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2nd Amendment | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

Politicians are trying to chip away at the 2nd Amendment. I won’t let them take away our guns!!

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  1. Trevor Manns says

    Hitler took the guns, Stalin took the guns, Mao Zedong took the guns and
    history tells how that all ended..I applauded you Sir for making a stand
    and doing the right thing!!

    1. TheWesker12345 says

      Are you an idiot?

    2. Trevor Manns says

      No but i’m guessing that you are!

    3. dublinyam says

      What a simplistic argument! The argument of a true simpleton.

    4. Trevor Manns says

      Says the village idiot!

    5. dublinyam says

      Most countries in the world (sensibly) do not allow their citizenry fee
      access to guns. You picked 3 of the most extreme examples, Hitler, Stalin
      and Mao. Your argument has no legs. It is simplistic. Explain to me why you
      are not a simpleton. Trump certainly is a simpleton.

  2. monica jean says

    Thank you Donald J. Trump! ?

    1. ScienceDrummer says

      +sargento granada Says the Clinton supporter.

    2. Ron Bro says

      This man will make America a great business to fatten his bank account.

    3. David King says

      +sargento granada certainly to fatten his bank account, but yours too, all
      of ours 🙂

  3. sheridanbucket says

    Strangely enough, the majority of the meanies and nutters doing the
    shootings happen to fit the demographics of those who typically support and
    vote for… Democrats! It’s the psyche pulling the trigger that’s always
    been the problem. Yet, Democrats do nothing to change their messaging,
    their psychological conditioning that someone is always “at war” with you,
    or the “1%ers” are keeping you down, or “income inequality” and “White
    privilege”… “social injustice!” It’s that type of crap which stirs up
    anger, hatred and intolerance within impressionable minds, stoking them to
    blame others for their own failures, and act out their revenge. The simple
    truth is: Life is full of failures– that’s how we learn to succeed.
    Sometimes ya get it right the first time, but frequently we have to try,
    try again. Life has plenty of sufferings, or we would have no reverence for
    Happiness when it is upon us. The Framers of our Constitution never
    intended to place hurdles and obstacles in our path to reach, to get to,
    our Rights. Our Rights are already ours. Americans aren’t meant to apply
    for our Rights, or qualify for our Rights, or pass some sort of test for
    our Rights. Fear… fear of what someone else MIGHT say or do with their
    Rights, is no justification to impede my Rights. Donald Trump isn’t clouded
    with fear, and he certainly doesn’t promote divisiveness. Donald Trump is
    grounded in competence and reality. I’m voting for Donald Trump.

    1. Akuru “SOMEONE CHANGED MY NAME” ペニス says

      +sheridanbucket Shhh don’t say that! The commies might get you!

    2. Steven King says

      Most of the nut jobs that go on shooting sprees are LIBERALS! Tim MacVeigh,
      the black guy that shot the girls on national tv a few months ago, and the
      bald crazy white dude that shot the congresswoman in Arizona recently- they
      were all LIBERAL IDIOTS. There’s more too. Dig deep- the leftist media
      won’t report the truth because they work for obummer and Burnie. Anyway,
      look up Burnie sanders’ real name, why is he lying????

  4. Lellobeetle says

    Thank you Jesus. Law abiding gun owners by the millions are NOT the problem
    with gang violence or jihadi attacks.

    1. the flying piggy says

      It’s not guns that kill it the person who pulls the trigger.

    2. FuriousFirebird says

      +the flying piggy or stupidity

  5. James c says

    That’s right! Please Trump we need you!

    1. Steven King says

      More than America has ever needed anything. We need you DONALD TRUMP 2016!
      Please pick BEN CARSON to run with you as VP!

    2. Arrowtongue says

      +James c He has said he would censor the internet like china and wants to
      censor his critics.

    3. Lupillo Garcia says

      he wants to take away the freedom of speech, religion, and press do you
      really want to live in a North Korea 2.0

  6. Young World says

    the the 1st and 2nd amendment are the most important rights our founding
    fathers left us in the constitution.

    1. QuixoticSloth says

      +Young World That’s why the put them 1st and 2nd!

    2. Steven King says

      Liberals hate guns because they are too emotional to trust themselves with
      owning one. Who the hell voted them in office??? I could NEVER not be a

    3. Arrowtongue says

      +Young World And trump wants free speech gone.

    4. Young World says

      +Arrowtongue thats not true at all. im a really strong believer in free
      speech and the constitution. people get confused about what he said about
      sueing the media but honestly the media is extremely dishonest and bias and
      he is only talking about sueing people in the media who are being
      defamatory towards other people. at the end it would be up to the court to
      decide whether or not it is free speech or defamation.

    5. Young World says

      +Steven King the craziest arguments for gun control is when a liberal says
      your more likely to kill your self with a gun then a home intruder which is
      a complete dumbass statement if you ask me. maybe they all need to be put
      in a mental institution so they wont hurt themselves.

  7. D J Tanner says

    And 40 people so far that have watched this video and gave it a thumbs down
    have their heads up their asses!!

    1. Gordan Potato says

      Or cause they can’t be forced to just hit the like button. It’s their
      option that they don’t like trump.

    2. JTH.REKOR, King Of Earrape says

      +Jordan Vu And it’s their right to go through every Trump video and dislike
      what’s the truth, then add hateful comments.

    3. Juan Carlos Rivera says

      its not possible

    4. SRTHEMIMOPAR says

      yep..it’s bozobamas uneducated fans

  8. cate skelton says

    I feel sorry for all the trump supporters :(

    1. George Washington says


  9. Lupillo Garcia says

    Guns are what kill people you own a gun you probably will kill someone when
    your not the president

    1. Benjamin Lu says


  10. AquaFire ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o says

    I’m gonna join the trump train


    Guns will be back in California!! YES!!


      +Darshan DASH THANK YOU SIR!!

  12. TheRepublic says


  13. Shawndra Higgins (BubblyBibleGirl) says


  14. Jeremy Montanez says

    I am a staunch liberal. I’m a democrat but my views are even more leftest.
    I hated trump until I really watched and listening to him. I’ve come to
    this conclusion he’s not a bigot but just speaks his king. Of course I
    disagree wiy8the 2nd amendment which should be switched food shelter and
    education..all in all he ma5 get my vote.


    Trump for Whitehouse
    kilery for jailhouse
    burnme for nuthouse
    bozobama for outhouse

  16. Heel Guy says

    and Hilary wants to take our guns away. trump

  17. matt blaise says


  18. Squid Eating Dough says

    From a dildo who couldn’t even explain what it means.

  19. Maximus Reese says

    Thank you Mr Trump. Mr President. Please protect us against our government.
    The day after they repeal the 2nd amendment will be the first day of the
    2nd REVOLUTION. Please Mr Trump put everything into this for our sake.
    We’ve lost our way and need a real leader. Thank you for giving us hope.

  20. Brian Hults says

    what the f*** did this dingleberry just say to me basically that everybody
    can keep saying the same s*** they’ve been saying for years, right, way to
    stay the same

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