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2016/17 Best Goalkeeper Saves ● HD

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  1. Gastón Papazian says

    what is the name of the song?

  2. Rian Anjos says

    courtois nuer Hart de gea is best

    1. Deio Llwyd says


    2. Deio Llwyd says


    3. Redhead xcii says


    4. Rian Anjos says

      My favorite goalpekkers ?

    5. FencerFend says

      goalpekkers? Goalkeeper’s*

  3. Dean. says

    Put the fucking music in the description

    1. Rainier Schlekewey says

      Phantom Sage ft Byndy – Away

      Checkout an app for your phone called Shazam

    2. Dean. says

      I know that app. Thank u, man

  4. jajo 25 says

    in LOTTO EKSTRAKLASA Mega good save`s

  5. Sim Mot says

    Акинфеев Топ!

  6. Ben Cris says

    Where do you find the raw footage for you to edit?

  7. Tiagodolf says

    Manuel neuer the best

    1. El tio Bale says

      No madafuck

    2. Tiagodolf says

      shut up loser

    3. TF2 Gamer says

      yea neuer is rly good 🙂

  8. Gon c says

    Where’s Rui Patricio ?

  9. Isaias Camarillo says

    Ayee Man you should put the song name you use in every video

  10. Holy Vrankzz says

    music: phantom sage- away

    1. FencerFend says

      Thanks! 🙂

      *I SAID THANKS…..*

  11. AmadHD says

    a lot of save from ligue 1

    1. yo liiver says

      Yo amad

      Haha mind checking out my channel?:) I make pretty sick football freestyle

  12. Edwin Levi Castillo Gomez says


  13. Vorname Nachname says

    Expected Bürkis save against wolfsburg

  14. AV Voetbal Boy says

    Who Will help me with 200 subscribers

    1. Endercraft Games says

      Waarom altijd jij onder elke video nee niemand wilt jou helpen

    2. AV Voetbal Boy says

      Ik doe een wedstrijd sorry

  15. -Derek Gans- says

    y la de claudio bravo contra argentina? en la final de copa america

  16. mo3taz elsaadawy says



  17. lightbombs says

    this best ..

  18. wexaXB7 HD says

    u really did forget caudio bravo vs bayer macheglachbag

  19. Mr. Clemente Mm says

    Amaizing video, great goalkeepers Saves, what´s the song name?

  20. Elmi M. says

    omg dope

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