7 Diet Tips To Turn Up The Heat On Your Metabolism!


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Looking for some quick tips to turn up the heat on your metabolism? Today I had the chance to meet up with Priscila Diciero, a renowned nutritionist in Brazil. Often referred to as the “Nutrition Witch”, Priscila is always on the cutting edge of what’s new for fat burning and muscle gain. These 7 tips focus on implementing more thermogenic foods into your diet. It has been proven that thermogenic foods can help boost your metabolism by 5% and your fat burning by 15 – 16%! So what are you waiting for Nation? Time to spice up that meal plan! #HTH #SHFAthlete

(1:41)- Diet Tip 1: Include Protein Snacks Between Meals!
(3:25)- Diet Tip 2: Add Ginger To Your Daily Diet!
(5:00)- Diet Tip 3: Drink Coffee
(7:18)-Diet Tip 4: Drink Green Tea!
(10:04)- Diet Tip 5: Add Cinnamon To Your Meals!

(11:08)- Protein Pancakes Recipe
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjAUx…

(11:57)- Diet Tip 6: Red Peppers
(13:24)- Diet Tip 7: Anti-Belly Seasoning

(17:09)- Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein,
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZjxW…

(17:49)- FORUM link for Pricila


    • Hey scott, hat’s your opinnion on green tea and stevia? Green tastes like
      grass and makes it hard to drink at all

  1. Very good video thanks for that! What’s really good is, those tips are
    actually tested in studies and are not broscience tips. Really appreciate!

  2. Scott, There is one very important point I would like to ad to your
    comments. From a health perspective, not everyone is able to drink coffee
    because in some people caffeine raises blood pressure to an unhealthy
    level. Caffeine has also been known to cause anxiety and a very rapid
    heart rate. Caffeine causes both of these aforementioned problems in some
    people. If a person who normally does not drink coffee finds their blood
    pressure is elevated and / or they feel anxious and nervous after drinking
    coffee for a few days, the caffeine in the coffee is probably the reason.
    I suggest that everyone have a digital blood pressure monitor to monitor
    their blood pressure readings when starting the consumption of coffee. You
    may like coffee but coffee may not like you. 

    • Right on +Paul’s comments and questions , that is why these are tips. I am
      sure those watching know how coffee affects them and will skip and utilize
      the other methods if they must 🙂

    • Caffeine can be very debilitating for some people. I’ve known of some
      situations when people went to hospital emergency rooms after consuming
      “energy drinks” containing caffeine because of a very rapid heart rate and
      stress filled anxiety.

    • +ScottHermanFitness
      I was addressing everyone and especially those who may have never drank
      coffee before and, consequently, would be unaware how coffee might affect
      them. They also may not associate the symptoms I mentioned in my post with
      their consumption of coffee and because of this, wonder why they do not
      feel well.

  3. Thanks for the great info! Pricilla did a great job on explaining the
    benefits of those foods. P.S Don’t worry about those negative comments and
    stupid folks in here. They’re just losers trying to get your attention….

  4. Great video and very informative. Just wondering, would it be recommended
    to take coffee with whey protein? or would the boiling actually kill the
    protein itself, rendering it useless?

  5. I’m tired of being a fatso, definitely gonna run to the market after
    college classes. Thanks Scott and Priscilla!

  6. this video may be a little old, but it was really good. I learned some good
    tips that I didn’t know before! I did have a question though, if you drink
    a tea that has ginger and cinnamon in it, like Yogi’s Detox tea, will it
    have the same benefits as eating it?

    • What about your video “is coffee making you fat?”? It’s confusing having
      one video that says coffee is bad and another video saying it’s good..

  7. As a woman I would like to say thank you for sticking up for your friend
    when the individual was being disrespectful.