15 Things You Didn’t Know About BOEING


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15 Interesting Facts & Things You Didn't Know About Boeing
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#16 – Prior to the Boeing 707, Douglas with their DC-2, DC-3, DC-4, and DC-6 controlled over 95 percent of the commercial aviation market in the USA; Boeing built almost only military aircraft. Like Boeing, Lockheed was mostly a military aircraft manufacturer in those days. The Truman Administration and Congress put in a 90 percent tax rate for the profits of defense contractors during the Korean War (1950 – 1953). As a result, Boeing threw huge amounts of their Korean War profits at their jet-powered refueling aircraft project which became the KC-135 (still in service!) and the 707 airliner. Eventually, Douglas became part of Boeing and nobody builds DC (Douglas Commercial) or MD (McDonnell Douglas) aircraft any longer. Lockheed's sole jet airliner was the long gone L-1011 TriStar. ~ Added by Samuel Thompson ~

Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world and it seemed like an obvious choice to make a video on. The business Boeing managed to put together is a prime example of dedication & innovation.

In this Alux.com original video we're taking a look at 15 Interesting Facts & Trivia about Beoeing.

We'll try to answer the following questions:
How big is Boeing?
How much money is Boeing worth?
What are some interesting Boeing facts?
What is the best Boeing Trivia?
Is Boeing the largest aerospace in the world?
How big is the Boeing Factory – Everett?
What are some Boeing Guiness World Records?
What was the first Boeing plane?
Who is the founder of Boeing?

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    • no order in 2016, ZERO and when they declare that Airbus will not able to recoup all the investment they made in 380, that just sign of total failure..thats from airbus website. it is fail when no one bought it right? while 747-800 keep getting more buyer than its previous slow selling in the beginning. so took the flight in emirates 380 as soon as you can because they are thinking of change it to 787 or 747.

  1. 4:47 you mean “jetliner”, or jet airliner? The Boeing 707 was certainly not their first “airliner. Also at 9:17, Boeing isn’t the world’s best airline company, rather “manufacturer”. All in all this was a great effort to educate people, and the facts were interesting in my opinion. Good luck on becoming the #1 resource for luxury items 🙂

    • You gave me more motivation and advice that i could ever imaging. And if you actually tell me to select 3 youtubers that i truly respect the most you’ll probably be number 1 i’m very serious it might seem i’m lying cause i don’t even talk to you often but it is true. You just showed me other other side of you which doesn’t look good because of airbus and boeing and i just do not know what word to say to you but anyways thanks for those motivations really appreciated.