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86-year-old man learns to knit to help make 300 tiny hats for preemies

Moseley still had a few things to learn, even after he had started making caps. “Everybody’s got yarn! These ladies must have inherited yarn,” he said after he had been purchasing yarn from the store. The word spread that Ed Moseley was knitting, and whether it was the man’s contagious positive outlook or the desire to do a good deed, other residents began to join him.

Ed had set a goal to make 150 caps. In a few short weeks, he had already knitted fifty-five caps! Other residents pitched in, and soon they had 300 caps to deliver to the Northside Hospital, just in time for National Preemie Awareness Day.

Each one of those hats had been created by hand by a loving person at the Dogwood Forest Assisted Living facility, and each one was greatly appreciated. The Blunt family was one of those families. Their son, Matthew, was born 35 weeks premature. Patricia Blunt told Inside Edition, “It’s very nice that so many people care about the babies in the NICU. Being up here is so disruptive to your every day, and knowing that people care enough to help parents is so appreciated.”

Now Moseley has set a goal for Dogwood Forest to make and deliver thirty caps every month to the hospital. One man who didn’t even know how to knit has now started a movement, and no doubt has created another chapter to his legacy as well.

To hear more about the story, watch the video below.


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