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A Leader | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Andre Corbeil says

    HILLARY IS GOING DOWN! #CanadiansForTrump

    1. GhostBeansGaming says

      Andre Corbeil nope

    2. Wilian Otoole says

      Trump sucks

    3. xACE_beast ACE CLAN says

      Andre Corbeil yes yes yes she is going to win f*** Donald Trump

    4. SuperSlob says

      xACE_beast ACE CLAN What happend? Hmmm MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  2. David Deacon says

    Good luck for the debates! Hope you expose her for what she really is.

    1. Xavier Branch says

      David Deacon thay both suck

  3. Michael “Moonwalker” Löeser says

    Inspiring and motivational.

  4. The_Truth_Hurts says

    Got chills watching this.

    1. Tomahawk1775 says

      DaRealMvp Wee ~ YOU shut up Dirt Clown!

    2. DaRealMvp Wee says

      Fucking dirt bag shut up

    3. El burrito de la DJ 101 says

      me too

    4. Tony Taglalucci says

      +DaRealMvp Wee Is that all you got? oh wait I just looked at your picture
      yeah I guess that is all you got…

    5. Colinn126 says

      Tony Taglalucci chill

  5. Dhruv Mistry says

    Can’t wait for the 90 min, no ad debates. Hillary is going to die standing
    for that long.

    1. AwakeningTVII says

      Are you talking about Bill Clinton?

    2. SuperSniperMan1134 says

      No, he’s talking about Donald Trump. 😉

    3. Nicola Reed says


  6. Dog The Bounty Hunter says

    Congrats Trump, you will seal the election on stage with crooked Hillary

    1. Keel Mombasa Gaming says

      in fortunately, many hate Donald, it is so sad. I’m not a huge fanboy of
      Trump, but I don’t hate him

    2. Xavier Branch says

      Dog The Bounty Hunter nope he lost boy go back to your mom’s basement fucker

  7. A mensch says

    Italians for Trump !!

    1. Tony Taglalucci says


  8. Breno Alves says

    O debate Trump vs Hillary é hoje?

  9. Laura Beattie says

    99.9 % of Americans are behind you Trump! We pray for your safety, knowing
    you are a threat to the Globalist and their wanting to take control of this
    country. You are a threat to George Soros who has bought Hillary to push
    his agenda of an open society. The Americans behind you under this, those
    against you are “Sheeple” whom are lead easily and don’t have the intellect
    to think for themselves and have no idea of what’s really going on. We The
    People stand firmly behind you, we understand our basic freedoms are at
    stake, control over every aspect of our lives is on the line, we know it’s
    fight time because if we lose this country will forever change. My God
    bless you, keep His hand of protection upon you, may He grace you mouth
    with the words needed to fall upon open ears, may He lift the vail of those
    blind to truth so they see what’s at stake, may He clear your path to the
    White House so that you will do His will and make this country once again
    “One Nation Under God”, Amen.

    1. Tomahawk1775 says

      Manuel Garcia ~ Get lost Beaner!

    2. Tony Taglalucci says

      I wish that many Americans were behind him

    3. The Fader Official says

      Laura Beattie 99.9 % for Hillary. STRONGER TOGETHER

    4. Dubz0408 says

      +The Fader Official 99.9% for STRONGER TOGETHER. Hitlery divides us.

  10. Shaun B says

    290k views in an hour


  11. AMagicProduction says

    Another Great Ad!!!! Now let’s see this on TV !!!

  12. nmcondon says

    Don Trump is a courageous American. Vote Trump

  13. To Christ Be The Glory says

    May God bless America.
    A former atheist, born again CATHOLIC.

    1. To Christ Be The Glory says

      For the fool, religion is foolish. For he or she thinks there’s actually
      more than one religion. Which are in fact, pagan Babylonian spinoffs.

  14. OTF Cay says


  15. ian Dupre says

    Thanks Zavier,Trump must be stopped at all costs. Another Hitler in the
    making. Americans are the only ones that can stop this sociopath habitual
    liar and paedophile.

    1. Xavier Branch says

      ian Dupre ya

  16. AwakeningTVII says

    Trump 2016!

  17. Jayson J says

    “A leader who’s isn’t beholden to special interests, but to the people
    themselves” 100% Trump.

  18. Europe United Empire says

    Europeans for Trump!

  19. Kody 127 says

    We love you Trump!

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