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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Elon Musk

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15 Interesting Facts & Things You Didn't Know About Elon Musk
The Moksha Moment: http://www.alux.com/the-monk-effect-entrepreneurship/

Elon Musk: The World's Raddest Man: http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/05/elon-musk-the-worlds-raddest-man.html

As of 2017 Elon Musk has a net worth of: 12.4 Billion USD

Elon Musk is one of the most interesting and inspiring entrepreneurs in the world right now! We're huge fans of him so we had to dive deep and make – what we consider – our most complex video to date.

In this Alux.com original video, we'll be taking a look at Elon Musks beginning, plans for the future, Elon Musk's Investment Strategy and reveal some of the secrets that make his such an incredible entrepreneur.

The questions we'd like to answer in this video are:
Who is Elon Musk?
How Rich is Elon Musk? What is Elon Musk's Net Worth?
How did Elon Musk Get Started?
How much money is Tesla generating?
How much revenue is SpaceX Generating?
Where did Elon Musk Get Money to invest and buy Tesla?
How much is the Tesla Model 3?
How will Elon Musk Colonize Mars?
What is the best Elon Musk documentary?
What is the best Elon Musk Book?
What is the best Elon Musk Interview?

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  1. Adel nehikhare says

    I am 13 years old and i want to start my own software company

    1. SyncKo says

      Dangelo I AM Send me something I’ve been waiting a week for someone to send something. I’m serious about this.

    2. Bruce C says

      I know a bit of web development, but I’m just wondering what to do for computer programming. Email me to collab?: brucecccccc@gmail.com

    3. SyncKo says

      +Bruce C Don’t sweat it; none of them reply.

  2. David T. says

    Supercharging stations are no longer free for Tesla buyers as of 2017. Please do better fact-checking.

    1. Phillip Fry says

      They’re free forever for initial ground-floor buyers who supported the company through its most difficult times. New buyers will have to pay, just like at a gas station.

    2. MINISTRI says

      Well, not exactly like a gas station…super chargers will be much cheaper compared to gasoline on a per mile basis.

    3. Nick Lukas says

      Everyone needs to do research… the model S and model X will always be free to charge.

    4. TumiliuM says

      Nick Lukas, that’s wrong. All cars purchased after 15 January will not be free to charge on Superchargers.

    5. Aussie Flipper says

      I agree Nick Lukas, everyone needs to do research
      you’re incorrect however, as shocked as i was to find out.
      All Tesla cars purchased on or after 15 January 2017
      will not be free to charge at supercharging stations….
      All Tesla Model S & X cars purchased before then will remain to be free for the life of the car,
      so this will greatly increase the value of the cars purchased prior to this date
      referring to of cause these cars being sold on the second hand car market

  3. Satyam Saxena says

    Am I the only one who knew everything said in this video?

    1. Atheïst and addict from The Netherlands says

      like most people with some intrest in him and his work should know……..

    2. MathisRH says

      Satyam Saxena this video was clearly based on the biography by Ashlee Vance. So as long as you read that book, you pretty much know everything in this video

    3. Jesper Nilsen says


    4. carguy67b says


    5. Kishor kunal says

      Satyam Saxena absolutely no…..

  4. Jordon Rains says

    What a fukin’ load of *CRAP!!*

    1. The warrior says

      lakisbouz everything she said was true, are you jealous of his success?

    2. yeah says

      When you have 0 self worth everything sounds condescending.

    3. Bryan G says

      +Jordon Rains I agree on the ramen noodle part- it;s actually pasta with green pepper. That’s said, tell me, what else is crap about this video? Do you know a shred of what you’re talking about? Salty cuck

    4. Dave Lopez says

      Just like you 🙂

    5. Frank Roquemore says

      didn’t really answer my questions

  5. Theodore Alexandros says

    Hilariously unbelievable and by unbelievable I mean lies

    1. Plane Joe says

      +Bryan G
      Here’s the thing Bryan, you don’t know me, Theodore, or Elon, but you’ve been conditioned to think that Theodore and I are crazy and/or stupid, and that Mr Musk is ‘a real life Iron Man’.  You’re so gullible, and your understanding of the world is so obviously naive, that frankly, it’s embarrassing to read your comment.

    2. Theodore Alexandros says

      It’s funny how specific to choose one of the most expensive vegetables to prevent scurvy–a red bell pepper.
      Really? Scurvy? Really?

    3. Max Tapp says

      “Hilariously unbelievable and by unbelievable I mean lies”
      So, you’re trying to say “Hilariously lies”? That doesn’t make any sense.
      Also, Scurvy is a disease caused by a diet that lacks vitamin C (ascorbic acid). There are 127.7 mg of vitamin C in a 100g red bell pepper. By contrast, there are only 53.2 mg of vitamin C in a 100g orange, which people typically associate with high vitamin C content.

    4. Atheïst and addict from The Netherlands says

      facts are not facts to all of us, some see facts as an constant developing thing, wich change to match the person they communicate with……..so dont be surprised as comments come saying oranges have more vitC than peppers……..

  6. Gamer Zeke says

    Most tech people think AI are the biggest threat, Bill gates does too

    1. Marius Cristian Ciubotariu says

      Because they understand it much better than the common people who sometimes think the earth is flat.

  7. Tahititoutou says

    Is it possible that Elon be an Asperger autist? Many things said in this video actually are like Asperger traits.

    1. Manasv Chhabra says

      Tahititoutou Doesnt matter, he is great and my idol

    2. Tahititoutou says

      I agree with you Manasv Chhabra.
      I asked that because many such geniuses were Asperger (just to name a few : Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Glenn Gould, Isaac Newton, Michelangelo…). Musk shares not only their genius but also some traits. Just to name a few again : 1° he can stay concentrated on one thing for hours or days on end without distraction 2° he stays sober when others get drunk 3° his social life is almost non existent 4° he is intensely interested by one thing at a time to the point of forgetting everything else…

    3. Manasv Chhabra says

      IK he also gets nervous…

    4. En kille says

      According to Peter Thiel, having asbergers is actually an advantage in the tech world.

  8. gtabro1337 says

    While some people choose to believe in God
    I choose to find my god in people like Musk

    1. Drexxler 1 says

      That’s terrible! How about believe in yourself and actually accomplish something?

    2. Supreet Sahu says

      Worshipping is not praying.

  9. Earth+ says

    I love earth. And we need to focus on saving this planet. Forget about mars. (Just my opinion)

    1. landen clayburn says

      Earth+ yeah stfu

    2. Spinxo says

      Earth is fucked. no hope of saving it.

    3. Lith3on says

      Like elon musk says, we can stay on earth until an eventual doomsday scenario that will wipe us out. Or we can become an interplanetary species that might save humanity in a future date. Its not about going to mars, its about becoming interplanetary as a species, and maybe even interstellar.

      Maybe the Europeans should have not bothered with the america’s after its discovery, maybe they should have tried to sort their problems at home first? That kind of thinking gets you nowhere.

    4. Linus Wetzig says

      Earth+ why cant we do both? Having two homes is better

  10. Spinxo says

    Can someone please bully me? I wanna be the next future billionaire.

    1. Spinxo says

      I wan’t you to be harder on me daddy.

  11. Drexxler 1 says

    Yes I would go to mars and I would pay the 500,000$ to do so!

  12. Nafoxe says

    Very nice but i dont like the comparaison with henry ford, this guy was horrible, musk is the future

  13. Terra Magistis says

    You can’t just turn a house into a nightclub thats bullocks

  14. carguy67b says

    Yes, I would go to Mars if I could

  15. Landon Kromhout says

    Love Elon. Smarter then albert

  16. Sumedh says

    video starts 1:18

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