13. Alex Cole says

    Here’s my question; if I’m white and I have so much privilege, why have I
    always lived in the ghetto and been dirt poor? When will my white privilege
    check come in???

    1. Mr Spazoid7777 says

      Oh! I see how it works now …in which case, following your logic to it’s
      own conclusion, it means that in non-western predominately Black countries,
      only “Black privilege” can exist.

      You are aware that the term “minority” doesn’t inherently and/or
      unavoidably imply a particular racial or social status, but merely refers
      to population percentages, usually stated in the context of per capita,
      aren’t you?

    2. Mr Spazoid7777 says

      Actually, that would be what’s called a red herring logical fallacy, not a
      straw man.

    3. Alex Cole says

      +Mr Spazoid7777 Definitely straw man. You can argue with my professor about
      that, thank you. And, I’m sorry I’m just not going to finish reading your
      comment, because it’s going to be exactly what I’ve already read. Please do
      continue to regurgitate whatever Tumblr shoved down your throat.

    4. angeladq says

      Alex Cole I know, I’ve been waiting for it for awhile now.

    5. PirateTube TV says

      +Alex Cole
      Because straw man is a sham argument, my argument in my comment about how
      white folks are treated in South Africa isn’t a sham.

  14. aaaaaaa says

    why are all the white guys in these buzzfeed videos always stereotypical
    cucks wearing glasses

    1. PirateTube TV says

      +Vlad T
      Well they sure make out they are.

    2. Vlad T says

      +PirateTube TV
      It definetly is its own culture and heritage, I’ll give you that. But its
      not a race. Again, A Jewish person who converts to Islam is not a Jewish

    3. Goondock Saints says

      I have to agree completely with that, Vlad. You can stop being Jewish any
      time you choose, race is not a choice.

    4. bennyboyjones says

      The word “jew” has two meanings. The first is a follower of the religion of
      judaism. Anyone regardless of race or ethnicity can convert. Secondly, it
      refers to members of the jewish ethnicity; a distinct group who can trace
      their ancestry back the israel.

    5. Haruto Fuller says

      They are desperate for attention

  15. Trevor Houff says

    why do i get offended when i see a table of black ppl. Wtf?? who tf gets
    offended by that

    1. Hela Berg says


    2. 4everbuffylover says

      Trevor Houff that’s not the best part of that video. The full thing is “why
      do you get offended when you see a table full of blacks people, but not
      when you see a table full of white people”. It doesn’t make any sense. It
      doesn’t mean anything so I’m assuming they run out of ideas for their
      racist video

    3. Chantelle Anderson says

      Wtf is wrong with you

    4. Dashell Boat says

      I know right?… I’ve never been offended by that, just wtf

    5. Lobo Lobo says

      They either take one single example they’ve seen or heard of, and just talk
      as if everybody acts like that, or they just make it up entirely.

  16. Gutafack ! says

    I am so done with culture appropriation. When did we get so fucking
    sensitive. People literally look for any reason to be mad ? I’m Mexican
    and honestly don’t care if you do sugar skull for Halloween if any thing it
    shows your interest in my peoples culture.

    1. Shawn Kucinski says

      Exactly I remember seeing a Buzzfeed video with an Asian guy complaining
      about White people saying, Ni Hao as a way to greet him. Meanwhile, I’m
      thinking shouldn’t you be glad this person attempted to speak your language
      even if they didn’t pronounce it correctly or know Chinese fully?

    2. abbiepancakeeater52 says

      it’s only americans who say this <.< natives dont care lol

    3. Pilar Miranda says

      I’m Brazilian and pissed by the american sjws because they created these
      tumblr way of thinking and now this is coming to my country…

    4. abbiepancakeeater52 says

      once somebody said that a girl cant learn spanish because she wasn’t
      spanish 😐 funny thing is that she actually was spanish ;D just didnt look
      it.. plus not only spanish people speak spanish,,,

    5. skinni45 says

      Did you know that Croats invented the neck tie?
      So, if a black guy wears a suit and a tie… IS he appropriating Croatian

  17. Melissa says

    Reverse Racism doesn’t exist. what people refer to as Reverse Racism is
    actually just regular racism

    1. hypno says

      +Clive Goodman You don’t have to believe in FACTS. They are racist. lol

    2. raosprid says

      Yea “reverse racism” would be tolerance.

    3. hypno says

      +raosprid Spot on.

    4. Badge Man says

      reverse racism is issues like affirmative action

    5. Mr.Sensitive says

      Badge Man You could insist on calling it that, but affirmative action is
      actually covered by the definition of plain old racism, I think you’ll find.

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