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2016 Comedy Football ● Bizzare, Epic Fails, Funny Skills, Bloopers ● Part 1 HD

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  1. Hugo Vilchis says

    les gane

  2. Richard Villatoro says


    1. Davex says

      you can’t count

  3. JPIA37 XTREME says

    hola como esta ^_^

    1. Denis Khk says

      She said Konichiwa

    2. MrZombie SlayZ says

      +Denis Khk They said pardon I French

    3. Billy B6145 says

      +MrZombie SlayZ I said bonjour madam

  4. Michał M says

    first music??

  5. Vicho sos says

    song 6:32?

    1. Deiistar says

      anikdote-whicht direction? algo así

  6. santihuracan18 says

    2:28 JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA no me acordaba de esa.

  7. iVorn Gaming says

    music 6:24

  8. Drivermontana says

    0:20 that ref is actually a twat

    1. Davex says

      he’s just having a laugh lol, it’s not gonna affect the player

    2. LegendsUTD- BattleFront says

      yea well said

    3. Diamond Terrifier says

      A fat twat.

  9. Dennis Böckenholt says

    Please check out my fifa 16 Video: Funny Moments #1!

  10. Roge Chain says


    1. Its Iv says

      hi lol

  11. M4K says

    Muito bom :D

    1. M4K says


  12. Insane [F] says

    Veratti :DDD

  13. Drapi Koxu says

    Funny :)

  14. Sadboitoni says

    low smelling his sack and butt crack ??

    1. Diamond Terrifier says

      I can never look at that man the same way ever again !

  15. AdolfO MelgaR says

    5:04 a punto de ahogarme de la risa, un loqueo total.

  16. Erayke1905 Real says

    Ben gij nederlands

    1. bounyad 123 says


  17. Leidy Amaya says


    1. Jon Antonio Bonilla says

      me gusta

  18. justachannel says

    This just made my day ????

  19. Alexis B says

    Haha i love this vidéo ! :)

  20. ‫אליעד אייר‬‎ says

    0:54 would get a waza-ari for that in olympic judo LOL

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