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5 Things That YouTube Wants All Creators To Do

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On recent business trip to San Bruno to YouTube Headquarters, YouTube strategists gave me 5 areas that every creator should focus in on. In this video, I give you what I learned.

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  1. Moto Madness says

    Good video but don’t go overboard on annotations they annoy people and
    arent that effective. Integrate ur msg into the video briefly with

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Moto Madness I agree on the annotations!

  2. Pablogonzae says

    Derral thanks for the great video and advices, is because of your advises
    that I´ve been able to grow so fast on Youtube and live the great life that
    I’m living!

    1. ProTon says

      +Pablogonzae why i no body subscribe for me ? :'(

    2. Pablogonzae says

      I got lucky and the people likes my voice!

    3. ProTon says


    4. Brittany Smokes Weed says

      +Pablogonzae That’s great. I’m finding it super hard to grow for some
      reason /:

    5. GoTime says

      +ProTon You don’t have a single piece of content. No videos. Only a channel
      trailer telling people to subscribe to you with many spelling errors. You
      shouldn’t make a channel just because you want people to subscribe to you
      and to be popular. Find something you are passionate about that you want to
      share with the world and spend all your energy in creating unique and good
      videos about that. Use Derral’s tips and people will find you. Focus on
      making good stuff first otherwise people have no reason to want to
      subscribe to you.

  3. I Love PHilippines says

    hello Derral Eves
    can u please look my channel.. whats wrong ? i stock on 29 subscribers and
    cant do nothing 🙁 try to follow all instructions, but stock… thank u for

  4. Cooking with Asifa says

    Great video!

  5. Anne G says

    This was really informative….so simple and to the point! Thank you!

  6. Aaliyah Holt says

    His tips are helpful.

  7. Vengo Regis says

    Thanking you Sir… this is very clear and useful…! Shall I ask questions
    regarding this in future ?

  8. GCSchoolsNC says

    Derral, how did you place the red ‘subscribe’ icon to permanently live in
    the lower right corner of your screen to link to where people can
    subscribe? I think this is a really good idea!


      i would like to know that to

  9. Stupid Gamr says

    Thanks for the Great Videos. I have watched all of them and they helped me
    start my Gaming Channel!

  10. Candy Love says

    Wow! I’d love to visit YouTube one day :)

  11. melvin ambas says

    thanks new here

  12. Renu Awasthi says

    Darrrl .. how u create other videos in one.. as u show gold fish and many

  13. Mohsin Aftab (HuntR 3-ONE-6) says

    Thank you Sir for all the amazing videos. I learned a lot from you… and
    still learning everyday. ??

  14. HearThis says


  15. TheElectricMrPJ says

    Hey there, Derral! I had to take a break from posting videos because i felt
    so discouraged about the end results of what i was doing on a weekly basis
    for my music variety channel. I’m glad you got to see the YouTube
    headquarters and share some valuable insights that might help me when i
    start posting videos again in October

  16. TechHelp101 says

    nice info what i needed know. thanks

  17. REVIEW GAMER says

    so when i comment back it good because i might only get like maybe 2
    comments a day and a wright back to them as soon as i can so when i do that
    it great and i do reviews on my channel so i am thanking in 2017 i want to
    make a webshow do i need to make a new channel or can i put the reviews and
    web show all in 1 channel and thanks you Derral Eves with your copyright
    video because i made a song for my 50 subscriber special and they took the
    song a put it up on there channel so i got that videos taken down so thanks



  19. Grow Successful says

    I just started my youtube channel and I wanted to thank you for all the
    advice !

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