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2016 Comedy Football ● Bizzare, Epic Fails, Funny Skills, Bloopers ● Part 2 HD

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  1. Raafat Essam says

    well this woman drinking from inverted bottle is cringy :D

    1. 4400seriesFAN says

      her teammate is lovable, though…

  2. TG99 says

    Where’s Zaza’s penalty ?

    1. Mosawir's Gaming /Prank channel says

      Its in spain

    2. Kyl Harrt says

      They haven’t tracked it down yet; it’s likely orbiting jupiter

    3. Marco De moes says

      +Kyl Harrt lmfao

    4. don't touch me u idiot leave me alone says

      +Marco De moes ???????????

    5. UltyGamer says

      no pele

  3. ‫יובל וובר‬‎ says

    I understand diving when nobody is touching you to get a foul in the 50’s..
    But today.. You KNOW there are cameras everywhere. What makes these
    numbnuts still do it ffs.

    1. Eliad Eyar says

      +יובל וובר אין לי שמץ, דבר אחד אני יודע-הטעות הקשה של גווארדיולה הייתה
      להביא את בראבו. הוא פשוט לא תואם את שיטת המשחק של סיטי! בברצלונה הוא השתלב
      מצוין, כי דרך המשחק שלו תאמה את דרך המשחק של בארסה. אבל עכשיו תראה מה קורה!
      בארסה מכרו את בראבו והובסו ארבע שלוש על ידי סלטה. סיטי קנו את בראבו וחטפו
      שתיים אפס מטוטנהם. זה היה הטעות הגורלית של גווארדיולה.

    2. ‫יובל וובר‬‎ says

      +Eliad Eyar מסכים איתך. הרס קריירות של שני שוערים מצוינים. וואט דה פאק
      בארסה הפסידו 4 3 לויגו?!? מתי?

    3. ‫יובל וובר‬‎ says

      +Eliad Eyar וואו. תודה על הקישור אחי. איזה משחק הזוי.. אפשר לשאול מאיפה אתה

    4. Eliad Eyar says

      +יובל וובר באר שבע

  4. •Isakoto VideosTM says

    11:52 Brazil Brasil soccer brazil national brazil soccer kkkk

    1. delet says

      belo horizonte

    2. Edgar Avies says

      Brazil sucks

    3. •Isakoto VideosTM says

      sou brasileiro meu so tou passando informaçoes aos americanos nortes dos EUA

    4. Jasper James says


  5. ProMudkipz17 says

    Can someone tell me what 2 teams where there in the 0:2

    1. ProMudkipz17 says

      +toby aderounmu I meant 00:01

    2. ProMudkipz17 says

      +toby aderounmu 0:01

    3. Peter Parker says

      Is that mourinho ?!!

    4. ProMudkipz17 says

      +Hassoun Cr yeah lol

    5. Damn Weebs says

      +SuperGalaxyPlushies64 Old retired Mexico players vs old retired players
      from other countries (coached by Mourinho)

  6. Xaym0nT says

    0:36 jajaja la unica persona que no esta mirando el partido y esta tragando
    rebanadas de macana le toca el pelotazo que hasta la tumba la chingada

    1. yas futbol says

      +Mario Rufino Giron jajaja ya somos 4

    2. Mario Rufino Giron says

      jja si :,v

    3. yas futbol says


    4. Benjamin Alarcon says

      +yas futbol yo igual habló español

  7. Chato_Gamer [Amante De Lo Cubico] says

    You have my like dude

    1. l gallop says


  8. Marin Laurentiu says

    2:30 nice fairplay!

    1. Darío Valles says

      Salomón Rendón

    2. TheHubanPlays says


    3. ItzBubbz says

      +Darío Valles *rondon

    4. Thijs Verschuuren says

      Dit is voor

    5. Darío Valles says

      Sorry, autocorrector

  9. E_M_E_T says

    8:03 when your striker has 0 star weak foot rating

    1. Galactic Monkey says


    2. Selma Kömür says

      yana wise g

    3. Fatima M says


    4. harry Devlin says

      The n

  10. M. O.G. says

    9:13 ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa

    1. Jakub Otremba says

      18:26 hahahahahha

    2. Khai Dekya says


    3. Jakub Otremba says

      +Khai Dekya oh my god !!! 18:29

    4. Khai Dekya says

      +Jakub Otremba

    5. Miguel Barahona says

      Incredible, luckiest goalkeeper ever.

  11. Kyle Grecian says

    13:00 Why cant all refs do this?

    1. Ardian Abazi says

      +TinyRodent that’s a good idea.

    2. TinyRodent says

      +Ardian Abazi it works so well in rugby. the crowd dont cry at a ref’s
      decision like they do in football

    3. Sean Biggins says

      +TinyRodent I agree

    4. Brian Keith Jones says

      and just imagine how many dives would be noticed by the extra referee. this
      would surely reduce the amount of dives we see in matches.

    5. TheBazino says

      There aren’t that many unclear situations in a soccer match. It would MAYBE
      add an average of 10 minutes AT FIRST. But at some point players would see
      that diving is such a high risk, that they would stop it, which leads to
      less unclear situations, etc…

  12. Fuzzy McFudger says

    Was 0:18 Ronaldinho? If so, thats the first angry thing I’ve ever seen him
    do. Props to him though that other guy fucked him over must of hurt like

    1. Ben Velez says

      He’s not joking… That guy looks nothing like ronaldinho other than the
      hair and skin tone.

    2. Ben Velez says

      Do a quick google search, Johnathon McDonald looks exactly like the guy in
      the video.

    3. Fuzzy McFudger says

      +Matt Burrows You are right. I take back everything I said. My bad ? I
      fort you were being funny. He sure doesn’t look like a ‘John MacDonald’…

    4. Fuzzy McFudger says

      +Ben Velez You are right my bad

    5. Matt Burrows says

      +Fuzzy McFudger
      no worries mate

  13. Ben Kerzy says

    5:09 király gábor hn xd

    1. tibor kis says

      best 🙂

    2. Zoltán Takács says

      azok a cselek

    3. Patrik Horvath says

      Király Gábor the best !!!!!!4!!!!

    4. Dávid Játszik says


    5. gloria patricia marin gallego says


  14. Dvid says


    1. IconStudio says

      Jaja 😀

    2. SzabiiiX 2 says

      Ja : ] meg a legöregebb (nagyjából)

  15. TheAssassin011 says

    13:08 why isn’t that a real thing? It works in rugby.

    1. W Mcl says

      would slow the game down too much i think

    2. jasse85 says

      Slow it down? what about when players fake injury and they call in the
      medics and strecher? 2-10 min every time they do.
      If they implemented the replay system they could punish the diver
      especially at penalty situations.
      Wouldnt that save more time than calling in the strecher or giving a fake
      penalty to divers?

  16. Orbán Viktor says

    hiába Király Gábor a legjobb! Ria Ria Hungáriaaa!

    1. Levente Bulyáki (Levi) says

      jaja 😀

  17. Sabs says

    6:25 I’m actually done hahahaahhahhaaaahaha

    1. JaguarZ Dota Gameplay says

      you know thatclip is of QPR thats who i support

  18. xXPowerTankerXx Tomás GD says

    what the Song? 9:34

    1. Srinjoy Roy says

      tobu higher

    2. Brian Keith Jones says

      I’m not sure, but it definitely wasn’t Darude – Sandstorm

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