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20/20 Since the Day I Was Born | 3 Siblings Abandoned at Birth [2020 FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Watch the FULL Episode here: http://goo.gl/SUZX8n

Part 3: http://goo.gl/8nJErJ
Part 4: http://goo.gl/W4ArRw
Part 5: http://goo.gl/cUhMNI
Part 6: http://goo.gl/tFQiLW

“20/20” asks: could someone ever forgive a mom who would abandon not one but three newborn babies within blocks of each other over a five year period? It is an incredible mystery that is solved right before viewers’ eyes as “20/20” teams up with renowned DNA detective and genetic genealogist CeCe Moore. Janet Barnicoat, one of those three baby foundlings, started her search as many do with a Facebook post begging for clues about her biological family. The post went viral. After hearing about her story, Moore volunteered to help her on her search. What followed is a bewildering and shocking story as Barnicot discovers she is one of three siblings all abandoned by the same mother. But once the three are reunited, they go on a quest to find that mystery mom responsible for the unthinkable. It all culminates in a dramatic family confrontation and a series of startling confessions.

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