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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Democrats shed huge crocodile tears after 109 of the 32,000 foreign passengers were detained at U.S. airports this weekend. The fake news media isn’t covering the fact that Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months in 2011 and Democrats didn’t say a damn thing.

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  1. George Koch II says

    how about hiring vets instead

    1. George Koch II says

      Many blessings to you and yours my friend.
      I’m playing with this fool because he’s so easy to manipulate..
      See you around.

    2. Eagle Whitefeather01 says

      I wonder if I made a call to the VA and let them see the screenshots of
      micheal marks, would he still have a job tomorrow after all the crazy posts
      he has written? We may just see. I have people.

    3. George Koch II says

      He’s wollering in his own feces anyway.. I usually don’t sink that level
      but in this case it was extremely appropriate.
      He’s digging his own hole.. let him screw himself.

  2. Thomas Delwood says


    1. Susie Lovasz says

      Then I hate STARBUCKS !

    2. Ringo Garvin says

      Hyperbole much?
      Supporting ShitBuck’s mental disorder is stupid. Typing what u did is
      beyond stupid. Die now and prove me wrong.

    3. XaviorvorteX says

      Ringo Garvin got brains? evidently… nope

  3. Kris Mat says

    Year 6 of my Starbucks boycott, as well as McDonald’s and Kfc. Year 5 of my
    CocaCola boycott.

    1. tommy toby says

      That’s why I choose to not eat meat. I honestly have spoken to farmers I
      grew up around and they said they’ve never heard of such a thing, so I
      don’t think it’s everyone, but only one is horrible enough for me.

    2. onlyAPBTs says

      +tommy toby Those aren’t factory farmers.

    3. Donald Trump says

      tommy toby hate to ruin milk for you but this is the story for ALL milk
      production. have you ever heard of any mammal that could provide milk
      without having children???

    4. York Martina says

      Donald Trump all the Muslims are doubles taxing in our country it’s taken
      all our stores and double taxing

    5. MultiLisa10 says

      +tommy toby I know that some farmers will literally take the calf away from
      the momma and it is heartbreaking and traumatizing for both momma and baby!
      What country do they just dump the baby?
      Its all so sickening! No wonder people are turning vegan!!!

  4. Linda Sanger says

    well forget about americans that do not have jobs, star bucks,

    1. Jake House says

      You aren’t related to margeret are you? O.o

  5. Jackyy Herrejon says

    Here I am sipping on my 2nd Starbucks coffee 😉 I’m loving it

    1. Vince ruland says

      Get Overit even bigger? Holy smokes that would make a huge bonfire.

    2. Get Overit says

      Vince ruland you’re right it would. and more money for Muslims too. hahaha
      they will take all of your money and buy out more Texas land. now not only
      are they taking your jobs. they’re also taking your land.

    3. Vince ruland says

      Get Overit not my job, not my land. They’ll get the hint one day

    4. Get Overit says

      Vince ruland just another Americans. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. TREX LEX says

    Starbucks does not deserve American dollars.

    1. James Seabrook says

      George Rivera according to logic like this everyone is African. The red man
      is not the yellow man, for fucks sake.

    2. letsgotocuba says

      TREX LEX don’t forget Canadians too

    3. Tamara Ross says

      TREX LEX is a

    4. Brandon B says

      Ringo Garvin white man made this country just so great that everyone wants
      to live here but dont wanna keep up there part or listen to our goverment
      so by all means the white man should kick out everyone from the home we
      made great!! except the blacks ur equally entitled to this land like the
      white man we brought u here so ur good now.

  7. Will Mack says

    There’s a Starbucks not too far from where I live. I should go protest in
    front of there and be a good American.

    1. Richard Terrell says

      Will Mack
      That’s a great idea !! Maybe someone should open another coffee franchise
      and name it PATRIOTS COFFEE SHOP.. Hire American buy American.

    2. clambiner says

      Micki shhhh! don’t give the government any ideas about giving refugees a
      bunch of our hard earned tax money so they can start mom and pop coffee

    3. TheFraudwatch says

      here we go – that is the way to go! 🙂

    4. CanadianMapleGamer says

      Will Mack burn it down and claim you are trans boom you will be off the
      hook and it will be called a peaceful protest

  8. Debora Williams says

    So Americans are second rate citizens and can’t get a job there. They will
    never see a dollar from me, ever.

    1. Get Overit says

      Debora Williams bwahahahahahaha sorry that you’re to stupid to believe
      actual facts. how are those alternative facts trading you?

  9. Adriana Ledesma says

    Lol. Starbucks shut up and make me a cup of coffee. Lol. Don’t like
    Starbucks anyway.

    1. bucky468 says

      Adriana Ledesma – Refreshing to finally hear from a woman that dislikes
      Starsucks. Very rare this day in age.

    2. Filming In Portland says

      bucky468 no it’s not. Plenty of people – men and women – prefer other
      brands of coffee.

    3. Filming In Portland says

      AA Nomad the one thing they did is bring higher-quality coffee to the
      forefront and introduce it to people that had never had it, or any
      espresso-based drinks. They’re far from great, but it’s consistent and
      better than the alternative in small, rural places with nothing else.

      I live in Portland, though, and we have many much-better alternatives.
      Coffee fresh roasted locally, available everywhere.

    4. SurreallTV says

      I CONCUR!! and i dont like or need them either!! I get my INSTANT Coffee,
      big jar, for about $1.99, and buy some additional Hazelnut and Caramel
      Creamer……and BAM!! Im good!! And thats LESS than $5 right there…and
      it’ll all last me for MONTHS!!!! MULTIPLE MONTHS!! While Starbucks SHEEP
      spend that $5 on ONE CUP!!! <~~ hahahhahaha. Now Starbucks REALLY wont ever get my money or business! lol. TRAITORS!

    5. AA Nomad says

      I just said that we europeans laugh at Strabucks shitty coffee and how they
      serve it…

  10. Independent journalists St. Louis says

    Only been in a Starbucks once. Big waste of money but yuppies love it.

    1. Patty T says

      Independent journalists St. Louis. Just shows how good yuppies taste in
      coffee is! Ugh!

  11. David Thompson says

    They can keep the coffee. Im done w Star Bucks. Done w Subway. Done w Tyson
    products. Done w MacDonalds. And if ur a patriotic American…you should be
    done w them too.

    1. David Thompson says

      John Smith as a matter of fact i am

    2. Ghostly Legacy says

      you people sound so fucking stupid it’s hilarious!!!

  12. Pablo Rivera says

    Starbucks is evil.

    1. Jack Keller says

      pathetic human beings come from not knowing what’s going on in the world

    2. ian pennack says

      I’m thin and live in the South Pacific. We in Australia now have a Jew for
      Prime Minister. Malcolm Turnbull bought and bribed his way in. Everyone
      should know that the Jews now control the creation of fiat currency near
      world wide. The banks must be nationalized.

    3. Chuck Spencer says

      @ian… I’ve heard him called Turdfull.

    4. ian pennack says

      Yes, Max Igan dubbed him Turdfull and I agree. The Jews work as an
      international corporation. Now that they create most of the worlds fiat
      currency they can control the boom, bust cycle. The dot com bubble was one
      such bubble whereby the Jews profited over and above the goyim. Guess who
      profited by $250 million during the dot com bubble. “Malcolm Turnbull”. He
      was an insider who knew the outcome before it happened.

  13. Volka Gaming says

    Buy Black Rifle Coffee online it’s a company that now promises to hire
    10,000 vets in response to Starbuck$ support em! They got K-Cups too which
    is pretty awesome.

    1. MR. SOLID ARISEN says

      Volka Gaming Can they catch up to Starbucks Veteran program to hire US vets
      that was started in 2014? They’re up to 8,000 out the 10,000 promised.

    2. Mikala Baker says

      Volka Gaming – InfoWars.com sells organic coffee beans. My daughter said
      the coffee is really good after I bought her a couple bags.

  14. daveyl123 says

    Their coffee is too strong, and their prices are too high.

    1. MR. SOLID ARISEN says

      ZombieTech Thanks, sir, but can you elaborate on how I was defining
      Separation of church and state as the “hearsay,” “social-media” definition?
      I just stated *Sep. of State/Church is a good thing,* lol because Davey’s
      “politicians are dishonest partly due sep of church and state.” Funny thing
      is, I was reading the bible last night… the creation story. It says,
      woman was created out man’s rib, (which was yanked out him, while he
      slept…this is the same God that could not find his own creations in the
      garden, yet, all knowing ( or is this one not the all knowing God?), all
      magical, he ripped out a rib without anesthesia mind you, and he created
      woman. Because man was lonely, and the “helper” animals were not enough,
      God or rather Elohim, which means “Gods,” created the “helper” woman. There
      other passages showing that woman are below man in the bible. One of my
      favorites, 1 Timothy 2:12. My point? *If our government truly followed
      biblical principles set by YHWH, women wouldn’t have the rights they have
      today* (thanks to the good, level headed republicans, we do – probably
      forced by their wives though).

      Where does it say that our country is founded on the Christian principles?
      I may be wrong, but I don’t think that is stated anywhere in Constitution.
      Like you said, the bible is used across a wide-range of religions, so is
      the term “God.” God is referenced through the Declaration of
      Independence… generically. It was meant to be generic to match all
      religions and Gods they worship. Names stated, the supreme judge, the
      creator, nature’s God etc can be any God from any religion – ALLAH, YHWH,
      SHANGO, ZEUS or APOLLO etc. Our founding fathers knew this, they were
      geniuses! The foresight that their country will be diverse. Anyway, why do
      I bring up the Declaration of Independence? Because it actually mentions
      God, because they’re trying to secure our “God given rights,” and to
      justify or apologize for the revolution. Again, I may be wrong, but where
      does it say God or any Christian principle stated in the US Constitution?
      It is not stated, the clear opposite of the Declaration of Independence!
      The constitution represents neutrality. The Preamble to the Constitution
      declares that its purposes are “to form a more perfect Union, establish
      Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,
      promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty.” These
      are secular objects; religious references are extraneous in a document
      drafted to further them. Why no God? *There is no higher power in the US
      Constitution, because we the people are the power in our government – the
      constitution are the rules for that government governed by the PEOPLE.* The
      original pledge of allegiance did not have “under God.” In fact, students
      were pledging their allegiance to this country, without under God, since
      1892. It was added in 1954 by Eisenhower. Personally I do not care, but I
      understand why some people would be against it. Currency in 1789 didn’t
      have “In God we Trust.” It was added by Eisenhower as well. These are all
      additions after fact by people, who didn’t follow our founding fathers’
      principles of a neutral, secular government that is meant to serve all of
      its people – not just the religious or the christians. That’s it, the
      government should be free of any religious bias, and it should protect the
      people’s right to freedom of religion or lack of religion. Presidents
      should swear on the law book – not the bible.

    2. john ruiz says

      MR. SOLID ARISEN You’re an idiot, plane & simple!

    3. john ruiz says

      MR. SOLID ARISEN I want to apologize for what I wrote previously. God bless
      you and your valid views, again, ‘I’m sorry.’

    4. daveyl123 says

      McDonald’s is the better brew.

    5. MR. SOLID ARISEN says

      john ruiz Matthew 5:44, love your neighbor and your “enemies.” Right?.. No

      I’ll also forgive the fact that you used the word “plane” instead of
      “plain.” … and you called me the idiot, lol kidding.

  15. iondetox says

    Shut your mouth and make me some coffee!!!

    I don’t care what your politicial views are!! Trump won get over it!

    1. Normal Alex says

      i smell impeachment coming up soon hehe

    2. adam Healy (RandomAdam777) says

      how? If anything he beat the Clinton and Bush dynasties

  16. stan fischer says

    I can’t understand why anybody would go to Starbucks and pay five bucks for
    a cup of coffee! I can go to the grocery store, spend about two bucks more
    and have a big can of coffee that will last me a month!

    Starbucks is a good example what is wrong with this country, rich people go
    there to show off and poor people go there and pretend their rich.

    1. mia woo says

      stan fischer star bucks isn’t extremely expensive i go there when I’m too
      lazy to make the coffee ☕️ and you could choose from a wide selection you
      want instead of just one kind of drink.
      Like how in some countries McDonald’s is a luxury but in some places it’s
      I feel like you are perceiving some ordinary joe stopping at Starbucks for
      a sip of coffee before work as a guy luxuriously pretending to be rich.

    2. Jeromy Zwiers says

      stan fischer Why are liberal places always more expensive if they love the
      poor so much. Oh yah they hate capitalism too. Bwahahahaha, liberals are so
      f’d in the head!!!

    3. Mikala Baker says

      stan fischer – I’ve wondered the same thing. If they only go M-F at $5
      bucks a pop that’s $100 a month minimum. $1,200 a YEAR!!!! That on a drink
      you piss out in 20 minutes and spend who knows how long working off all the

    4. fate241 says

      So TRUE

    5. GUARDIAN702 says

      Mikala Baker black coffee is almost zero calories

  17. Bob and the Drone says

    I filed a lawsruit against StarBucks a week ago. They hired two illegal
    immigrants in the store that I applied. They stated that I was unqualified.
    I will see them in court!

    1. Gabirel Johnson says

      spcemn i am asking the same question how did u know that they were illegal
      immigrants Bob?

    2. starlitopensky1 says

      Bob and the Drone Sue them!

    3. Erick Teixeira says

      Go to college and get a real job. No one will steal your Job then… and
      you probably are unqualified lmao

    4. XaviorvorteX says

      Erick Teixeira like you job stealer… ooooooew

  18. Giovonna Cross says

    Sorry I don’t want to be served by a hateful towel head!!! Thanks

    1. Patrick Star says

      It’s ironic that you refer to them as hateful, meanwhile, you are calling
      them towel heads… it’s 2017 guys omg when will the world mature.

    2. Bruce Stawicki says


    3. joel barraza says


    4. Ghostly Legacy says

      look at this hateful lady calling other people hateful just because they
      are a different race and religion then her… what an outstanding human
      being… NOT

    5. sco bra says

      +Patrick Star
      What has maturity to do with anything? Racial hatred is an ideology, not an
      absence of natural development.

  19. I Am Your President says

    Starbucks, you will not be earning my families money any longer.

    1. Chris Stookey says

      I Am Your President Amen to that.

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