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15 Things You Didn’t Know About VOGUE

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Vogue
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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
What are the best Vogue facts?
How many Vogue issues are there?
Is Vogue a luxury magazine?
Is Vogue a luxury brand?
Is Vogue the best selling magazine?
Which is the best selling vogue issue?
Is Vogue still relevant?
Which celebrity was on the cover of Vogue the most?
Which are the 5 men to ever be featured on the cover of Vogue?
Where did the "More issues than Vogue" quote come from?
Who owns Vogue Magazine?

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  1. harsh sharma says


    1. Alux.com says

      Congrats on first comment!

  2. lxKronKxl says

    HI Alux!

    1. Alux.com says


  3. Leaves says

    and this video is very good and well edited

  4. hi guyz prepare to be dazzled says

    happy holy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Abdur Rahman says

    Future billionaire gets inspired here.What about average people???

  6. Hamza Rahim says


  7. Fluffy Unicorn says

    Make 15 things about Romania please

  8. Emoji Dog says

    Yes yes yes I love vogue
    It’s the best

    1. Emoji Dog says

      And I literally just watched the devil wears Prada

  9. Rashik Sharar says

    Alux.com I would advise you guys to upload videos 3 times a week max, not more than that. If would upload video everyday, then you wouldn’t get as many likes and views.

  10. Oskar Schoetschel says

    An Anna Vintour Video would be great!

    1. Alux.com says

      Soon Oskar!!

  11. Kevin Jewell says

    Vogue is has been..the Vogue of the 80’s still had the fashion edge and gave the world true glimpses into the world of Haute Couture..where as Wintour has killed Vogue and it has dropped from number one to 3rd …She will never be Diana Vreeland…she has no style, no Allure, no eye for color… just millions of fashion victim readers.

  12. Alex Lacroix says

    Well for my next goal is to be on the cover of vogue ? it might not happen but worth a shot

    1. tahseen mohammed says

      Alex Lacroix lol…good luck

  13. Chanul Watawala says

    my favorite magazine is Top Gear. I still reading them

  14. Aishwarya Vijayan says

    I would love to work at vogue. I want to meet Anna??lol

  15. tahseen mohammed says

    do one about medical magazines

  16. Shashank koganti says

    Can you do video about Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

  17. John Dawson says

    Vogue is useless . hate fashion world m totally useless !!

    1. Maximiuliano Vega says

      Hi John Dawson, it’s okay that you “hate” fashion, but I don’t understand why did I you think it’s useless, please go and check some books about history, the woman’s rights, all the things fashion industry made possible and you’ll understand why this is so important for a lot of people and even for history.

    2. Maximiuliano Vega says

      John Dawson elite prostitutes? Seriously I respect your ideas and I’m no one to judge you, but seriously, not every woman need a “bastard” for cocaine and expensive clothes, I’m a man and seriously I believe that woman’s can get everything they want without us, fashion don’t promote the things you think, I’m very respectful with your thoughts and I’m saying these just to make you know this ain’t useless, read a little more about fashion history and the things fashion do just to expand you’re mind, to make you know how it works.

      Saying this with all respect.

  18. Sebastián Ruiz says

    can someone say the name of the girl on the 10. please

  19. Amina Hallouch says

    I love fashion

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