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21-Year-Old Girl Lives as a Baby

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But it's NOT a sexual thing, she claims. YEAH RIGHT.

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  1. Declan Newton says

    This is why I don’t support LGBT rights.

    1. Nowi Green says

      +Mike Boston nah I prefer fish… you should try some… good with Tartare

    2. Mike Hunt says

      XD you’re funnier than cancer

    3. Nowi Green says

      +Mike Boston cancer generally isnt funny but… yay I got a laugh out of
      you~ that a plus

    4. Isbeenfarteen says

      Lick my balls

    5. KougaTintinFan says

      LAM Alien The problem isn’t diaper fetish itself: the problem is that they
      claime to be part of LGBT.

  2. Anna Wesson Etters says

    What adult in their right mind would choose to do this, ESPECIALLY if they
    had been sexually abused as a child?? I know I couldn’t wait to grow up, so
    I’d never have to feel like I was not in control again.
    This is just friggin strange..pissing in diapers..geesh!

    1. Christopher Wells says

      Anna Wesson Etters In another one of her videos she addressed that she’s
      gotten over her abuse and that this is totally unrelated.

    2. Anna Wesson Etters says

      +Christopher Wells I’m no shrink, but this seems like it might be…….

    3. Christopher Wells says

      +Anna Wesson Etters I dont think her fetish and past abuse are related.

    4. Anna Wesson Etters says

      +Christopher Wells Like I said, I’m no shrink, but this seems too obvious.

    5. Nowi Green says

      +Christopher Wells does it matter she did say even if she wasnt abused that
      she probably would have become abdl anyway…

  3. Mike Wojnarowski says

    I really don’t see any harm in this. What’s the big deal?

    1. Geno Helix says

      just talking/ running ideas bro- dont have to read it if u cbf lol. I have
      opinions, I express them. Didn’t really expect anyone to respond to my
      comments at all actually haha so Idgaf- do or don’t its your life 🙂

    2. AJ King says

      +Geno Helix well you replied to me so I expected something relevant not
      just hot air

    3. AJ King says

      +Geno Helix
      Didn’t take more than the first few sentences for me to figure out it was
      hot air. If you have something to argue, state it, concisely. If not, don’t
      directly reply to people’s comments. If you would have posted what you said
      without tagging me I would not have cared at all.

    4. Geno Helix says

      hahah if you dont want people to respond dont comment. I say what I want
      just like everyone else here- just like you- and on and on it goes. Like
      who will have the last, witty, pointless remark that will make the other
      person ‘look that little bit stupider’ than the other.

      Dont get so offended about someone not saying anything offensive bro- there
      are so many other people on this thread saying a lot worse than me, or you
      for that matter.

      For what its worth- I replied to you directly because you seemed to hold
      intelligence. Now I’ll open the floor right up for you to use that line as
      troll bait to call me dumb or something…


  4. Alrune La Brune says

    Paul, in light of all this, the big question need to be popped: is there
    anyway to avoid Western society’s decline or are we inevitably doomed?

    1. Beleg Cuthalion says

      +Populist Socialist Rebel Personal achievement is directly tied to time
      given to an interest along with resources also given to that interest.
      Being a housewife is not a prison or negative thing. You are literally able
      to watch your kids grow up and spend tons of time with them, something all
      parents would like to do before it is too late. That is a priviledge. But
      because you have done that, you dont have as many personal achievements.
      Its give and take, but one is not necessarily more rewarding than another.
      The man who did not spend that time with his kids, such as the high level
      lawyer who works 60-70 hour weeks, will often have regret about it.

    2. A. Norman says

      +AlexReynard you know all of these countries have low birth rates among the
      native populations and are importing in people of a very different culture,
      meaning eventually Western culture will vanish

    3. M.D. Geist says

      +AlexReynard “…focus on other things…”

      Those herbivore virgins are that way because they descended into sexual
      madness in a manner they can’t be saved from.
      You think they would be capable or even think of themselves as capable of
      maintaining an actual relationship?
      No, they have become completely trapped between their gross porn and their
      “waifu” cushions.

      Utterly irrational.
      You deem this an perfectly fair counter argument?

      The best direction for a human and for society is to master their desires
      and put it into place and good use.
      When a human doesn’t learn to put restraints on something, he won’t do it
      himself ever.
      Until it’s too late anyhow.

      This is nothing but the typical sign of a society that fails. As has
      happened countless times before.

    4. M.D. Geist says

      +Alrune La Brune Indeed. However we shouldn’t lose our values because of it.
      Enjoying the decline in a nihilistic manner isn’t good for the self.

    5. M.D. Geist says

      +That guy on the internet with a name Well, usually the decline and sudden
      vacuum in power leads to wars…

  5. joker rc says

    Paul Joseph Watson is the only sane person left on this planet i feel some

    1. Hey now, you're a keemstar says

      Guess ya never heard about Undoomed or The Amazing Atheist…

    2. THE REAL Gamemaster says

      Jane Doe I heard of the amazing atheist but I didn’t watch him yet

    3. NedYarbNexus says

      One of them yes but theres another person called Mack From MackCorner and
      although he is a youtuber he is really down to earth and doesn’t tolerate
      bullshit at his 40+ age.

    4. FUITH J (Callous Wankstain) says

      +NedYarbNexus Alzheimer’s

  6. lazymatts says

    lmao this is not pedophilia

    1. lazymatts says

      +Hope Harvey
      np kiddo. your normal its okay 🙂

    2. Heidi Marie Kirsch says

      +lazymatts thank you, your comment made me feel good. 🙂

    3. Pen Pineapple Apple Pen says

      Lucas LaMotte does shows where people die support killing? No. This is a
      sick, fictional world They live in as a couple. But They Arent hamring
      anyone. Even though its gross, we have no right to put punish them

  7. Ovidiu Drobotă says

    I do not want to live on this Planet anymore.

    1. Peter Eckels says

      +Nowi Green
      Nope…daily temperatures on Mars is around -100°F at noon !

    2. Random Boy 3 m says

      neither do i.

    3. Nowi Green says

      +Random Boy 3 m I heard you can go to mars on a one way trip~

    4. simplythebest286 says

      Ovidiu Drobotă

      just leave california !!!!!

    5. stmichelob says

      I dunno…. I would NEVER let my 5-year-old daughter have a nose ring and

  8. Ruth Nunes Martins says

    People like you, man, makes me realize that I am not crazy…. The world is
    going freaking mad….

    1. Nowi Green says

      +Arin Jäger Its your right to criticise me and its my right to be able to
      defend myself from your criticism.

      Whats “right” is highly debatable.
      Due to things being “right” being different depending on many factors.

    2. baby dolls and little girls says

      +Arin Jäger stop being mean to nowi green ok

    3. Nowi Green says

      +Nicole Tatum Well their is a new face… I would ask “Who the hell are
      you” but I doubt we have met… either way Hello… and No need to come to
      my aid I can handle anything people can dish out…

    4. Arin Jäger says

      +Nicole Tatum mean? what is this, preschool? -_- Well I’m so sorry you’re
      unable to take criticism and distinguish honesty from someone being “meen
      and rood”

  9. James Franklin (MadSaintJames) says

    I dont not give two fucks what some one does as long as its not hurting
    living beings.

    1. Big Bad Wolf says

      +James Franklin I like how you call him stupid despite your serious
      problems with reading coherence.

    2. CristianR1994 says

      +James Franklin
      Judging by your look, your stance on this isn’t surprising.

  10. Erik Haueisen says

    The adult coloring book is a completely different thing and not an issue.
    It is actually shown to be a stress reliever

    1. Shwagg Krumb says

      Apparently this fetish releases stress between two consenting adults.

      The regressive right have always tried to reduce freedom through

    2. FeanorBR says

      No one is telling you to make your degeneracy illegal, leftard.

    3. bighands69 says

      Gardening, walking, sex, reading books, watching the sunset, talking with
      other adults and even talking to children and many other great things are
      stress relievers.

      Colouring in a book is just political nonsense. Adults who are autistic can
      benefit from colouring in books and playing with toys.

      But not fully functioning adults.

    4. Laserdemon Frostmage says

      Erik Haueisen from the zionists that rule the world.

  11. Yiannis Roubos says

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with an adult colouring in if it
    helps with stress.

    1. Nowi Green says

      +Conviction Rev heh good to hear that I’m worth talking to.
      and yeah lots of Arseholes on comment sections its good to have an awesome

    2. DarkshadowXD63 says

      Nothing’s wrong with coloring

    3. Angela Annalese (angelaapparatus) says

      Yiannis Roubos I draw and do calligraphy when I’m stressed

    4. Elisa Castro says

      The replies to this comment section made me realize why this generation is
      full of immature little babies. The adults are not only encouraging it, but
      following along with it, and it couldn’t be at a worse time for it to
      happen. Right now, in this world’s state, what we don’t need is for the
      people that we rely on to solve problems in a mature and logical manner
      (adults) to start acting like children and just ignore it as the problems
      intensify and the world burns.

  12. lucy jones says

    it’s only sexual of you make it sexual

    1. Georgia says

      thats exactly how bdsm is but most people don’t realize that lol

    2. Toxic Doll says


    3. saikoujikan says

      Depends, is the guy turned on by sucking them?

    4. Ruben Uchiha says

      +saikoujikan lmao u gay!!! hahaha wow.

    5. saikoujikan says

      +Ruben Biswa You wish.

  13. BonnieSumo100 says

    One minute the left will say its alright for a 21 year old to pretend to be
    a baby with a man, next they will say if its alright for a 21 year old to
    be a baby and have a sexual relationship with a man when why not a real
    child sexual relationship with a adult man, everyday the left gets fucking

    1. Christopher Wells says

      For the record pedophilia isn’t condoned in the abdl community.

    2. Artemis Lupus says

      They’re actually very outspoken against it.

    3. James Phillips says

      BonnieSumo100 when pedosexuality becomes legal we will be due a nuclear
      apocalypse soon after such a law passes lol

  14. CowLunch says

    See, this is where the right fucking loses me. She’s an ADULT, however she
    acts does not make it paedophilia because SHE IS NOT A CHILD. I don’t
    understand how you people can be perfectly rational when it comes to
    liberals complaining about violence in videogames and movies, because it’s
    not real violence; but if a 21-year-old woman acts like a child then she IS
    a child? Who cares what kinky sex people get up to? I would only be
    concerned if they were, you know, FUCKING CHILDREN, because I’m a normal,
    sane human being who cares about children being abused more than policing
    the private lives of consenting adults.

    1. Aino-Inari Taivaantytär says

      Exactly, and I agree 100% with you. But generally, it all boils down to
      religion on both ends of the scale. On the left, it’s a bizarre inverted
      syncretic religion made up of all the “special” parts of each religion in
      the world; on the right it’s the strictest interpretation of any given
      religion without any “special” elements allowed and with individuality
      reduced to nothing. Both extremes are perfect for controlling people who’re
      unsure of their own morality and values.

      It’s sad to see the western right wing using all their strength to attack
      the harmless few native within their own society, instead of the harmful
      foreign intruders like radical Islam. I just spent two hours reporting ISIS
      and Taliban recruitment propaganda on Youtube and other sites, but I doubt
      it leads to any action because Youtube is American… So unfortunately the
      owners most likely don’t speak Arabic or any other languages except
      English, and as the content promoting Islamic terrorism is almost always in
      Arabic, it’s difficult for Youtube admins to handle the matter. Or, at
      least it is for some other sites; I know there have been a lot of videos
      and channels taken down for terrorist propaganda even when they weren’t in
      English so there probably are some translators at work, which is good.

      The honest and fucked up truth behind the midguided targeting is that most
      right-wing westerners are Christian fundamentalists even if they claim to
      be secular or even atheists. Their morality is based on the division
      between “the acceptable things” and “the unacceptable things”, which is
      based on ancient Abrahamic traditions just like the morality of Islamic
      fundamentalists. Thus, right-wing westerners may claim to hate Islam in all
      of its forms (even Sufism and other spiritual/mystic branches that don’t
      enforce the rules on people) but in their heart they see it as the lesser
      evil compared to anything on “the left” due to the left’s association with
      communist regimes.

      So, paradoxically the right wing and the left wing are both bending under
      the pressure of the “abstract authority” that disregards all conventional
      morality and societal factors. The right wing casts the left wing for that
      abstract authority, the left wing casts the right wing for it. It’s
      neither, so neither will ever win the argument. That’s probably the
      intention of that abstract authority, which is most likely not any
      particular group of people with shared agendas; I really don’t believe the
      common idea that it’s the Jews or freemasons or any other
      religious/ethnic/ideological group. My personal guess would be that it’s
      some group of people whose “agenda” is only to control any particular other
      people at any given time for whatever reason; maybe it’s all about money,
      but I doubt it’s all there is to it.

    2. Joe Blow says

      CowLunch I think the problem is that this is seen as normalizing sex with
      children, and fantasies often lead to acting out. Totally agree that
      consenting adults can do whatever they want.

  15. Music_Lights says

    Why do people care so much about what others do? As long as the are not
    hurting anyone.

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