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2016 ● Crazy Free Kick Goals ● HD

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Free Kick Goals 2016 by Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dimitri Payet, Neymar, Bale, Willian, James Rodriguez and other

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Song: Dropout – Hollywood Horror

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  1. Marcos Samuel says

    nome da música?

    1. zAndre says

      Dropout-HollyWood Horror

    2. Marcos Solana says

      queres musica? jajajajaja

  2. Emirhan Şenkul says

    As bayrakları As !!

    1. Semih Vatansever says

      as as as

    2. ozan GÖKMEN says

      as as as as

    3. THE GAMELORD says

      nani ve bgollllll

    4. Robin van Persie says

      Nani Valenciaya gitti indirin bayraklari başka yere asin

  3. Kes JR says

    Nani looks sorta like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    1. No Name says

      He does xD

  4. Erick Torres says

    many of you might not know but i think Michael arroyo should be here

    1. fcamericamexico says

      i agree hes a fucking legend

    2. oscar martinez says

      I don’t go for América but michael arroyo is beast at freekicks

    3. Rudy says

      Michael Arroyo does deserve to be there btw I go for América there the best
      in México

    4. Thelastjack says

      Michael arroyo scored 2 free kicks in 1 match vs Monterrey

    5. fcamericamexico says

      Arroyo is a legend viva el america

  5. cihan eroglu says

    Tonny vilhenas freekick definitly missing

    1. brain humberto says

      please subscribe to my youtube channel brain humberto

    2. FootM says


  6. Bad Buddy says

    where hulk (Zenit) against Spartak?

    1. brain humberto says

      place subscribe to my youtube channel brain humberto

  7. Amber lily says

    as i am a west ham fan cresswells freekick was not there and payets
    freekicks where amazing

    1. brain humberto says

      please subscribe to my youtube channel

    2. brain humberto says

      please subscribe to my youtube channel brain humberto

    3. brain humberto says

      +Abdullah Ta please subscribe to my youtube channel brain humberto

    4. GeorgeDT Da youtuber says

      +brain humberto I subbed so can you sub back

    5. brain humberto says

      +GeorgeDT Da youtuber I subscribe right now

  8. Anil Kaya says

    and the freekicks of sneijder for galatasaray

    1. brain humberto says

      please subscribe to my youtube channel

    2. Sensey Santana says

      +Brain Humberto no

    3. Hau Tran says


  9. Nikodem Bukowski says

    What is the music in?

    1. zAndre says

      Dropout-Hollywod Horror

    2. Manek Hari says

      Hollywood horror-Dropout

  10. Xian Jeng says

    Payet’s freekick are always amazing

    1. brain humberto says

      please subscribe to my youtube channel brain humberto

    2. Xian Jeng says

      +jj can you show one?

    3. Mathieu G says

      +Wahyu Bdm. no he can’t

    4. jj says

      +Wahyu Bdm. today. He hit one straight at Randolph.

  11. FluFFyStyle says

    In season 7 goals from free kicks, in copa america 2 free kicks, = 9 goals
    from the freekicks. LIONEL MESSI.

    1. iturtlez ok says


    2. FluFFyStyle says

      no, 9 😉

  12. 2bh14hek says

    Payet’s freekicks are visually the best. The dip and swerve he gets is

    1. brain humberto says

      please subscribe to my youtube channel

    2. Michał Pawlak says


  13. Rayan Du Treiize says

    Ronaldo vs Malmö, Bale vs England, Payet vs Cameroon, Payet vs Russia Diego
    vs Marseille ?

    1. Emanuel Ghibea says

      vs Malmo? lol

    2. khalil 10i says

      messi best stricker of free kick and best player in history

    3. Rayan Du Treiize says

      +khalil jawal it’s wrong

    4. Rayan Du Treiize says

      +Emanuel Ghibea yes he scores a freekick vs malmo

    5. Christine Pollock says

      +Rayan Du Treiize his freekick vs Malmö sucked dumbass! Lmao!

  14. JeséRodriguez10 says

    Didnt know west ham scored a fk goal and it wasnt payet

  15. Sports Autographs says

    Great video! I have monthly autograph giveaways of soccer/football players,
    would be awesome if some of you could come take a look :)

  16. paul mitchell says

    At 5.20 in my opinion that is the best freekick ever scored

    1. Diogo Loureiro says

      Roberto Carlos against France was something else but this was the best of
      the year for sure, the curve on that shot…

    2. Ness Machinehead says

      ever heard of juninho ?

  17. Best Goals says

    Payet vs Russia?

    1. Windi PvP says

      It wasn’t freekick 🙂

    2. Toasty says

      +Windi PvP except it was

  18. El Nucho Barcelona says

    to me it’s like some of the goalkeepers aren’t trying because they just
    stand there and look at the ball

    1. JDM KillerNinja says

      Wall is in front….

    2. El Nucho Barcelona says

      Oh ok thx have a good day

  19. Sascha Djordjevic says

    I think kolorov should be in this video

  20. Mohsin Rizvi says

    Lots of you might not know but there was this Turkish player named
    calhagnolu who scored a free kick from half line

    1. Fx Cloud says

      this 2016 versi7n

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