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5 True Stories That Prove Multiple Dimensions exist! (Quantum Physics)

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. Syncere Slade says

    very dope! Thank you! We are always shifting dimensions, just not aware. I
    have been aware of it a few times and it tripped me out. Now i’m getting a
    lil used to it. If we only knew…we can do this willingly through

    1. Emily Hope says

      Who Me? *yes* absolutely ?

    2. Who Me? says

      +Emily Hope Everything has already happened.

    3. Elly says

      Emily Hope Emily check out Teal Swan here on YouTube. That as a starting
      point… ENJOY

    4. Elly says

      Bruno Check out Teal Swan trust me! Spirit Awakening. Net (that’s the
      channel name run by Nicky Sutton).
      Um I have tons of resources. Check the above ladies channels out and let me

    5. Elly says

      Kelvin Larkin check out Teal Swan

  2. baseballfinatic8 says

    Is this in honor of halloween or something?

    1. Mark Keller says


    2. acesb24 says

      baseballfinatic8 IKR.

  3. Kaylee West says

    I had an experience where my parents were watching a TV show and I
    remembered watching it before, it felt like I had watched it that week or
    something and I told them that I saw this episode already and my mom said
    it was impossible that I could have watched it because it was a new episode
    and was first airing right then, but I swore I had watched it and to prove
    that I did, I said out loud to them what was going to happen next in the
    episode and they were astonished. I was so confused because I could have
    sworn that I watched that episode with them before. lol

    1. Kaylee West says

      That’s insane because I had such a similar experience. You explained it
      perfectly!+Christine Walters

    2. Christine Walters says

      Kaylee West how bizarre! You know, it’s just one of those things I’d
      dismissed. I just thought my mum was having a dementia moment or something!
      ? It wasn’t til I was thinking about your experience, that I remembered I
      had the same.

    3. Kaylee West says

      Lol that’s funny! I thought the same thing about my parents. Even my mom
      had a moment where she thought she had forgotten ? +Christine Walters

    4. Christine Walters says

      Kaylee West haha!! It makes you realize how arguments occur where both
      people are absolutely sure they are right. They probably both are! That
      would explain a lot! ?

    5. Elly says

      Kaylee West that’s happened to me before on different occasions slightly
      different detail variations!

  4. Krys B says

    strange is normal. believe your eyes

    1. Robert Jackson says

      Krys B in every way possible!.

    2. Marco Polo says

      I’d love to know your sexual kinks then ^^

  5. Adhi Kusumo Santoso says

    when i use loa.. everything magic, stuation, and condition is show up. and
    i have note to review what happened to me. so magic. gbu. :)

    1. Briana says

      Adhi Kusumo Santoso any tips on how you use loa? I’ve been practicing it
      for 3 years with no success

    2. Adhi Kusumo Santoso says

      3 thing, just imagine / visualize, then feel it, and manifest.. see the
      secret movie.. but you must carefull, dont use your ego and more patient,
      let it flow… keep happy in any situation.. just focus to what you want.
      cause what you want will be manifest, and happiness make it faster the

      god bless you briana..

  6. Brandon Moore says

    More of these please. They were very fascinating to listen to.

    1. Junior Junior says

      Brandon Moore I agree.I love hearing these type of things because it brings
      more awareness and allows us to experience more cool and exciting things
      like these.After my friend decided to see a psychic she invited me and I
      was amazed he was a true psychic.He knew things about my father, etc.And
      this visit from the psychic has led me up to my psychic awakening.Now I am
      seeing auras of objects, people, buildings, etc.And I believe I was gifted
      at a young age like 3 -4years old but never understood it.I would heal
      myself after recieving a scar by placing my hand on the wound.I have always
      had a vivid and strong imagination and it has served me a lot in so many
      creative and cool psychic abilities ways.One time I remember staying in
      Sacramento, CA and our vcr was broken and out of a special knowing and
      curiosity I place my hand/hands on the vcr and it begin working.There are
      so many true experiences that I have had that were amazing and metaphysical
      like and psychic and stuff that were wow.Please continue to share because
      intuitively i feel by people sharing their experiences it will allow others
      to be awaken because we are ALL gifted and SPECIAL☺?And right I definitely
      feel like the beginning stages of the movie Lucy, a good video.A bit
      violent for my taste but the message of the movie is good.It is obvious
      that humanity is capable of limitlessly evolving. I like watching Infinite
      Waters by Ralph he is truly remarkable and is on the right track☺Happy
      Holidays everyone?

    2. Real Bill Nye says

      Brandon Moore get on audible and check out the children’s novel series
      Goosebumps. pretty sPoOkY stuff.

  7. Mark Keller says

    Once met my future/alternate self in a bookstore. Well, not really meet but
    I saw him/me and got this weird feeling because he looked exactly like me
    (just a little older I would say). So I avoided him and ducked and dodged
    through the store to get to the aisle I wanted to be in and seconds later
    while I was kneeling down to get a book off the bottom shelf he/I walks
    over and stands right next to me. I could feel him/me looking at me,
    studying me, and I didn’t dare look up. Then after what seemed like minutes
    of silence he walks off. I saw him walk out of the store and I tried to
    follow but when I walked out the store the guy was nowhere to be seen.

    1. Christine Walters says

      stephen lang hi. No definitely wasn’t her. I can see how you see a
      resemblance from my profile pic, but I don’t really look like Gioia. ?
      That would have been cool though! ?

    2. Funky Pigeon says

      Mark Keller
      Too much weed man?

    3. herry ndamy says

      Solotv84 this guy is a time traveler in future so he came to visit himself

    4. Mark Keller says

      +Funky Pigeon Sorry, I don’t smoke or drink at all.

    5. Funky Pigeon says

      Mark Keller
      You don’t know what you’re missing!?

  8. franchisejr15 says

    Never had anything like this happen to me, but lately I’ve had experiences
    we’re in wide awake and I start to see Matrix like numbers on the walls,
    like crazy calculations of numbers. I know I’m awake because I’m fully
    conscious and i can stand up and walk around (did that on purpose) this has
    happened to me 3-4 times. Usually happens in a dark room after I get done
    visualizing things that I want.

    1. Junior Junior says

      Mugiwarasensho2 I could see why maybe you thought I was dreaming because
      how I explained it.For instance, when I wrote that I involuntary closed my
      eyes, I ment to say the opposite.I was in a very deep trance state but I
      was also very much still awake.When I opened my eyes the music was fading
      out like a volume being turned down. So I could see why you think I was
      dreaming due to how I explained prior. I normally dont write comments, and
      so I am new at this, so sometimes when trying to explain myself I sometimes
      use not always the proper wording. Numerous of people have told me they saw
      visuals of things in a deep trance state, and some of them doze off and
      rewoke and returned to their meditation or trance and they knew that they
      weren’t dreaming.So there are other people like me who know what im talking
      about.Plus I think its silly to have a totall stranger try and convince me
      that I was dreaming lol.Sorry sweetie but not the case.
      I know myself therefore I know when im dreaming and when I am in a
      meditation/trance mode where I am actually seeing things in a psychic
      nature.That being said I respect your opinion and everyone is allowed to
      have “their” opinion.I am intelligent enough, and intuitively intuned
      enough to know what I saw was a reality.Especially if I have my own guides
      telling me and varifying my truth.Thanks mate.

    2. Dobbyisfree 11 says

      The science of breath (Pranayama) is absolutely rational and what it says
      is truth. The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic
      consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery. So learn to control
      the breath, which is the outward manifestation of Prana. Where ever there
      is any kind of activity in the physical,mental or spiritual world, there is
      that Prana. That is the common generic name Prana.It means life force or
      vital energy which is the mother of all other forces and energies.If every
      atom is charged with prana, then by stimulating the vibratory conditions of
      that prana., which are now going on in our system, we shall be able to
      stimulate all the atoms which make up the molecules and cells of the body
      and make them vibrate on a higher plane and manifest more energy and more
      powers as we wish to express. For our every thought the quality of Life
      current changes. The yogis try to transmute the physical forces into mental
      forces and intellectual forces can also be transmuted into higher will
      power and to other spiritual forces. Because there is no difference in
      kind, between the physical and spiritual . They are all connected. The non
      difference of the divine and the corporeal is shown in various ways. “These
      are all equal and alI infinite” The same Prana is working through the
      layers of these different planes of vibration, and they are
      interchangeable. God our creator has stored within our minds and
      personalities, great potential strength and ability. It helps us to tap
      anddevelop these powers. Therefore first of all we have to learn how to
      control the energy that is in our own individual body Through senses with
      movement Prana expressing feelings and emotions within aswell as in another
      body. It is a Conductor. Though by the limitations of the body seems
      different, the same is working in all equally. The Sthiraprana(Stillness)
      is not a doer and doing, but only an evidence. This Prana within the body
      is called Atma(Soul) and by movement it is body consciousness
      . So we should know that One.Mahatma Kabir says: without knowing that One
      what is the use of knowing all?One plus one is two and another one plus is
      three. One is becoming two/ three by this way, that too by adding one to
      one. If the one is not added to another one it is not to become two. There
      is no two because first is one and second is one. Just we are adding ones.
      If we saw all the phenomenon in this way it seems one. We are looking and
      saying different forms like man, woman, Cow, Tree etc., These are all
      limits and myth. In the above said limits there is in microform forever
      element (Prana) is present. If we know this there is no form. Everything in
      the universe is doing by this one. We should know this one.The differences
      are only the forms of this one. The form is shadow of this one. As shadow
      is myth, in the same way the form is myth. . . . . The external world has
      thus become a world of shadows. In removing our illusions we have removed
      the substance, for indeed we have seen that substance is one of the
      greatest of our illusions.”

    3. Dobbyisfree 11 says

      There is nothing mortal in you, except your gross physical form ad psychic
      mind.Again everything is immortal in essence, and that is your birth right
      to know . TheSadgurus are simply here to tell you this truth, so that you
      would be able to knowmore and rise on a higher plane of consciousness and
      get a glimpse of the Infinite.Trace your relation with the Infinite and
      understand how grand, beautiful, andglorious you are in reality. The fear
      of death vanishes at once; you will be a blessingto humanity. Master of his
      body and Mind Kriya yogi ultimately achieves victory over the last enemy,
      Death.Thales taught that there is no difference in between life and death.
      “I lay down my lifethat I might take it again”, Christ proclaimed. “No man
      taketh it from me, but I lay itdown of myself. I have power to lay it down,
      and I have power to take it again. “Himovercometh will make a pillar in the
      temple of my god, and he shall go no more out(i.e. shall re incarnate no
      more). To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me inmy throne, even
      as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his
      throne”-Revelation 3:12,21(A.Y.Ch.43-p735)”.We should have knowledge, we
      know the conditions and methods, as to how to better ourselves and live on
      this plane and gratify our desires of the highest nature, not merely
      selfish desires, which are so narrow that we do not recognize the rights

    4. vapormissile says

      We’re exposed to so much of this reality-twisting fiction and stuff like
      this video, and our minds are so amazing, that l hardly trust my own senses
      any more. Example: apparently we have two identical jade green metallic
      Jaguar XJs in town, or there is a glitch in the Matrix, or else this driver
      is a wildman who went 100mph+ on backroads to pass me twice in one trip.

      Way too many weird events have happened like the great snowy owl that was
      in the highway at night, and it took off and glided away ahead of us and
      out of sight, even though it wasn’t flapping, and we were probably going at
      least 55mph. And its wings covered both lanes. l was retelling the story
      with my buddy, the driver, in the late 80s, and just kind of went “wtf that
      doesn’t even make sense. huh.” & forgot it.

    5. Dark Daughter says

      I see little dots that I truly think are eyes. Always tilted and staring.

  9. rachelforgash says

    I could’ve sworn when I was younger I lived in a world where my two older
    sisters did gymnastics and also after a certain age when you went to the
    dentist they had to do some sort of procedure under your tongue that left a
    star-ish shaped scar. My sisters had them and I did not. I remember when I
    was a little older I asked my sisters if I could see it and was wondering
    when I would get mine. Obviously she didn’t know what I was talking about.
    Also my sisters have never done gymnastics. I vividly remember these things
    as if I lived them out

    1. Paul Keogh says

      rachelforgash that’s intriguing..I feel like I had memories of more dream
      like realities that I can’t recall..stuff like your saying

    2. marie Blaszak says

      I think that we are sometimes “jumping alternate worlds”. We wake up to
      one, go to sleep, and the next day we are in a slightly different one, only
      we never notice it unless we super pay attention. Little things will be
      changed and we don’t notice. It’s when the big things are changed that we
      notice, and that is rare. Like the bike thing, that was big and i super
      noticed it.

    3. marie Blaszak says

      Oh, another word for this is called “Time Slip”. There was a Netflix movie
      by that same name made in the 1960’s about kids slipping into another world
      and being missing in this world. Neat show.

    4. rinne sharingan says

      will u shut up ???… wat au talking..??

  10. Professor Polymath says

    2005. I prayed to God, “Should I get back together with my ex-girlfriend?”
    Later that day, I was at a Chinese restaurant. My fortune cookie said, “You
    should not go back to your previous relationship.” I got chills. A shocked
    waitress confirmed the wording. At home, a Google search revealed that no
    such fortune cookie message has ever been produced.

    1. Dreadxs says

      rly?you ask god if you should or shouldnt do things?

    2. Emily Hope says

      Professor Polymath omfg thats amazing.

    3. Emily Hope says

      i got a notification for this but theres no reason i shouldve….apart from
      what im attracting atm. wow.

    4. Professor Polymath says

      @ Dreadxs
      Are you kidding??? Only a fool wouldn’t want God’s advice.

    5. Alice says

      I once saw a picture of myself on a social website with someone I didn’t
      know in a foreign country and my style was completely different but it
      definitely was me as I saw my unusual little birth mark.

  11. Joseph DiPietro says

    I grew up near a 1000 acre park. I used to go there often to a hidden spot
    up on a hill where there was a 10′ tall stone fireplace. I loved that spot.
    I moved away for many years. About 5 years ago I returned and decided to go
    up there. When I got there I found it exactly where I remembered it, only
    there was no opening for the fire. It was only a stone tower. I thought
    someone had bricked up the opening, but after examining it, I could see
    that wasn’t the case. It was just an old stone tower. I became upset,
    because obviously, I had remembered it differently. Apparently what I had
    remembered as a fireplace was only a stone tower. If I was wrong about
    that, how many more memories had I remembered incorrectly? I went a few
    times before leaving again for another 5 years. This year I returned, and
    the opening for the fire was there, as I had originally remembered it. This
    has troubled me. Until watching this video.

    1. Apophis (Vishnu Hari) says

      Joseph DiPietro why r u telling fake stories ?

    2. Barbara Wainwright says

      Do you think it’s possible your mom was trying to protect your sister by
      blaming the incident on your niece?

    3. Christine Walters says

      Barbara Wainwright Hi. I don’t think so. It was my sisters record, so no
      loss to me. Also, I liked my sister, but not my niece (she was a terror)
      lol, and mum knew how I felt.

    4. Eve Marin says

      Joseph DiPietro mm

    5. Flo Wild says

      Joseph DiPietro…That is what is known as the ‘Mandela Effect’. There are
      loads of videos on Youtube about it as it seems to be happening to more and
      more people.

  12. Amy Watson says

    I am visiting from an alternative reality right now ???? Can you read
    this post???

    1. Real Bill Nye says

      3 spooky 5 me

    2. Jonah Darnell says

      I’m from an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton became president. She
      was assassinated earlier this morning, on January 3rd, 2017, by James
      Andrew Vincent.

    3. joão pedro mamari says

      I can but it vanished right after I wrote this

    4. Michel Fradin says

      Jonah Darnell : Congratulations to James Andrew Vincent !

    5. pizza pizza says


  13. Maya Shanti says

    Very interesting video. When I was a teenager I remember that I sometimes
    thought about celebrities – and when I thought “why didn’t they write about
    him/her lately?” then the very next day that person was on the headlines.
    This happened very often and when you are 14 years old this is very scary.

    1. Maya Shanti says

      Nice experience but it is when this starts to happen very often that you
      get a weird feeling….take care!

    2. tscoffey1 says

      Can I suggest that this is simply perception bias. You remember the
      incidents when the celebrity was mentioned the next day. But how many times
      did you think of a celebrity, but then that celebrity was NOT mentioned the
      next day? Those incidents would have been forgotten by you. Therefore, you
      are selecting only for those times when both occurred. Classic perception

    3. Maya Shanti says

      OK, but it was only when a celebrity wasn’t mentioned for a while I thought
      “why don’t they write about him/her any more/lately that it occured the
      next day. I never thought like that about those who were mentioned, that’s
      why it was weird….

    4. SmokingwithJan AndGonther420 says

      Maya Shanti i attribute this kind of thing to the fact the universe is
      never quiet and OHM reverberates in all sound, if we understand OHM we
      understand all and since nothing is silent someone must have heard thusly
      posting a news headline. Its the reason why none of my musical ideas
      despite me being the first one to come up with it is ever credited to me
      creating it. Two reasons, i never record it, and i dont have large amounts
      of fame lol. But as soon as i think it, in less than a years time a new
      band comes out playing the exact riffs and sound i created. It sucks but
      its the nature of the sounds of the universe that is OHM.

  14. TheBandScanner says

    I would recommend the videos by Neil Tyson instead.

    1. Real Bill Nye says

      TheBandScanner or any channel that discusses actual science.

  15. TheDinosaurJockey says

    What a gross misunderstanding of Einstein’s work and quantum physics,
    however, I will concede that the many worlds interpretation of reality is a
    valid theory within this realm of physics.

    1. Real Bill Nye says

      TheDinosaurJockey this is the only sound-minded comment on this video. it’s
      videos like these why people think quantum physics is woo woo bullshit

  16. Teresa Kennimouth says

    About 12 years ago (2004) I was at home cleaning and washing all the normal
    stuff for me at that time. It was around 15:30, and I was about to go into
    the bedroom to put some washing away, as I literally stepped into the room
    I was shocked at what stood before me! I was now standing in my childhood
    home, I was watching a scene where I was 10. The 10 year old me was
    standing in the living room my best friend standing by my side, we were
    facing my father, my father was annoyed that I was not in school and I
    stood there telling him lies to why I was home. I know the story and it was
    very real, and not the reason for the comment, the reason I am writing this
    comment is, I’ve never been able to make sense of this, I was literally
    looking at me and the whole scene? I have had many such happenings, and
    just last week (3/11/16) I decided to go and get hypnotherapy to see if I
    can make sense of it all. While it is frightening it is excitingly
    interesting also.

    1. Zaynabo Zainab says

      what were you think about before the scene?

    2. Christine Walters says

      Teresa Kennimouth oh please let us know how your hypnosis session goes.

    3. Julia Dot says

      Christine Walter

    4. Christine Walters says

      Julia Dot thanks heaps! Yes I’m extremely interested to see what comes up
      in the hypno session too!

  17. Topsoil Depletion Awareness says

    I once saw the time on a clock and it was like 2:00 then turn around for
    like 5 seconds or less and it was about 2:30.

    1. GraveNoX says

      Same thing happened to me like 10 years ago, the clock rang, I wake up,
      looked at the clock 7:01, I close my eyes for 5 seconds while still in bed,
      looked again, 7:19. It was an electronic watch with those big red numbers.
      This was very strange for me that I still remember that day. It’s not
      something I could forget.

    2. Akshar Jani says

      GraveNoX it happens with everyone .. I have experienced it many time in my
      life .. during this we enter a meditation stage and time just run out ..

    3. Nas Inferno says

      Nah…you just can’t read time

    4. Alex Mitchell says

      Topsoil Depletion Awareness Once I was little, I was in bed, I layed down,
      turned to my right then turned back again, and it was suddenly the next
      day. I felt like I never had any sleep nor was I tired

    5. Topsoil Depletion Awareness says

      +Alex Mitchell
      Same thing happen to me when I was a kid. Maybe kids fall into sleep faster
      and maybe it deals with memory too. Would be nice to know if there is some
      science behind this kind of event.

  18. Tio Bridge says

    I know of, and dream of, events that happen to me before they happen to me,
    sometimes years in advance

    1. Conni Stockton says

      Tio Bridge me too

    2. jendol1122 says

      Tio Bridge I have been having precognition dreams since the age of 10. They
      always pertain to me doing mostly mundane things and the memory of the
      dream is triggered by very specific light frequencies. I also have had out
      of body experiences where I travel to places I have never been but later in
      life find myself there. In my most recent O.B.E. I think I may have
      traveled to a higher plain of reality. It looks just like here but
      everything and I mean everything was made of light, a yellow, golden light.
      I found myself walking in a park on a beautiful day surround by people and
      families playing, having picnics, children playing games and flying kites
      and feeling joy, happiness, and peace. What was strange was that I couldn’t
      interact with anyone. they couldn’t see me, but I could see and hear them.
      Wonder where and when I was, guess I have to keep living to find out.

  19. Dark Daughter says

    #4 lol sounds like a video game glitch. Life has glitches. lol

  20. Omar Quintero says

    bunch of stupid stories

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