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2016 DNC Meeting Brings Traffic, Vandalism and Nudity To Overtaxed Philadelphia Police Department

The 2016 RNC meeting in Cleveland went off without a hitch, no violence, no problems – but that is not the case at the 2016 DNC meeting in Philly. Residents are sick and tired and just want everyone to leave to return their city back to normal. The mainstream left-wing media is not talking about the chaos in Philadelphia much, as they are trying to help the Democrat Party portray a sense of “Unity” even while Bernie Sanders’ supporters are called “ridiculous” for not changing their votes to Hillary Clinton.

Where’s the unity? His supporters are called the “Bernie or Bust” crowd by the DNC leadership – as they are slandered and told to get inline – where is the Democracy in the so-called Democratic Party; I dare to ask, all the while hoping I am not called a “racist” for calling this to your attention as someone who leans libertarian-right on the political spectrum.

While it is true that the DNC has brought out the farthest left-leaning folks imaginable, we must remember that they’ve been told that the only way to bring about meaningful change is to protest and riot from everyone from the Teleprompter In Chief (Community Protest Organizer President) on down to the Black Lives Matter leadership. During the DNC meeting there were anarchists, Black Lives Matter, and other protestors causing vandalism and get this Global Warming Alarmists running around nude to show how hot it is while those inside talk about family values and positive change.

This entire DNC meeting was filled with hate speech towards Donald Trump, victimhood demands, political correctness, and out-of-this world promises to everyone, and anyone who might join forces with their party. Perhaps the Status Quo, insider politics of Washington DC and Hillary Clinton can be the “change-makers” of the future, after all they are certainly changing the streets of Philly this week – it is utter chaos. If this is a sign of things to come, lookout America, this rewarding of bad behavior is becoming the norm.

How can the Democrats claim they are for small business then encourage their supporters to come out and protest and riot in the streets vandalizing small businesses? How can we have the Democrats talk about Family Values when they bring people to march in the streets naked? Is this the example we want our children to see? During the 4 days of this convention, I’ve never heard so many speeches about how everyone in the country is a victim and how only Hillary Clinton can make it right? WTH?
Source by Lance Winslow

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