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200K SUBSCRIBERS + 200 Minutes of Ask Me Anything!

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200K Subscriber Giveaway – Click HERE to enter… http://derraleves.com/200kgiveaway
BIG THANKS! I had to express my gratitude to everyone who subscribed to my YouTube channel. You all helped me achieve a goal that I set two years ago! To give back, I will be doing the longest #AskDerral segment in history and doing some sweet giveaways. The video will be 200 minutes dedicated to your LIVE questions–you can ask me anything! Of course I will be giving away random prizes to people LIVE as well. Can't wait to spend 200 awesome minutes with you!

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Official Rules for the 200K Giveaway

For this giveaway, all rules and entries are managed by Gleam. The widget will be selecting the Four winners at random, and each winner will be contacted via the email address you provide in the widget.

Each winner has 48 hours to claim the prize, or we will redraw a new winner. For a full list of giveaway rules and requirements, please click the “Terms & Conditions” in the widget link above, before placing your entry.

This giveaway is open internationally, and all entrants must be 18 years of age {or older} to participate, or have a parent enter for you, and we will be verifying this. The contest ends on Tuesday night, February 15th at 11:59pm PST, and the winners will be announced on our YouTube Channel on Wednesday February 16th check back!

FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video, and neither YouTube are sponsors nor party to the giveaway on our website.

This give away is in accordance of the Youtube Community guidelines and terms of service and entry that doesn't comply with YouTube community guidelines will be disqualified.

YouTube Community Guidelines

YouTube Terms of Service

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  1. JohnTheDiamondExpert// JohnTdex says

    Dangit I missed the stream ?????

    1. Robloxlover1025 456 says

      Sorry :/

    2. JohnTheDiamondExpert// JohnTdex says

      +Robloxlover1025 456 ????????????????????

  2. Dacrete says

    200k? WOW!! And I just did my 400 sub special lol.

    1. Nickermacher says

      Wow I’ve literally got 6 lol

    2. ThatChristianVlogger says

      +Nick Stevens Music lol the struggle is real! but I’ll make it 7 🙂

    3. Sabbir Ahmed says

      +Dacrete hey bro, Subscribed you. Please subscribe me back and I WON’T
      unsubscribe you.

    4. Sabbir Ahmed says

      +Nick Stevens Music hey bro, Subscribed you. Please subscribe me back and I
      WON’T unsubscribe you.

    5. ROCK STAR says

      +Sabbir Ahmed sub me i will do the same

  3. Rusi Podgan says


    1. WindYTAW says

      No, but it was idiotic

    2. Polan says

      +ACE – Wind Learning maths, nothing to write down so He used YT. I also use
      YT to remember sth or prepare some kind of code 😉

    3. Sabbir Ahmed says

      +Rusi Podgan hey bro, Subscribed you. Please subscribe me back and I WON’T
      unsubscribe you.

  4. Potato Strong says

    Great event! I have over 15k subscribers and growing. Consistency and
    helpful content works, even for shy guys. Thanks for the tips Derral.

    1. Potato Strong says

      +Vegan Watching Thanks!

    2. ThatChristianVlogger says

      That’s definitely more valuable than criticizing in my opinion. Far better
      to use your voice to build others up rather than tearing others down

  5. RishyCup TV says

    SUPER HUGE CONGRATS Derral! We appreciate you!!!

  6. MattV2099: Guns & Food says

    I’m verified. but never talked to anyone. how do you submit a support
    ticket? thanks. hahaha

  7. Pixel Heart Bible says

    Thank Derral! I listen to your videos as I drive home from work and they
    are so helpful. Love all your tips, especially at 39:38 in this vid.

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks… That means alot

  8. Amanda Gligorea says

    Hey I came across your channel because I cant schedule a Video. I am
    verified and everything but I only have 3 options. Private, public and
    unlisted. can you help me figure out how I can get the schedule option
    please??? I need it so bad to upload beauty videos when Im out of town!
    Thanks so much!!!

    1. Amanda Gligorea says

      +Derral Eves 5 months? I need help with getting more subscribers lol

    2. Polan says

      +Amanda Gligorea just make better content and ask your best friends to
      share it everywhere!

    3. Velogi - Pyöräilevä videoblogi says

      +Amanda Gligorea You must enable monetization in order to get the
      scheduling functionality.

  9. Documentaire 2016 says

    Please Derral I want to cancel the counter-notice Please HOw Thanks

    1. Derral Eves says

      Are you talking view counter

    2. Polan says

      +Yousra Mzyané Are u starting with you channel? Sub 4 Sub is good idea ;p

    3. Sabbir Ahmed says

      +Polan hey bro, Subscribed you. Please subscribe me back and I WON’T
      unsubscribe you.

  10. Track848 says

    Above and beyond, Derral! Great video, and congratulations on 200k; it took
    me a few days to watch this entire video, but it was worth it. Thanks!

  11. methanoic80 says

    Brother Derral eves how can i prevent my google+ account from being visible
    from the about of my youtube channel

  12. White Thunder BBQ says

    learned a bunch of things watching this. wish I saw it live.

  13. MrGrunthunter's Adventures says

    Derral, can you explain what the difference is between Cards, Notes and
    Annotations are that can be attached, or embedded, in YouTube videos and
    why you would want to use one over the other?

  14. Shay Amour says

    ***Hey. Always love your videos. I have been subscribed to you for a long
    time and have watched a lot of your videos but I am still have trouble
    getting more subscribers & views. I have a beauty channel and upload how-to
    hair tutorials. I am very consistent with my videos, upload good quality
    content, and have good title, description, & tags. I feel my increase in
    subscribers is very slow and it takes forever for my videos to get a lot of
    views. I am wondering what I am doing wrong. Can you please give me some
    advice or do you provide one on one consultation for a fee. Please let me

  15. Live By Your Means says

    Thanks for the info!

  16. Pixel & Bracket says

    Hey Derral! Just watched this WHOLE stream, wish I found you back when it
    was live. Your content is very helpful and I definitely subscribed!

  17. BYA Gamer says

    Do we comment here to talk with derral

  18. James Winsoar says

    So pleased I found your channel! Would love tips on discovering video
    subjects or topics that viewers would be interested in.

  19. NOMO GAME says

    hey bro i was wondering if you could me a top ten game recording apps for
    mid rand and high range laptops
    i tried obs best im having black screen i dk why.

    1. NOMO GAME says

      #make not me lol

  20. babamine tv says

    help us give us subscribtion pls

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