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20/20 The OJ Simpson Tapes [2020 Full Doc]

Full Episode: http://goo.gl/UIc7xS

Part 3 Hear O.J. Simpson Speak For the First Time Under Oath: http://goo.gl/YOycI3
Part 4 What O.J. Simpson Said When Asked About Murder Evidence : http://goo.gl/x9s4ba
Part 5 What Life Is Like Today For Nicole Brown Simpson, Ron Goldman's Families: http://goo.gl/YiIcFZ
Part 6:

Football legend OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in his criminal trial 20 years ago next week. In that famous televised trial, Simpson evoked his right against self-incrimination by not taking the stand. Yet, in the civil trial brought against him, Simpson was forced to testify under oath for the first time on tape, answering the tough questions about his tumultuous relationship with Nicole, the murders, the shoes, the glove, the Bronco chase, and more. For 13 days, Simpson sat in a law office conference room behind closed doors, his deposition recorded on VHS. Those tapes, part of a treasure trove of almost 150 boxes, have been stored under lock and key for almost 20 years, gathering dust. One hundred and fifty million people watched the criminal trial verdict – hardly anyone has seen these tapes… that is, until now. “20/20” viewers get a first look at the long lost video, unearthed by filmmakers and featured in two new documentaries that aired on A&E and LMN.

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  1. Black Cat says

    the jury was a bunch of uneducated poor ppl from the ghetto

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