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2016 Crazy Goal Line Clearances ● HD

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Reupload, enjoy!

Goal Line Clearances and Heroic Defensive Saves 2015/16 by Jerome Boateng, Alessandro Florenzi, Marcelo and other

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  1. Gamer Arda says

    Admın turkmusun

    1. BatFlash says

      Bence türk çünkü küçük resimde trabzonspor un oyuncusu vardı

    2. Oğuzhan says

      +Eren Çağlar fotoğraf videoya uygun diye koymuştur büyük ihtimal

    3. Yusif Ganbarov says

      +Oğuzhan ьоттилиоиоилолилилилиопшршршили

    4. BatFlash says

      +Oğuzhan Başka videolarda da kaleci kurtarışları mesela Volkan Babacan
      felan vardı. (Yorumun için teşekkürler)

  2. Naruto Uzumaki says

    what is the name of the song

    1. Antoine Griezmann says

      Clearude – Onthelinestorm

    2. Viktor Talevski says

      +Antoine Griezmann hello Griezmann

    3. Antoine Griezmann says

      +Viktor Talevski hello, viktor!

  3. Arda Pekin says


    1. Kırmızı Baykuş says


    2. Osman Ks ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ! says


    3. Takım elbiseli Adam says

      as as

  4. Benni sch. says

    where is Boateng?

    1. Ross Allan says

      At the end

    2. Virtual Goro says

      +Ros os Allan

    3. Knight ditta 999 Kkk says

      He is probably a sub

  5. Ching Wang Tang Ling Lee says

    Please subscribe to me, i dont upload videos. But please subscribe, its
    free, and Thanks if you do!!

    1. PuffiPuffPuff says


    2. Veqozh says

      How stupid can people be? xD

  6. Stephen Bewick says

    Where is Steven Taylor

  7. Karlo Karlo says

    That ibra one was just so funny?

  8. David Mendes says

    for you to see if it was 2016, you just have to look at what cleats the
    players are using. who made this video or is dumb or couldn’t find enough

  9. յه८ĸ յօռεร օгցنռهl թгօքنl says

    1461 Trabzon resmini görüpte gelenler? :)

  10. El Vulgar says

    5:48 ajaj efrain juarez de la liga mx club monterrey

    1. El Vulgar says

      +Moisdeen Yogini

  11. MissLikeTorres [MPS, PRS] says

    Florenzi setting the bar high. God dang. I want to pull something off like
    that someday.

    1. DANI3L says

      Lol i did that in training once, backheel out of the top corner. Coach
      SHOCKED xD

    2. DANI3L says

      (I’m 1,85 Meters tall)

    3. El Razo says


  12. Dark Magician says

    Boateng at the end ^^) nice

  13. Re di picche says

    florenzi The best

  14. As Bayrakları says


    1. GamerPlays Gaming says

      My name

  15. disna angalla says

    4:21 best goalkeeper ever

  16. ThePaulENP says

    You forgot to put Lord Bendtner

  17. THE_BEASTS-_- says

    I swear I seen jmx at 4:38 to 4:40

  18. OmniVoid says

    Rocket league.

  19. Jeremiah Lee says

    In 2.45 it was a goal

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