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3 Exercises To Build A Better 6-Pack & Transver Abdominis! | MORE IMPRESSIVE ABS & A SMALLER WAIST!

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  1. Abraham. Tostado says

    Dude I’ve been waiting for a video like this! Thanks Scott!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      You are very welcome bro!!!

    2. manuel macias says

      +ScottHermanFitness do you take fish oil?

    3. ScottHermanFitness says


    4. manuel macias says

      +ScottHermanFitness is it kinda useless for me to be taking it because I’m
      16 so I shouldn’t be really having joint pain at such a young age I just
      heard it helps with hair help that’s why I like taking it

  2. James GS says

    dicks out for harambe

  3. JK 19 says

    if one is facing a muscle innervation?

  4. Deda Pera says

    Kopiras Fox-a

  5. Darkdodge says

    I disliked to keep you in shape and motivated.

    1. ScottHermanFitness says


    2. MultiCaloka says

      +ScottHermanFitness hey scott.how many days should i do this in a week?
      sorry for my english

  6. D. M. says

    Great info man. Thanks very much

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      you re very welcome!

  7. bhayat911 says

    is that 3-5 rounds of each exercise at once or do the whole thing 3-5 times

    please respond

  8. Sco2b says

    The more abs I do the fatter I look. I’m not a fat guy , more so on the
    lean/ fit guy but I eat healthy and eat slot protein. I think my abs are
    getting bigger but my stomach fat has not fully gone.

  9. Sco2b says

    sodomite: I take this video seriously

  10. Robert Levy says

    Scott obviously has really strong TVA, I’m amazed how much he far his
    vacuum goes!

  11. Bahaa k. Tayara says

    you are the best bro ! you really are helping alot in the fitness industry
    thanks brahh

  12. Agustin Martinez says

    Doea it work if I add 50 burpees? Plz reply soon :)

  13. Rishabh Suden says

    If I do 300 pushups daily, what will happen?

  14. Ivanka Smirnoff says

    This is legit core workout, definitely will try it out tomorrow. Thank you
    a lot for this video!

  15. Ben Williams says

    im finding it virtually impossible to do the plank variation, having the
    abs so engaged already.

    1. davidee00 says

      Yeah, I’m having some trouble with that, too. It feels better to be in the
      same position, except your legs are going straight down and you’re on your
      knees. It’s much easier to suck in your stomach that way. He also shows
      that method in his ‘how to do stomach vacuum’ video.
      I guess the con is that you aren’t taxing your core as hard at the same time

  16. Danny Antonucci says

    My back hurts when a do the cacum. It’s normal?

    1. AlGay says

      I’ve never experienced this but it may be normal at first

  17. Lift For Life says

    You should post links to the videos you mention in the description. I’m
    watching this on my phone so when you post a link on the screen I can’t
    click it, but if you were to also post a link in the description then it
    would make it much easier for people using phones to find those videos.
    Just a suggestion. I hope you see this comment. Thanks for all your great
    content and I hope you continue to grow your channel.

  18. Pickup Alliance says

    Hi and thanks for this video 🙂
    I have a quick question. I saw that crunch are not good for viscera. Crunch
    would bring the viscera down.. what do you think about it ? Thanks

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