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Adam Levine’s Biggest Fan Was Shocked

The Ellen Show

As Maroon 5 frontman and coach for The Voice, Adam Levine has built up a huge fanbase. Ladies (and gents) love this guy. He’s creative, talented, and is pretty good looking. It comes as no surprise that there are millions of people crushing on him.

Ellen brought one of his superfans onto her show to talk about how her fandom turned into a crush and then heartache. The kicker? This fangirl was only 3 years old. Meet Mila – she’s got you beat as Adam’s biggest admirer. There’s probably not anything you can do about it.

Mila earned herself some viral video fame after her mom secretly recorded her having a meltdown. What does this have to do with Adam Levine? He was the cause. The center. The Earth, sun, moon, stars, and universe on this one. No, her mom didn’t turn off the radio during one of his songs or make her go to bed before The Voice was over.

She did something much worse by telling the lovestruck toddler that Adam got married. Ellen played a short clip that showed Mila crying and experiencing some denial too. The cute video caught her attention and she invited Mila and her mother Emily to the show.
Ellen first asks Mila if she’s liked Adam for a long time and if he was her boyfriend. Yes and yes. After Emily explained that Mila’s reaction to the sad news only lasted a short time, Mila told Ellen that she still loved Adam and she still plans on marrying him. Toddler love is just too cute.
In true Ellen form, she gifted the cutie with a customized Adam Levine outfit. With his face emblazoned all over the sleeves, Mila would get to rock with him whenever she felt like it. She couldn’t stop grinning. But that wasn’t all. A larger gift that couldn’t fit inside a bag was also waiting for Mila.

The Ellen ShowNone other than Adam walked out from behind the curtain to greet the little girl with a pink rose. Watch the video to see her adorable reaction to meeting her rockstar “boyfriend”. There he was, the love of her life standing right in front of her. What would you do?
Once things settled down, it was clear Mila was a little overwhelmed. Totally understandable! As he chatted about the video, Adam said that everyone sent it to him, and the first two people were his wife Behati (Prinsloo) and his mom. Both of them thought it was cute too!
What a standup guy Adam is to come and meet this adorable girl in person. She will remember this for the rest of her life. Hopefully, being able to see him in person helped to soothe her poor broken heart. Trust us Mila, we’ve all been there.

What did you think of Mila’s cute video? Who was your celebrity crush during childhood? Are you digging Adam Levine too? How would you react if you met the object of your affection right now? Share with us in the comments!

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